The behavior of the singer is becoming more and more inadequate.
Until recently, Dima Bilan constantly went on tour and was in the lead among Russian artists in terms of the amount of money collected. But now more and more often the organizers refuse to cooperate with him. The reason is extremely inadequate behavior of the singer.

In the photo: Dima BilanIn the photo: Dima Bilan
The scandalous story with the sink has become almost a legend. Allegedly, the singer set there a great need, because the toilet in his dressing room was not.
“Such an incident was in one of the cities of Siberia after Dima’s first appearance at Eurovision,” Nikolai Krivoguz from Euroconcert-Omsk confirmed. - In our city of the similar, fortunately, he didn’t get up, but he blew his blood too. The concert began late, because the artist and his team were late for the flight. I heard that a similar sink story happened at the hotel, where he "made it" in the bath.
The same opinion is shared by the organizers of the tour in other cities. “Bilan and his entourage left very unpleasant memories of themselves,” admitted Oleg Akimov, a well-known tour organizer from Irkutsk. “They made a lot of trouble and flooded the hotel.”Prior to this, the hotel gave me 50 percent discount. After Bilan, she stopped working with me at all. I saw stars of various sizes. Did concerts “Scorpions”, “Deep Purple”, Patricia Kaas. No one is so "star" like these 20-year-old boorish guys. Bilan out of the plane already booze. He was given a car worth $ 80,000, so he wanted to get behind the wheel himself. Hardly persuaded not to do this. I arrived at the venue a couple of minutes before the concert, worked, and again went to plump. I will never work with Bilan again. ”
Solidarity with him and Anna Pavlova, a concert agency employee from Khabarovsk. According to her, once Dima Bilan really did a good show, and his voice was right. And now the singer is losing ground, collecting only 30% of the hall and is almost insane for concerts.
But, in the opinion of Anna Pavlova, many of our “stars” are not quite adequately behaving. For example, the singer MakSim suffers from heightened conceit. But the behavior of Bilan goes beyond all boundaries. “It seems that Dima is addicted to drugs: he has eyes with unnaturally dilated pupils. Unfortunately, there is no one to reason with him. Those who surround him on tour are no better.In particular, its director was drunk at the beginning of the concert and could not resolve issues. As far as I know, Bilan is in many blacklisted organizers. In the Far East, no one will undertake to do his tour. In my opinion, only deep repentance can bring Dima to life. He needs a priest who would help him go through moral and psychological rehabilitation. What does his producer think? Why not trying to help? A person needs to be rescued urgently, ”stresses Anna Pavlova.

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