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This year, the son graduates from school, is going to go to college, wants to become a lawyer. But in order to do it, you need to pass the Exam, and the son has recently relaxed. Tell me, what are the courses in St. Petersburg?
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Answered on March 4 22:44
We are doing extra school. I negotiate with teachers, on the subjects of which my son needs to be pulled up. I see that such classes largely benefit only, because the teacher is personally involved with the student, and not with the whole class.
Answered on March 4 22:48
My teacher was a very good friend who advised us; last year her daughter studied with her, now a student. True, not very convenient, you have to travel almost to the other end of the city, but the main thing here is the result.
Answered on March 4 22:57
I think that in order to prepare the child well for the exams, you need to contact the company where experienced specialists work. In this case, it will be more likely that your son will pass the exams successfully and enter the university.For example, this company is engaged in preparing for the EGE in St. Petersburg. Sign up for a trial lesson and you will see if it suits you.
Ivanova Ira
Ivanova Ira
Answered on March 16, 23:02
It is best to deal with tutors. When we passed the USE in Russian, several teachers attended, including online. But otherwise it will not be possible to pass the exams successfully, and they are very important in the future for entering the university.

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