Do I have a gift?

Many people are wondering if they haveand whether it is necessary to develop it. Psychics and mages, as a rule, say that a person with a magical gift simply can not help feeling his presence. However, there are situations when a person still needs to check the gift to develop it in time.

It is believed that everyone has his own gift frombirth. Why do not we feel it? In the event that parents do not try to develop in their child superhuman abilities, by the age of five, there can be nothing left from the magical gift. He can not disappear forever, usually at least something remains, but his manifestations may not be. This can mean that your gift is hidden deep inside you. If you periodically have prophetic dreams, your intuition is exacerbated and sometimes you predict future events, you should think: "Do I have a gift?"

The presence or absence of a gift can be determined fromusing simple tests. Similar tests are used to screen out candidates for enrollment in schools of magic. To pass the test, you will need the help of another person, who will have to prepare the necessary items for testing.

How to know if there is a gift from a person

Tie your eyes with an opaque bandage andAsk the assistant to lay out a few items in front of you, one of which is a magnet. Your task is to determine where the magnet lies, without touching it with your hands. Usually people with a gift feel the power field of a magnet, and this task does not pose a problem for them.

Ask the assistant to take a few identicalenvelopes and in one of them put a cash bill. You will need to determine in which of them it is located. Money energy is not felt by all psychics, although most still have this ability.

The assistant must prepare the photo in advancepeople you do not know, while some of them should already be dead. You will need to look at the photo, determine which of them is still alive. Most psychics cope with this task, since it is very easy to take the energy of death and life into account.

If you have successfully coped with the above tasks, you probably have magical abilities. In case of failure, think about whether you should try to learn the art of magic.

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