Dream Interpretation: what dreams of roses

It is believed that all the fair sex love flowers. And what do we know about one of the most popular flowers, namely about a rose? As a rule, it is perceived ambiguously: on the one hand it is a beautiful flower, and on the other - a dangerous plant with thorns, which is able to severely injure delicate female fingers. What if roses dreamed of us? We suggest to apply for the interpretation of this dream to the most famous and popular dream books of our time.

what dreams of roses

What dreams of roses? FROMOnnik Gustav Miller

If you dream of beautiful and fragrant roses, then you expect very happy events, and your chosen one or the chosen one will always keep you faithful. If a girl cuts off these gorgeous flowers, then soon she will receive a marriage proposal from a man who she likes very much. A faded rose symbolizes the absence of great love in your life. Perhaps this was the result of the fact that you are torn between objects of the opposite sex, constantly trying to make a choice based on your mind, not on feelings.White beautiful flower, not sprinkled with dew and in the shade, predicts a serious and prolonged illness. If you dream that you breathe in the scent of roses, then your happiness will not be overshadowed by anything. If in a dream you see a rose bush that has not yet bloomed, then you will have good luck in business and financial well-being. The dried-up flower bush predicts illnesses of close people and other sad events. A bouquet of these scarlet flowers promises the acquisition of happiness. If red roses have dreamed you in large quantities, then all, even the most incredible hopes, will come true. The red rose in the girl's hair warns her of a possible deception.

red roses dreamed

What dreams of roses? FROMFrench dream book

Blooming roses, seen in a dream, are a good sign, predicting the dreamer great happiness. If you present a bouquet to your loved one, then you are waiting for a long and harmonious relationship. Faded roses symbolize lost happiness.

what dreams of red roses

What dreams of roses?Old English Dream Book

A blooming rose predicts a dreamer a long life filled with happiness and prosperity. If a young man dreams of large and fragrant roses, then he is destined to marry a very smart and good girl, the union with which will be happy. For everyone else, such a dream foreshadows success in business.A withered rose predicts long-term financial difficulties, which can be overcome by showing persistence and ingenuity.

What dreams of roses?Dream Interpretation from A to Z

A fragrant rose bush symbolizes mutual and true love. If the flower bush is powdered with snow, then you will find a long separation from your loved one. If someone trampled or broke a rosebush, then be careful in business and at work: you are in serious trouble.

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