Essay on Russia: what you can write

Every person since childhood knows the meaning of the word "Motherland". It consists of two components: geographical and historical. In this article we will talk about what points need to be included in an essay about Russia.

Immense space

Certain features are inherent in any country. Speaking of Russia, it is impossible not to mention about its vast territorial wealth and natural resources. This is the first and most important feature. By describing this fact, you can start a short essay about Russia, so as not to delay the topic and go straight to the important point.

What do we hear when we pronounce the name of our country? Each person has their own associations, but one thing is invariable - they are multifaceted and voluminous. The idea of ​​a country consists of personal feelings. Someone represents the expanses of the Arctic Ocean to the Black Sea, but something immediately recalls Kievan Rus or the Decembrists.

writing about Russia

Patriotism as a necessity

A writing about Russia is a literary creation about love. The need of many people is the need to be a patriot of their country.You can criticize the activities of state power, discuss politics and be dissatisfied with the situation in the country, but you can never just stop loving the place where you were born.

Traditions and culture also cannot always impress the inner state, however, the real patriot always tries to find positive features.

How to talk about love for the motherland

You can write an essay about Russia briefly. It is important to choose the tone and emotional color of statements about patriotism, so that it looks sincere. Not all authors can easily do this. But professional writers and poets are brilliantly coping with the task. For this reason, quotations from famous works that glorify Russia can be easily entered into the text of the essay. They are the best way to reflect the idea and bring originality and zest to the style of the story.

essay about Russia briefly

Poems written by different authors and at different times have one unique feature in common: they express what patriotic citizens think about, but do not know how to express their emotions correctly. It is difficult to find at least one person who would not have been touched by the lines of touching poems and song compositions.In ordinary life, it is not customary to just shout about your feelings for the Motherland, but culture allows to do it in full.

National Anthem - Pride and Individuality

A small writing about Russia cannot be complete without a description of its main symbols, one of which is the anthem. This melody is known to every citizen of the country and causes respect, it is strictly necessary to listen to it. These rules are the same for everyone and, if possible, are respected by every respectable resident of the country. Sports competitions unite the spirit of the country when athletes defend the honor of Russia in the international arena. The manifestation of patriotism is fully revealed in a similar situation. When the Russian flag soars upward and the notes of the anthem begin to play, each patriot feels a sense of pride in his country. A writing about Russia may contain various facts about the use of state symbolism in a person’s life, as well as consideration of its influence on the patriotic spirit of citizens.

short essay about Russia

Part of world culture

Cultural heritage is collected bit by bit over the centuries. Russia is rich in talents, therefore it has always had a cultural resource for replenishing the piggy bank of world importance. You can list the success of Russian in many areas: literature, music, cinema.Creations are priceless and mean a lot to the history of all mankind. People outside the country love and respect Dostoevsky, Tchaikovsky, Tolstoy and many other representatives of art. Unshakable faith in the future gives hope that the new names associated with Russia will appear again and again, leaving legendary material for posterity.


A person who first arrives on the territory of the Russian Federation may be amazed by the beauty and boundless expanses. Fields and forests seem endless. At any time of the year, the distinctive nature allows you to admire magical views. In the summer - fragrant grass fields, in the winter - snow-covered forests. It seems that this is magic. Around peace and tranquility. Communicating with trees, herbs, and flowers brings incredible spiritual strength and a sense of inner satisfaction.

a small essay about Russia

In the essay about Russia, you can include a moment of education and recall the protection of the environment. The planet has endowed the territory of the Motherland with innumerable original wealth, but often the person himself does not value his happiness and destroys all living things. It is not harmful to once again remind you that you cannot destroy the beauty of your native land.We are obliged to maintain order in our land, multiplying resources so that future generations can also enjoy the beauty of nature.

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