Dessole Marlin Inn Beach Resort 4 * (Egypt / Hurghada): hotel reviews

The Marlin Inn Beach Resort,which previously could be found under the name "Dessole", is designed for sea and beach recreation. It's easy to get to him, the transfer is not burdensome. The hotel stands on the beach and at the same time is located almost in the center of Hurghada. Now it belongs to the no less famous "Azur" line. With the arrival of the new leadership, the state of the hotel has improved. Here people with families, children, and also youth are resting. The hotel is designed for those who want to bask in the sun, eat, hang out in clubs and go on excursions. In this article we will tell you about how the tourists evaluate this hotel, and what they like most about it.

dessole marlin inn beach resort egypt hurghada

Hurghada, El Mamsha district

This area of ​​the resort is also called the Promenade. El-Mamsha is not inferior to the Sheraton. Here everything is just as clean, beautifully decorated, a decent pedestrian zone. Many ATMs, pharmacies, cafes with green courtyards and cozy verandas. You should leave the territory of the Dessole Marlin Inn Beach Resort (Egypt, Hurghada), as you find yourself in this ocean of modern civilization. The most attractive corner of El Mamshi is the Esplanade Mall shopping center near the Sindbad Hotel. There are many shops there, including a specialty for selling souvenirs Ramstore. The complex itself is built in the form of a rectangle without a roof, so you can enjoy the fresh air. On the same street there is also one of the best discos in the district - "Little Buddha". It is recommended for all party lovers. El-Mamsha is a very safe place. They often come here to walk with children. While the parents are sitting in a cafe or on benches along the Promenade, their offspring ride on cars and bicycles, the benefit of renting them on the avenue is very simple. Recommend to come here and in the evenings: beautiful lighting, romantic atmosphere, high palms planted on both sides of the street ... There are often concerts, shows, festivals. This is one of the few areas of the city, whose life is completely dedicated to tourists.Marlin inn beach resort Hurghada

How to get there, location, what's nearby

Marlin Inn Beach Resort is located in sevenkilometers from the airport. The center of Hurghada is very close. The hotel overlooks El Mamsha Street with many cafes and restaurants. If in the evening you suddenly become bored, always find where to go to have fun. Across the street from the hotel is the big shopping center "Cottos". Here you can find a purchase by heart, without even going too far from the hotel. And anyway, any significant place in the center of Hurghada can be reached in just twenty minutes. And this is a good taxi economy. In walking distance, even the McDonald's. And those tourists who visited him say that the taste is different from the Russian institutions of the same brand for the better. The infrastructure outside the beach complex is excellent. The location of the hotel is also popular with holidaymakers because they are brought first from the airport and taken last during the transfer.Marlin inn beach resort 4 hurghada


Like any hotel in the center of Hurghada, the hotelMarlin Inn Beach Resort has a not very large park. But it is green, beautiful and well-groomed. The territory is very compact. The hotel itself is the main building and several buildings. They are called Latin letters. Bungalows A, B, C and D - next to the main restaurant, and near the building D is the entire animation program. Buildings E, F, G and H are closer to the sea. Some like to live in the main building, but some like the bungalow. The rooms in the main building are better, but in cottages do not have to run all the time on the stairs to the reception or to the restaurant. And in the bungalow there are two entrances.Marlin inn beach resort reviews


Hotel Marlin Inn Beach Resort is enoughlarge. It has four hundred twenty-one numbers. Most of them are standard. Approximately eighty rooms, located in the main building, face the sea. For tourists, accustomed to luxury, the hotel has more than twenty suites. Every day a bottle of mineral water is delivered to the mini-bar. The room has a safe, where you can put money and valuables. Disperse tourists quickly, it is not necessary to wait long. Cleaned daily and quite tolerably. If you give a tip, they will spin swans and different figures. The number of rooms is not new, but everything works properly. Good air conditioning. Beds with orthopedic mattresses - this was taken care of by the new management of the hotel.Marlin inn beach resort 4 reviews


In the main restaurant of the Marlin Inn Beach Resort(Hurghada) tourists are fed on a "buffet" and "all inclusive". An excellent bonus of this hotel is that for early departing tourists they cover breakfast from three in the morning until six in the morning. From eleven you can have a snack on the beach at the bar, and also eat ice cream. The snack bar in the lobby of the hotel offers desserts for a mid-afternoon snack, after four in the evening. The Italian restaurant serves a late dinner for those who come with guided tours. And from midnight to three, those who can not sleep, can eat cakes and cookies in the disco bar. In the same place and dance. There is a 24-hour bar "Joker". The hotel has several a la carte restaurants. Italian and Japanese - by appointment, and fish and grill - paid. The restaurant is clean, the dishes are disinfected in the oven. Food is usually freshest. Every day - different dishes on the grill. There are beef, chicken, quail, steaks from tuna. From the side dishes - perfectly cooked potatoes, pasta, a lot of vegetables and an abundance of sauces to them. Extremely delicious prepare fish. From the fruits give bananas, citrus fruits, dates, guavas, grapes. Tourists very much praise alcohol, especially cocktails. "Sambuku" in a bar on the beach is called a virtuoso. Beer is poured without restrictions into any container.

dessole marlin inn beach resort review


Marlin Inn Beach Resort has a parkingfor tourist cars. The reception is open 24 hours a day. There is a good spa. Good hammam and massage. In the hall of the main building you can sit with a tablet, smartphone or laptop - they connect to free Wi-Fi. It is fast enough, and the lobby is large, cool, with comfortable sofas. From entertainment - table games, in particular tennis, billiards. You can practice darts. There is a playground for playing balls. Animators entice tourists to take active leisure (step, aerobics in the water, belly dancing, salsa, yoga - all and not enumerate). In the evening, after the beach and dinner, live music is played, you can watch different programs and shows. Young people come off at a disco, which sometimes takes the form of a foam party. Every day a different theme and music. Young people do not leave the disco before closing. The staff is very nice, always smiling, is interested in how they are resting, asks if everything is all right. There are coolers with water and coffee machines everywhere. Animation is excellent, tourists can not boast of it.

marlin inn beach resort hurghada

What for children

The Marlin Inn Beach Resort is very suitable forrest families with children. A baby cot will be put in the room at your request, and the restaurant will be given a special high chair. There is a good playground. In the afternoon, animators in a mini club are engaged with children. For them, organized programs for watching cartoons, and in the evenings they dance in a disco "just for little ones." In addition, the hotel has not only a "paddling pool" for children, but also a safe water slide. A very nice beach is not a deep and shallow entrance to the water. You can say that for kids it's just perfect.

Beach and sea

Hotel Marlin Inn Beach Resort 4 * (Hurghada)has its own beach. Go to him a hundred and fifty meters - two hundred, depending on what kind of housing you live in. The beach is clean, equipped. Here you can play volleyball. Issue beach towels. They change them by cards. If the hotel is not crowded, then there are a lot of places on the beach, and there is no crush. A lifeguard is working, which monitors the safety of bathers. Loungers are wooden, solid, with good mattresses. They are located in eight rows along the coast. Sunset in the water is sandy. Especially it is suitable for children - just an ideal place. In the water you can go without special sneakers, barefoot. Although there are no corals, there are a lot of fish near the pier - here you can see moray eels, lionfishes, and crocodile fish. The water is unusually clean and surprisingly turquoise.

hotel marlin inn beach resort

Trips near and not very

Local travel agencies that you are in a bigthe amount you will find when you leave the territory of the hotel Marlin Inn Beach Resort Hurghada, offer you the same excursions as in the hotel, only twice cheaper. Experienced travelers advise not to believe the words of tour operators that if you do not buy a trip from them, then your insurance will not work, or that guides can forget you somewhere, and calmly go with local firms. In addition to traditional excursions, we offer sightseeing, sea, quads, jeeps, Luxor, Cairo ... Recently, vacationers are beginning to be interested in trips to the bay of Sharm el-Naga. This is written by the guests of the Marlin Inn Beach Resort. Reviews about this tour are very positive. Swim with a mask in the reserve, and then dine at a restaurant on the beach - it's like going to Sharm el-Sheikh. And from distant excursions the cruise on the Nile becomes more popular, despite its high cost.

Shopping: how and where to shop

Hurghada is a place where tourists do not comeonly to warm in winter and summer in the sun, but also to buy something for memory. And shopping can be started right outside the Dessole Marlin Inn Beach Resort. The response of any tourist - whatever you take - mentions a shop with medicinal and aromatic oils, which is just a stone's throw from the hotel. If you bargain, you can buy a quality product and well to bring down the price. There you can find shops with tea, textiles. A trip to other promenades in Hurghada, for example, Marina, from the hotel, will cost two dollars for a taxi. The famous shopping center "Sentso" and "Carrefour" are the most attractive for tourists due to fixed prices and a variety of goods (there you can find not only souvenirs, but also T-shirts and other clothes). Near the hotel "Sinbad" the concentration of shopping centers - "Esplanade", "Hurghada Star".

Marlin inn beach resort

Marlin Inn Beach Resort 4 *: reviews

Tourists write that this is one of the best"Fours" in Hurghada. The food is actually round the clock. The work of the animators was rated at "ten". Almost all holiday-makers agree on this. A very warm and calm sea with a good approach, and still the work of the staff is something that is remembered in the hotel and forms the impression of a wonderful holiday. Noted hotel guests and its convenient location with respect to all the entertainment of Hurghada. Do not have to get two hours to buy fruit, souvenirs or go to a nightclub. The hotel is suitable for children, adults and youth alike. The staff is very friendly. Many tourists said that they would be happy to come back here again, because the hotel leaves only positive impressions. He though also four-star, but on a delivery and assortment of services will not concede any "five".

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