Error 651. 651 - an error while connecting to the Internet

Quite often, many Internet users are faced with the fact that the message like “651: connection error” appears on the screen of a computer or laptop. Unfortunately, not everyone knows what it is and how to deal with it.

Why Error 651 Occurs

As you know, when you install a connection or access the World Wide Web, there are two sides: the provider and the user system. That is why it is considered that the notification “651: error while connecting to the Internet” may also occur due to malfunctions of the equipment of the provider, and due to problems with the user's computer system.

error 651

If this happens, do not rush to panic and get upset. First you need to find out the cause of the error. It is possible that the problem is with the provider. Therefore, without shelving, call the provider and report the problem. In any case, the dispatcher will check the connection of the user terminal to its equipment.Verification is performed using the ping command with the subscriber's network address. If the specialist reports that the computer or router “pings” without problems, then the problem is really in the user system.

Why error 651 occurs, it is quite difficult to answer right away. The reasons for this may be any number. It is better to consider how to correct the error itself and get rid of the obsessive reminder of the type “651: error while connecting to the Internet”.

Solving the problem in the simplest ways

First of all, many experts recommend not to panic, but to use the simplest methods, which in most cases can get rid of the message "651: connection error".

651 connection error

For a start, you can use a normal reboot, but not just a forced one, when you have to complete open or hung applications, but, so to speak, clean. To do this, you must first close all active program windows, and if necessary, complete them in the "Manager". Reboot is done only after that.

651 internet connection error

If the problem persists, error 651 may be related to direct connection via cable.Check the network cable or replace it with a new one. Who knows, maybe somewhere inside was a broken wire. After replacement, even a reboot is not required.

Reinstalling network card drivers

There are still cases of the message "651: error". The Internet in this case may be unavailable due to problems with incorrect operation of the network card drivers. In this case, it is recommended to either update the drivers or remove the device from the system and reinstall the drivers.

To update, it is better to use specialized utilities of automatic search on the resources of a manufacturer of equipment such as Driver Booster. And to re-install you will need the original driver disk that came with the equipment upon purchase.

651 internet error

The simplest way to access the equipment is the “Device Manager” in the Control Panel, in which the context menu is selected on the network card by a right-click, and the corresponding buttons or commands are used on the Properties / General tab (or Driver).

Creating a new connection

Sometimes the message "651: error" Windows 7 interprets as incorrect settings of the network and its parameters.First of all, it is worth checking all protocols, values ​​of IP addresses, DNS and WINS servers, or proxy settings (if any). If the problem persists, many advise simply to delete the existing connection, and then re-create it.

651 windows 7 error

Such a procedure is performed, as is known, in the "Network and Sharing Center". Note that re-installing a new connection is only done if after checking the network settings the problem persists.

Configure the router

Now a few words that error 651 may also be associated with the operation of the router in the case of using a virtual private network VLAN, when the distribution of IP addresses for Internet access is carried out exclusively from the router.

In the “Network” section of the “VAN” tab, you need to select the PPPoE connection type, fill in the fields with the data provided by the provider, and also enable the automatic connection (Connect Automatically mode).

Registry adjustment

Actually, this is not all. In some cases, the error 651 can occur again and again, and even all the methods described above do not have any effect on the situation. In this case, it is necessary to take drastic measures.

This is due to editing the registry. Inexperienced users should be advised not to do such things on their own, or the whole system can fail. For the rest, we say that to begin with, of course, you need to create a copy of the registry, and only after that start editing. The command to edit in the Run menu bar is regedit.

error 651

After entering the registry, you need to find the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ Tcpip \ Parameters branch, and then right-click with the mouse to bring up a context menu in which the “Create” command is selected, and then the “DWORD (32 bit)” parameter. Now you need to rename it to “Enable RSS” and set the value to “0”.

In the same way, another “DWORD (32 bits)” parameter is created, after which it is renamed to “DisableTaskOffload” with the subsequent assignment of the value “1”. Now it remains only to restart the computer system and wait for the changes to be made. In theory, the problem should disappear.


As can be seen from the above, the error 651 itself or the notification of it is not very scary, and you should not panic ahead of time. Of course, here are the main ways to correct this error,But who said that this problem is connected with the user's system? As mentioned above, there may be malfunctions in the work of the provider’s equipment, so don’t be in a hurry to take emergency measures to remedy the situation without first consulting with a provider’s provider, as this could be the problem. For the rest, it remains to be advised to be extremely careful when performing certain actions, especially with editing the registry.

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