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Eleutherococcus, the use of which is based on the unique properties of this plant, has long been used in folk medicine. Over time, this drug has established itself among professional physicians. Eleutherococcus (free-thorny spiny) belongs to the plants of the Araliaceae family. In nature, it is found in the Far East, although at present the plant is cultivated in other regions of the country. Eleutherococcus, the use of which as a tonic and stimulant is no less effective than the use of ginseng preparations, is a tall shrub. Young shoots studded with sharp thorns. After the flowering of small flowers, gathered in umbrella inflorescences, black peeled fruits ripen at the ends of the shoots. As a medicinal and technical raw materials are used rhizomes of plants, which are harvested in the fall. They contain biologically active substances, measured in the so-called stimulating units (ETS).Their maximum content is observed at the end of October (116 ETS). Also, as a raw material, the leaves of this plant are used, the maximum biological activity of which reaches its peak in July (CED 130).

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Dried raw materials contain up to 8% of extractives. In the rhizomes there are 7 glycosides with different composition, essential oils, lipids, gums, resins, starch. Eleutherococcus, the use of which in traditional medicine began only at the end of the twentieth century, has a powerful effect on the human body: it increases motor activity; stimulates the nervous system; improves conditioned reflex, physical and mental activity. It also has a beneficial effect on vision, increases metabolism, improves appetite, improves adaptogenic properties, has gonadotropic action, lowers hyperglycemia, reduces cholesterol levels. Eleutherococcus in sport is often used after intense training and stress, when it is necessary to quickly restore the body. The stimulating effect of this drug is manifested in increasing efficiency, improving well-being.During pregnancy, Eleutherococcus relieves chronic fatigue and overwork syndrome in women, reduces dizziness and increases blood pressure. You should never use this drug yourself. To prescribe this drug to pregnant women should only the attending physician. Eleutherococcus should not be taken with fever, acute infectious diseases, hypertension. Large doses of this drug can cause irritability and insomnia.

Eleutherococcus during pregnancy

Dosage Forms

Eleutherococcus, the use of which is possible as an extract of liquid alcohol (40% alcohol) and in the form of coated tablets, is prescribed by a doctor. The extract is a dark brown liquid with a slight burning-bitter taste and a peculiar smell. Before use, it is mixed with water. Extract of Eleutherococcus prescribed as a tonic for half an hour before meals for 20-30 drops. As a rule, the course of therapy lasts 1 month. Store the extract in a dark, cool place. Eleutherococcus tablets are taken twice a day for 1-2 pieces (before lunch). The course of therapy is 15-30 days.

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