Medication "Ditsinon." Instructions for use

Solution "Dicynon" is a preparation containing etamzilat as an active substance. The tool refers to hemostatic drugs. The drug contributes to the formation of mucopolysaccharides with a high molecular weight, enhances the stability of capillaries, normalizing their permeability in pathological processes. The drug improves microcirculation, has a hemostatic effect. The tool stimulates the process of blood coagulation, stabilizes the adhesion of platelets. It does not affect the drug on the prothrombin time, does not provoke the formation of blood clots. The drug has no hypercoagulable properties. The effect after administration is noted after five to a maximum of fifteen minutes The maximum effectiveness of the tool is observed in an hour. Duration of action - four to six hours. After 10 minutes, the highest plasma concentration is noted. Excretion occurs during the first 24 hours unchanged in the urine.dicine drug

Solution "Dicynon". Instructions. Indications

The drug is recommended for prophylaxis and to eliminate capillary bleeding of a different nature. The tool is used after and during operations on tissues, well vascularized. The medicine "Ditsinon" instruction recommends use in ENT, dental, gynecological, ophthalmic, urological practice, as well as in plastic and obstetric surgery. The indications also include metrorrhagia, hematuria, menorrhagia, if the condition is primary or if the patient has intrauterine contraceptives. The medicine "Ditsinon" instruction recommends for bleeding gums, nasal bleeding, diabetic microangiopathy (hemophthalmia, re-bleeding in the retina, diabetic hemorrhagic retinopathy). The indications include intracranial hemorrhage in preterm and newborns.

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Solution "Dicynon". Instructions. Contraindications

The tool is not prescribed for acute porphyria, hypersensitivity to the components and sodium sulphine, thrombosis. The drug is not recommended for hemoblastosis in children (osteosarcoma, myeloblastic and lymphoblastic leukemia). Contraindications include thromboembolism.Caution is shown with patients who are prone to bleeding with an overdose of anticoagulants. At use of means during feeding the lactation is stopped. Appointment during pregnancy by the doctor according to indications.

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How to take "Ditsinon"

The solution is injected intramuscularly or into a vein. The optimal dosage per day is 10-20 mg / kg of body weight. The dose is administered in three to four stages. Against the background of operations, adults are given 250-500 mg for prophylaxis once a day before the intervention; during the procedure, the drug is administered once again at the same dose, twice if necessary. In the postoperative period, the drug is used every six hours in the same amount until the probability of bleeding disappears. For children, the dose per day is 10-15 mg / kg. The amount of the drug is divided into 3-4 applications.

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