DIY paper butterfly: photos, schemes and patterns. How to make a paper butterfly?

There is, perhaps, nothing more ordinary and at the same time original than a butterfly ornament. This form is good in everything. In the form of butterflies create jewelry, clothing and accessories. Butterflies are decorated with postcards, notebooks, photo albums, furniture, and even just walls. Finished products can be purchased at the store and just stick to the right place, and you can make your own hands, which is undoubtedly a more exciting experience.

What can you make a butterfly

Not only a paper butterfly can serve as decoration. You can use fabric, threads, ribbons, beads, natural material, and even used plastic bottles to create this charming decorative element. In any case, thanks to the presence of patience and irrepressible imagination, you can create miniature masterpieces with your own hands.paper butterfly

This is so exciting! Take a piece of unnecessary garbage and turn it into a beautiful butterfly.Such handicraft is very inspiring. Just fantasize and use everything that you have at home unnecessary. Turn it all into your personal little masterpiece. Consider a few ways to make a paper butterfly.

Butterflies in the technique of quilling

The simplest, but no less beautiful decor option is a paper butterfly. You can make it with your own hands in several ways. And each time you get a unique option. More complex options are a paper butterfly made from double-sided strips. This technique is called quilling and requires certain skills, tools and a lot of time. But the products are amazing. Having made this kind of insects of different sizes, you can hang them from the ceiling or chandelier using a very thin fishing line at different levels, which will create a wonderful effect of weightlessness. They can be used to decorate curtains and walls, postcards and albums, and even as jewelry.

how to make a paper butterfly

Fishnet Butterflies

Another option - a butterfly made of paper with their own hands in vytynanka technique. This technique is a type of folk decorative art. Its essence consists in cutting out of paper with the help of scissors or special knives.Works in this style can be more simple, and can reach the heights of grace.paper butterfly with your own handsMost often they are decorated with windows or mirrors and other glass surfaces. They are attached with soap solution. And also used in the creation of postcards. To make such decoration, they use patterns of paper butterflies, on which they cut out their products.

Figured butterflies can also be cut with a plotter. This is such a special tool. Then you, of course, spend much less effort and time to create them, if you need a large number of decorating elements.

A simple garland of paper butterflies

Making a garland, the main element of which is a paper butterfly, is absolutely simple with your own hands.butterflies on a wall of paper

Moreover, you will surely find everything you need at home. And all you need to brighten up a dull room or arrange a fun party is a few sheets of multi-colored two-sided paper and decorative or ordinary wire. Also useful is a ribbon or rope on which the garland will be attached.

For one butterfly, you need 2 squares measuring 15 x 15 cm. Each of them is folded diagonally.You should get a triangle. Now both triangles towards each other, that is, from the edge to the center, fold with the "accordion." The width of the fold should be no more than a centimeter. Do the same with the second square. Then connect them together in the center and wind the wire, the edges of which bend in the form of antennae. That's all. Our paper butterfly is ready. Make as many as you need. Now it remains only to attach them to the ribbon and hang where they are supposed to be.

Origami Butterfly

Consider another way to make a paper butterfly. It can not be called simple or complex. Rather, both are present here. Everything will depend on the paper butterfly pattern used. And believe them, there is a huge amount. And all of different levels of complexity. And, of course, the more complex and intricate the scheme, the more interesting the origami paper butterfly looks like in the end.origami paper butterfly

When folding your product, make sure every time that all the folds are made perfectly and do not warp. If you choose a material with an interesting coloring or unusual texture, that your origami paper butterfly will not disappoint you.

Place a square of paper with the white side up. Fold it twice diagonally and once in a vertical direction. Then follow exactly the instructions shown in the figure above.

Having made a large number of such butterflies, you can miraculously decorate any room with their help. You can make them of different sizes and use all the rainbow colors. After that, glue to the original non-bulky snag, mimicking the color of the rainbow. And nail a snag with butterflies on the wall, for example, in the children's room.

Butterflies on the wall of paper and not only

There are many ways to "settle" such wonderful insects, like butterflies, on its wall. One of them is a voluminous transparent picture, inside of which a dried butterfly of a rare species is located. It looks amazing, but not for those who are for the safety of wildlife. Such people are unlikely to enjoy this exposure.

Another, no less beautiful, option would be butterflies, created from feathers and wires. They often have variegated colors and look great on solid walls. If you have a wall with a picture, then this option is unlikely to suit you, because on this background, such butterflies will be lost.

And you can buy butterflies made of self-adhesive film and stick it where you want.

What you can do yourself

You can personally create butterflies not only from paper, but also from cardboard, thin plastic, and even from an oracle.paper butterfly patterns

Also interesting will look butterflies made from vinyl records. To make them, you need to circle the butterfly pattern on the plate with a white pencil and heat it in the oven, holding the plate there for no more than 45 seconds. When the vinyl is soft, cut the butterfly and shape it. It is possible that the heating procedure for each butterfly will need to be repeated several times. After all, this material cools down and hardens as fast as it heats up.

Perhaps the most simple option for decorating the walls would be paper butterflies. The photo shows how unusual compositions can be made from them.

Mounting options composition

Ornamental insects made or acquired by you can be fixed at a permanent location in various ways. In total, there are four mounting options.

  • Fastening with glue.The choice of adhesive material will depend on what you are going to attach your element of the composition, and on the material from which the attached object is made. If we are dealing with paper insects, then most often the number one choice is PVA glue. And here the main thing - do not get involved. If you apply it more than necessary, then you risk not only getting drips, but also distorting the color.
  • You can use the pin way. Of course, it is much more accurate than glue, but it will fit only if there is space between the wall and the wallpaper.
  • Another mounting option is fixing with scotch tape. It is possible to use both flat, and volume option. The latter will add lightness and weightlessness to your composition.
  • And last but not least, and perhaps even more original way - with the help of threads and transparent wire. This type of mount is particularly suitable for butterflies, which were folded in the technique of origami. This type of fixation will affect your imagination to the maximum and will bring a bunch of positive emotions in the process.

Preparing to create a paper decor

Although paper insects are the cheapest option for decoration, yet at the same time this method gives you opportunities that no other one will give.Creating paper butterflies, you can make them flat or three-dimensional, smooth or with texture, as well as multi-layered and even openwork. And even to combine everything in one. The main thing is to approach this issue not only creatively, but also with the mind. After all, your composition should maximize the room. To breathe life and dynamics into it, and not to become an indicator of bad taste. It should also be noted that the paper color scheme is not only very wide, but it can also be easily supplemented with all sorts of colors. Although in fairness it should be noted that the most win-win scenario is black monochrome butterflies. In general, before you take up the work, think over all the smallest details. Starting from the form and color and ending with the methods of fastening the composition.

The process of creating butterflies for wall composition

In order for you to get a paper butterfly, which will become one of the elements of the future wall composition, you will need the following materials and tools.

paper butterfly patterns

First, it is paper and small decorative elements for decoration, if you want to use any. For example, it can be rhinestones.Secondly, scissors, glue, pencil and everything you need for fixing. Use also pre-made templates that will cut insects for your composition.

So, consider how to make a paper butterfly. Cut the paper you will use into squares. The size of the figures depend on your idea. Each square is folded in half and on one side carefully circle half the sketch of your future butterfly, working through all the details. Without expanding the square, carefully cut out all the elements, and then expand it. You will have a completely symmetrical insect.

After all the butterflies are cut, decorate them as planned, and begin to mount to the wall. On the surface, which will be the basis of the composition, apply the markup in advance, so that no unpleasant surprises will result.

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