Does jailbreak do?

Kira Dobrovolskaya
Kira Dobrovolskaya
February 11, 2013
Does jailbreak do?

Jailbreak is a hacking software phone to get access to its file system. About why jailbreaking and whether to even do it, we will explain in this article.

Pros and cons of hacking the phone

Thanks to the jailbreak, the user of the phone can get full access to the capabilities of his mobile device. Of course, there are a lot of useful programs in the AppStore, but it is not always convenient to use the standard features of your mobile device, as this requires a constant connection to the Internet. Hacking software allows you to access the file system, that is, allows you to copy and download files directly to the phone itself. It is this factor that often determines whether to jailbreak.

It is also worth noting that downloading third-party software from non-AppStore resources can sometimes harm a mobile device. Moreover, there were cases when, after using applications from Sidia or Installer, the phones "died" right before the eyes of its owner.That is why, thinking about whether to do a jailbreak or not, it is important to remember the instability of content from third-party portals. This is due to the fact that, unlike the AppStore, other resources do not have moderators who would monitor the quality of programs.

So, you can highlight the main pros and cons, it will help answer the question of whether to jailbreak or not.

Among the main advantages we can highlight the ability to install any software that the user may need. Also, video recording and sending MMS to other users becomes quite real. Thanks to this hacking, the owner of the iPhone can independently change the interface of the mobile device and icons in the dock. This is only a small part of what allows you to jailbreak your phone.

Among the minuses it should be noted that jailbreak deprives the owner of the device warranty. After hacking warranty repair will not be possible. In addition, a significant drawback is the instability of programs downloaded from Sidia.

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