Dishwasher Repair

For about a year I have a dishwasher. She dreamed about her very much, because the family is big. But for several days now she has broken. Tell me where in the Vinnitsa you can repair the dishwasher.
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Answered on January 6 00:34
If you have not yet reached the warranty period, then you definitely need to contact their service - all the breakdowns and problems you should do for free, the main thing is that there is no obvious mechanical damage.
Answered on January 6, 00:38
For all the problems in household appliances, we turn to our friend. It was recommended to us by our friends - the boy is well done, well versed in technology and financially it is cheaper than contacting customer service.
Answered on January 6, 00:42
As for me, I would not turn to private individuals for the repair of household appliances, primarily because they do not give any guarantee for repairs. It is better to contact specialists with experience.Here's a link for you, see the repair of the dishwasher here Contact them, perhaps their masters will be able to help you.

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