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Wedding theme - one of the most important foryoung girls. This event is given great significance. Of course, an important subject of the wardrobe is the bride's dress. It does not matter if you buy it or sew it. In any case, you pay attention to the fabrics for the wedding dress. And there are more than enough of them for today in the modern market.

Currently fabrics for a wedding dressgive a huge will of restless imagination of stylists and designers. Choosing the right material, you can not only turn into a real queen. You express your emotions and feelings, your love.fabrics for wedding dresses

Fabrics for a wedding dress - how to choose?

So, more in detail. Fabrics for a wedding dress, in the first place, choose a form-stable. They should differ in volume structure, density and elasticity. Such fabrics for a wedding dress allow to create the most intricate variants. Classical materials include brocade, satin, organza, taffeta, etc. The fabrics welcome the abundance of various relief drawings, types of decoration, ornamentation. The effect of stitching has also earned tremendous popularity. In texture, the fabric is divided into several types: shiny, matte, reflective light, synthetic, natural or mixed.Fabric for tailoring wedding dresses

Silk and satin

The easiest material is the atlas. Fabric attracts attention with its shiny smooth surface. Among materials for wedding dresses, satin had a special place always. That's why I enjoyed the greatest demand. Cloth is often supplemented with very interesting effects. For example, "mint" trim or embroidery. Most often in wedding dresses, the satin is combined with matte materials and decorated with beads, beads, rhinestones, lace embroideries. The only drawback of the fabric - it is too easy to crumple. In addition, the atlas gives some flaws in the figure (where it's not necessary, it crumples into folds). Use the atlas only if you are confident in your perfection.

Silk - the fabric is incredibly beautiful, therefore veryexpensive. The disadvantage, like in satin, is that the natural material is creasing too quickly. To sew silk dresses should be a real professional. When cutting, it is necessary to take into account the fact that smooth and light fabric will always move out, slide, etc. Do not forget that silk, like any shiny material, slightly fills. In wedding photos this will be especially noticeable.lace fabric for a wedding dress

Brocade, taffeta, organza

Let's consider other options. For example, what fabrics for tailoring wedding dresses should be chosen in the winter? The perfect choice - brocade. This heavy and dense luxury fabric is truly regal. Not for nothing since many years ago it was worn exclusively by high-ranking people. The material included fibers of real silver and gold threads. Now the technology of fabric production, of course, has changed. Because it is available to many. But the brilliance, volume and beauty of the material still allow you to look very rich.

Another fabric - taffeta - is thinCotton or silk material with linen interwoven threads. The surface of the fabric is rather stiff. Its main advantage is that it does not crumple. Dress from this material is perfect for both summer and winter weddings. Decorate such outfits, as a rule, with beads, glass beads, flowers, lace, tulle, etc.

Organza - fabric for wedding dresses is incrediblepopular. The material is made of silk, polyester or viscose. The fabric is very thin, but the shape holds well. It is used, as a rule, for the decoration of wedding dresses. From this material, you get magnificent ruffles, ruffles, high collars, flounces, lush sleeves and lower skirts. In creases, folds and drapes, the organza looks particularly impressive.

Chiffon, crepe and lace

The solemn outfits do not do without the followingoptions. Chiffon is a transparent, light, almost airy fabric. It is used in dresses for decoration. For the main material is not suitable. As a rule, chiffon is complicated by drapery or an "air cloud" is created around the bride.

Crepe is a tissue that can be light, andheavy. They also make it from natural and artificial fibers. As a rule, for a wedding dress use a crepe with a smooth surface. This material is practically not creased and is suitable for every style. Fabric is perfectly combined with all ornaments. Ideally - with pearls.

Lace fabric for a wedding dress is going throughfor today the new peak of popularity. Such beauty attracts a lot of attention. This is a feminine, romantic image of the princess. Luxury, lightness and airiness are the main advantages of lace.from what fabric they sew wedding dresses

Less popular options

So, from what fabric are the wedding dresses sewn,absolutely clear. This is about the basic materials. There are, of course, other fabrics. What kind? Fabrics for wedding dresses Moscow and other cities of Russia offer a wide variety. This is satin, and velvet, and jersey, and even tulle.

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Fabrics for a wedding dress - a variety of beauty Fabrics for a wedding dress - a variety of beauty Fabrics for a wedding dress - a variety of beauty Fabrics for a wedding dress - a variety of beauty Fabrics for a wedding dress - a variety of beauty Fabrics for a wedding dress - a variety of beauty Fabrics for a wedding dress - a variety of beauty Fabrics for a wedding dress - a variety of beauty Fabrics for a wedding dress - a variety of beauty Fabrics for a wedding dress - a variety of beauty