"Deleks-Acne" - gel from acne. Instructions for use and customer reviews

Acne rashes on the face disturb people in anyage. To get rid of it, you have to make a lot of effort and money. To help in this matter, modern pharmaceutical preparations are coming, for example, such as Deleks-Acne.

Assortment of funds

The products of this series are able to defeat acne andsuitable for all ages. It can be used both on the face and on the skin of the whole body. It is effective and effective. The product line includes the following drugs:

  • Strengthened gel from pimples forte.
  • The gel "Deleks-Acne" is moisturizing.
  • Gel from acne.
  • Lotion for cleansing the skin.
  • Lotion for oily and combination face type.

Means are selected strictly individually depending on the severity of the disease and the type of skin.

Delex acne

About the composition

The effectiveness of the drug "Deleks-Acne" is due to its composition, which contains components that prevent the development of acne, removing inflammation, having a drying effect.

The gel contains: water, plant extracts, carbonol, menthol, polyols, sodium hydroxide, sulfur, preservatives and flavors. The moisturizing gel is supplemented with hyaluronic acid and coenzyme Q10. The composition of the lotion includes: water, lemon acid, plant extracts, salicylic acid, menthol, glycerin, cathon, fragrances, dyes and cetyl. Does not contain alcohol.

Effect of the drug on the skin

Delex acne gel

The product is characterized by sebostaticproperty. The antimicrobial effect of Delex-Acne is strongly pronounced. The gel removes inflammation from the tissues, normalizes lipid-fat metabolism, reduces salivation. It narrows the pores, as a result of which the risk of penetration of pathogenic microorganisms that cause inflammation of the tissues of the skin is reduced. Quickly absorbed and easily penetrates into cells, where it blocks the inflammatory process. Reduces the production of sebum, cleans and reduces the amount of acne, promotes rapid resorption of acne. The skin gets rid of excess gloss, it becomes matte and smooth.

Pharmacological action "Deleks-Acne"

The gel is endowed with antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, drying, antibacterial and absorbing characteristics.

delex acne reviews

The main reason for the formation of acne is inexcessive salivation. The pores are then clogged with fat, sweat and mud, resulting in an inflammatory process. A specially developed complex of ingredients promotes deep penetration of the drug into the deep layers of the epidermis. Here, at the cellular level, he is fighting the pathogenic microbes, penetrating deep into the sebaceous glands and normalizing fat metabolism. This effect of the drug helps to get rid of acne, makes the pimples pale, less noticeable, speeds up their healing. Promotes their complete disappearance. The result: the skin looks healthy and beautiful.

Indications for use

Many specialists for the care of problem skinrecommend Delex Acne. Instruction for use states that this drug must be present in the care of problematic and oily skin. As a result of its regular use, the tendency to excessive work of the sebaceous glands is lost. The skin becomes less prone to acne.

delex acne gel from acne

The use of complex therapy, supplemented byonly gel, but also lotion, will give a long lasting result. The latter enhances the effect of the gel on the epidermis. The funds are recommended for both teenagers and older people, who, despite their age, also suffer from acne on the skin.

Effective "Deleks-Acne" when fighting a skin mite or demodex, due to the content of purified sulfur in the composition of the drug.

Mode of application

In complex therapy, the product is applied tocarefully cleaned skin with a thin layer. According to the instructions, it should be applied 1-2 times a day to the Deleks-Acne problem zone. The gel from acne with a fat type of skin is applied to the whole face, and when combined - only to the inflamed area. Do not use the product in places with normal or dry skin.

gel delex acne reviews

In some cases, with frequent use of gelthere may be a feeling of dryness or slight redness. A more serious allergic reaction does not occur, so stop using the drug is not worth it. It is sufficient in this case to apply the agent directly to the affected areas. The gel should be combined with Delex-Acne lotion. Moisturizing gel can be used instead of the usual on the whole face. It will prevent loss of moisture, nourish, make the skin of the face even more smooth and silky, increase elasticity. Excellent cope both with the dryness of the skin, and with its fat content "Deleks-Acne". Acne gel "Forte" is used exclusively locally, since it has an enhanced composition with antibacterial and antiseptic effect.

Lotion does not contain alcohol, it helps to removedead skin cells, removes peeling, fights with comedones, greasiness and pollution. Removes bacteria, helps remove cosmetic products from the skin. Contains in its composition salicylic acid, which even more effectively affects the inflamed skin.

Drugs can be used either alone or in combination with each other. The use of two products of this series - lotion and gel at once - will only enhance the therapeutic effect.

The gel has a greenish tinge that makes red acne less noticeable. Can be used not only to eliminate acne, but also to get rid of the scars left from them.

Delex acne moisturizing gel

Duration of use varies dependingfrom the specific features of the organism and the purpose of the means. So, lotion can be used daily, even if there are no pronounced inflammations, for prevention. Delex-Acne Forte (gel) is usually used from 7-10 days to one month, until all acne disappears completely. A similar period of exposure has a regular gel from acne in the same series, which also has a resolving effect and helps to remove post-acne. "Delex Acne" (moisturizing gel) can be applied to the whole face twice a day until the disappearance of peeling, irritation and dryness.

Contraindications for use

According to data on ongoing clinicaltests revealed allergic reactions were found. There are no contraindications to the use of Delex-Acne. Possible hypersensitivity or individual intolerance to some of the substances that make up the drug, which manifests itself in the form of excessive dryness of the skin, redness or mild peeling of the dermis.

Delex-Acne gel: reviews

delex acne instruction manual

This series for the care of problem skin causedmany positive responses. They say that the gel is not noticeable on the skin, it has a pleasant aroma, and the green texture of the drug helps to mask red eels. Good dries pimples. Removes redness, smoothes the skin. Excessive agents can cause scaling. The gel can be applied under make-up. Pleasantly happy composition that does not contain alcohol, antibiotics and hormones, in contrast to most drugs on the market. It is economically spent, for 14 days somewhere ¼ of a tube in 30 ml.

Some note that if the gel "Deleks-Acne"use twice a day, then it can cause excessive peeling. Optimal use is considered once and preferably at night. Peeling will help prevent moisturizing cream applied over the gel. The effect after application of the drug comes in all in different ways. Someone it is swept up after a week of use, and some - only a month.

Some people note that after the terminationThe use of the acne remedy is returned. Also, for a dry type of face, women used only lotion of this series, since the gel caused even more dry skin. From their words, the result is visible, but with constant use.

They also note that Russian funds are affordable. The cost of gel fluctuates around 100-150 rubles.

There are at this series of means and a lot of opponents,who note that the drug does not give any result. Lotion poorly cleanses the skin and creates the impression of a water-tinted green. The funds are not widely distributed and are not sold in every pharmacy, they often have to be ordered on the Internet.

Effectiveness in combating acne more than onceProved the product Deleks-Acne. Reviews about it are mostly positive and say that it is a worthy remedy that effectively eliminates acne and makes the skin healthy and beautiful.

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Deleks-Acne - gel from acne. Instructions for use and customer reviews Deleks-Acne - gel from acne. Instructions for use and customer reviews Deleks-Acne - gel from acne. Instructions for use and customer reviews Deleks-Acne - gel from acne. Instructions for use and customer reviews Deleks-Acne - gel from acne. Instructions for use and customer reviews Deleks-Acne - gel from acne. Instructions for use and customer reviews Deleks-Acne - gel from acne. Instructions for use and customer reviews Deleks-Acne - gel from acne. Instructions for use and customer reviews Deleks-Acne - gel from acne. Instructions for use and customer reviews Deleks-Acne - gel from acne. Instructions for use and customer reviews