Dried chicken breast: recipes and cooking secrets

White is considered a dietary product. It contains many beneficial vitamins and trace elements. Therefore, it is very much appreciated in cooking. From it is prepared a variety of salads, soups, snacks and other delicious dishes. In today's publication will be presented not one interesting recipe for dried chicken breast.

General principles

Since many recipes for cooking dried chicken do not provide for heat treatment, you should purchase fresh, high-quality meat for these purposes. To protect yourself and your family, it is advisable to buy it only from trusted manufacturers.

As for salt, it can be any, including iodized, marine or normal. The selection of spices also depends on the personal preferences of the cook and his family. With the same success, you can limit yourself to one type of pepper or pick up a successful combination of several seasonings.

dried chicken breast

Well, if the recipe of dried chicken breast involves the use of alcohol tinctures. In this case, alcohol performs the function of a harmless preservative. However, it does not affect the taste and aroma of the finished meat. In order to chicken out more quickly, it can be pre-cut into portions. Store the finished delicacy in the fridge. Before that, it is wrapped in plastic wrap or placed in a plastic bag.

Option in the oven

With this recipe, you can cook delicious dried chicken breast at home relatively quickly. Such a delicacy is good because there are no harmful additives and preservatives in it. Therefore, a sandwich with such meat can be given even to children. Before you begin the process, see if you have at hand all the necessary products. In this case, you will need:

  • Three chicken fillets.
  • A teaspoon of salt (no slide).
  • Spice.

dried chicken breasts at home

As a seasoning, you can use the ready-made mixture consisting of oregano, paprika, marjoram, turmeric, black and red pepper. To make you have a fragrant chicken breast (dried), it is desirable to add the above list with fresh or granulated garlic.

Action algorithm

First you need to do the preparation of meat.It is washed in cool water, dried with paper towels and cleaned of films and grease. After that, the fillet is rubbed with chopped garlic, sprinkled with salt and spices. At the request of his grease mustard, but do not necessarily. Therefore, this stage can be safely ignored. Prepared in this way, the meat is placed in sudochek, closed with a lid and cleaned in the refrigerator.

dried chicken breast recipe

After about three hours, the marinated meat is fixed on a grate fixed at the very top of the oven so that it is suspended. Under it is placed a baking sheet, which will drain the resulting juice. Cook chicken breasts (dried) in the oven, heated to sixty-eighty degrees, with the door ajar. On average, this process takes about five hours. If the oven has a blower function, be sure to use it.

Option in the dryer

With a minimum of effort and maximum patience, you can pamper your household with a delicious and healthy delicacy. Such meat will be an excellent alternative to purchase sausage. Therefore, lovers of sandwiches will certainly appreciate it.To make dried chicken breasts at home, you need to visit the nearest supermarket in advance and buy all the required components. In this situation, you should find in your kitchen:

  • Two chicken fillets.
  • One hundred grams of salt.
  • Spice.

dried chicken breast with brandy

Curry, parsley, rosemary, sage, ginger, saffron, red hot peppers and garlic can be used as seasonings. It is these spices that best emphasize the taste of the finished meat and give it an extraordinary flavor.

Process description

In order for you to have a tender chicken breast (dried) you need to take a responsible approach to its preparation. The fillets are washed in cool running water, dried with paper napkins and cut into wide thin plates. After that, it is thoroughly rubbed with salt, laid out on a cutting board, covered with cling film and placed in a refrigerator.

dried chicken breasts in the oven

After a day, the meat is washed with cold water, dried thoroughly and rubbed with spices. After that it is covered again with a film and cleaned in the refrigerator. Twenty-four hours later, the marinated fillet is spread on the rack of a dryer for berries and vegetables and activates the appropriate mode.It is important to ensure that the pieces of meat are not in contact with each other. If the “Meat” option is not provided in your device, the dried chicken breast in the dryer can be cooked in the “Mushrooms” mode.

Option with cognac

It should be noted that the alcohol present in the composition of this recipe does not affect the taste of dried meat. It serves as a kind of preservative, prolonging the shelf life of this delicacy. In order not to stretch the already slow cooking process, stock up in advance with all the required ingredients. In this case, you should have at your fingertips:

  • Eight hundred grams of chicken breast.
  • Two tablespoons of sugar.
  • Sixty grams of cognac.
  • Tablespoon ground paprika.
  • Four cloves of garlic.

dried chicken breast in the dryer

To cook your chicken breast (dried) acquired a pleasant aroma, the above list should be slightly expanded. Additionally, a teaspoon of rosemary and the same black pepper are added to it.


In a separate clean dish combine all the seasonings, pour them with brandy and mix well. As a result, you should have a rather thick mass, which looks like wet sand.

Chicken fillet is washed, cleaned of fat and films, dried with paper napkins and rubbed with a mixture of spices and brandy. After that, it is covered with cling film, placed under a press, which can be used as a two-liter container with water, and sent to the refrigerator for a day.

After twenty-four hours, excess salt and spices are washed off the meat. After that, the marinated and reduced-sized fillets are dried with paper towels, rubbed with chopped garlic, wrapped in several layers of gauze and placed in a refrigerator. After about a couple of weeks, dried chicken breast with brandy will be completely ready for use.

Option with vodka and honey

Immediately warn that this process takes a lot of time. The technology itself consists of several major stages, which are carried out in a certain sequence. In order to cook your chicken breast (dried) for a long time remembered by your relatives, you need to stock up not only with all the required products, but also with patience. In this case, your kitchen should be present:

  • Kilo chicken fillet.
  • Five hundred grams of coarse salt.
  • A teaspoon of natural honey.
  • Fifty milliliters of vodka.
  • Three bay leaves.
  • On a tablespoon of paprika and peppers mixture.

Cooking technology

In one bowl combine alcohol, honey, seasonings and salt. All is well mixed and spread half of the resulting mass to the bottom of the food container. On top of the pre-washed and dried meat is placed. On the surface of the chicken fillet evenly distribute the rest of the spices. Capacity cover with a lid and clean in the fridge.

dried chicken breast with vodka

After about fourteen hours, wash off all the salt from the meat, dry it with paper napkins and wrap it in a clean towel. In this case, the fillet pieces should not be in contact with each other. After that, they are placed in a container and loosely covered with a lid. The container with the future delicacy is placed in the refrigerator. After about five to seven days, dried chicken breast with vodka and honey will be ready for use. Before serving, it is cut with a very thin knife with a sharp knife. In the finished delicacy absolutely will not feel the strength of alcohol. It is necessary only to disinfect the meat from possible microorganisms.

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