Father Stachy (Minchenko) - rector of the St. Nicholas Church

In the vast territory of Russia there are manypeople highly spiritual, highly moral and virtuous. One such person was Stanislav Minchenko, better known as Stachy's father. During his long life, he accomplished many good deeds for the entire Russian Orthodox Church as a whole, and for individuals. About him and talk.

stahy father

The beginning of the life path

Father Stachy was born on March 16, 1942 in the village underDry Berezovka of the Voronezh Region. Rose together with his brother Vladimir. One mother brought them up. The family reigned peace and tranquility, the boys never quarreled, united to help their mother. They did not work off work, plowed a garden, planted crops and even baked bread themselves. Their mother was a woman of good disposition, but she kept both sons in strict control.

The life of Father Stachia in his childhood was impossiblecall it easy. The school was very far from the house, during the warm season it was necessary to reach difficultly traversed chernozem, and in winter to try to make it through the snow-covered road. They lived modestly, so often the boys did not even have winter boots. But, despite the many troubles in the house and the lack of warm shoes, Stachy Nikod did not miss school, and was striving for knowledge.

Neither his mother, nor his brother, nor the teacher withclassmates would never have thought that an ordinary boy from a remote countryside would once become the confessor of hundreds of Russians, receive honorary church awards and restore the dilapidated St. Nicholas Church.


His first activity in the church beganalready in childhood. Despite the fact that between his house and the nearest church was neither more nor less than 10 kilometers of the road, every Sunday he went to the temple. There he helped the priest in the altar.vladimir region

But then immediately to the theological seminary hemissed. He served in the Soviet Army, then worked as a chauffeur. Soviet education was by no means religious, and the parents did not even think about sending their children to the theological seminaries, which, incidentally, were few in those years. Only closer to the nineties, he was able to enter the seminary, and pushed him to this visit to the Trinity-Sergius Lavra. It was there that he felt a connection with God and decided to embark on a spiritual path.

He studied in the seminary in absentia, in his spare timeI had to work a lot at a brick factory as an engineer. Father Stakhia already had a wife and children by that time. His idea to become a priest, they supported and reacted to this with special sensitivity and understanding.

Already in 1992 he graduated from a theological seminary. I have earned many awards for my work in the church. One of the first was the purple scythia presented to him by Bishop Eulogius. In 1997 he was awarded the right to wear a pectoral cross. Three years later, Patriarch Alexy was granted the elevation to the rank of archpriest. In 2006 he became a confessor of the Aleksandrovo-Kirzhachsky deanery district. His last award he received from His Beatitude Vladimir, he awarded him the Order of St. Dimitry Metropolitan of Rostov.St. Nicholas Church

He managed to see the world. The Elder visited many sacred places not only in Russia, but also in Egypt, Athos, Cyprus and Corfu. Everywhere he prayed for the parishioners of his church.

St. Nicholas Church: Revival

ABOUT. The Stakh is also known as the renaissance of a rural church. In 1992 he was sent to the St. Nicholas Church. He was almost completely destroyed, few of the parishioners visited him. A lot of effort was made by Father Stachy to restore the church, he painted the walls himself, ennobled the territory. Today this place is famous not only for the Vladimir region, but for all of Russia as a whole. This church deservedly bears the unofficial title of the miracle of the remote Russian region.

On the territory of the church there is a refectory, baptismala temple, a holy spring, which was long neglected. The temple can accommodate 1500 people. As in the life of the elder, after his death, people still go to the village of Filippovskoe for the sake of this temple.Filippovo village

Helping people

For help to the elder, a hugenumber of people. Among them were honest workers with their problems, singers, artists, statesmen. They came from afar, from the Urals, Siberia, Greece, France and America. In one day, Father Stachy could host 500 people.

With his prayer, he could heal people from terribleaddiction, such as addiction, drunkenness and smoking. Everyone he took and everyone was ready to listen, no one left him without an answer. He also helped in matters of the heart, and with prayer, and with his advice.

Father Stachios: Significant dates

July 21, 1981 is the date that became oneOf the most important for the father Stahiya. It was then that he accepted consecration, in other words, committed ordination, initiation, conferring the right to perform Christian rites and sacraments. It was after this event that Father Stachy began to call him, in honor of the apostle of the Seventy Stakhia.

On August 25, 1981, he began his religious activity, as it should, from the lowest level, becoming the deacon of the Prince Vladimir Church (Vladimir).

In March 1984, he moved to the Holy Trinity Cathedral, to the same post (city of Alexandrov).

On December 30, 1990, when he already had an incomplete but still seminary and deacon's office, he was first appointed a priest to the Holy Trinity Cathedral (Alexandrov).

Two years later, on April 19, he was appointed to the post of abbot of the St. Nicholas Church (Vladimir Region).

In April 2003 he was awarded the Order of the RussianOrthodox Church of the Blessed Prince Daniel of Moscow III degree, in March of the following year he received one more award - the Order of the Russian Orthodox Church of the Ravno-Apostle Prince Vladimir III degree.Father's Day

The demise

Days of reception of father Stahia, unfortunately, have approached tothe end. May 15, 2016 in the evening the elder died. He passed away on the 75th of his long and highly spiritual life. Many people came to say goodbye to him. His grave is right next to the temple, which he took on his shoulders dilapidated and during his service there managed to literally revive from the ashes. They came to him for advice and help, and everyone left with what he came for. Some immediately abandoned all their addictions, others found an answer to the question that has tormented them for many, many years. The memory of him will live for a long time.

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