Dream Interpretation: why dream evil dog

Seeing an enraged animal in the night vision, you will probably be alarmed and try to figure out what it's all about. Almost all interpreters agree that this is a negative sign. It is important to correctly decode the warning in order to take measures to prevent negative consequences.

what dreams a big angry dog

General interpretation

Almost any dream book to the question of what a wicked dog dreams of will answer that it is a warning about danger. This means that someone is plotting intrigues against you or is plotting some kind of evil deed. You have too many competitors and spiteful critics. You do not have enough strength to cope with them alone. Thus, having seen an evil animal in a dream, you need to enlist the support of relatives and relatives who will help you to cope with any troubles.

In most cultures, the dog is a symbol of friendliness. Therefore, some soothsayers interpret an evil animal as a signal to pay attention to the close environment.It is possible that someone whom you unconditionally trust has long considered you as an enemy, which is what the dream warns you about.

what dreams a dog that throws

What did the dog look like

Not the last role in deciphering what the dog dreams for is the appearance of the animal. This is what modern interpreters say:

  • The little dog is a symbol of small but very unpleasant dirty tricks. Close friends will help you cope with them.
  • The white dog is a reason to pay attention to the behavior of people in your immediate environment. Maybe someone is trying to use you for personal gain. And still this person can make an unseemly act, which will indirectly put you in a bad light.
  • Red dog - betrayal by the second half. Beloved (beloved) will disappoint you.
  • The black dog is a symbol of bad news from friends or relatives. Someone will need your immediate help.
  • If the animal had some unusual color (for example, blue or pink), this indicates unfulfilled hopes. And the reason for the failure was outside intervention.
angry dog

What did the dog do

The interpretation of what the angry dog ​​dreams about depends largely on what exactly the animal did in the dream. Here are some points to pay attention to:

  • If a dog attacks his fellows, it means that in reality you will be tried to be drawn into some kind of conflict. If this happens, try not to take sides. As a result, you yourself may suffer.
  • Uncertainty and misunderstanding in family relationships - this is what the evil dog dreams about that bit. Now is not the best time to argue and understand. Wait until the passions subside.
  • If a dog barked in a dream, it means that soon you will hear some unpleasant news.
  • If the dog growls behind you, it means that someone is jealous of your success. Be careful in communicating with colleagues and acquaintances.
  • Facing an enemy - this is what dreams of an angry dog ​​that rushes. Most likely, you will have to solve this problem alone. Therefore, be patient and gather the will into a fist.
  • If the dog rushed on some other animals, it means that your black stripe will end soon, and the matter will get off the ground.
  • Those who pretend to be your friends will cooperate against you - that's what evil attacking dogs dream about.
what dreams the angry dog ​​that bit

What did you do

Trying to decipher a dream, it is important to remember not only the actions of the animal, but also your own.In this context, the following values ​​are possible:

  • If in a dream you killed a dog that attacked you, it means that you will emerge victorious in a fight with a foe. However, in the eyes of others you will not expose yourself in the best light.
  • To be frightened of an evil dog in a dream is, oddly enough, a favorable sign. This means that soon you will meet a decent companion (companion) of life.
  • If you run away from an angry animal, this means that in reality you need to mobilize strength, endurance and vigilance. Then, the enemy will not be able to take you by surprise.
  • If you tried to play with an angry dog ​​or stroke it, it means that in real life you are much stronger than your opponent.
  • To feed an evil dog is to give rise to hostility. Most likely, you yourself are unfair to any person. Therefore, his aggression can not be called unfounded.

Additional circumstances

Try to remember a number of additional circumstances that accompanied your dream. Here is what they can tell you:

  • If the angry dog ​​was on a chain, it means that you have a serious enemy who for some reason cannot act in the open. Either he is not strong enough, or you have a patron whom he fears.
  • If the dog is directly in your home, it means that the enemy is in your immediate environment. It is possible that a member of your family will be the ill-wisher.
  • Someone is trying to turn people against you - that's what dreams of a big angry dog ​​on a leash. Pay attention to the owner of the animal. Perhaps a dream will tell you who your true enemy is.
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If you had a bad dream, do not immediately get upset and panic. Its effect can be nullified. The first thing to do when you wake up from a nightmare is to turn the pillow over. And several times to say "Where the night goes, there is a dream." You can also write your vision on paper, tear it up and burn it (or flush it down the drain). So that the negative omen does not come true, tell your vision through the window, and then close it tightly. You can also open the tap, tell the dream to the water, and then wash.

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