Decoupage bottles with their own hands

Gifts made with your own hands, extraordinarilypopular in recent times. What modern craftwomen can not come up with. They sew, draw, knit, master the technique of felting, weave macrame, and also make decoupage. The word decoupage originated from the French decouper, which means "cut". This technique allows you to create unusual items from simple things, make each gift original. So decoupage of a bottle of champagne, made in the thematic direction, will surprise anyone.

The first step is to determine whichwill decouple the bottle. Think carefully about the color range and choose the necessary drawings. For the new year it will be better snowflakes, images of toys on the Christmas tree and Santa Claus. For a wedding, traditionally decoupage on a bottle involves the use of pictures with wedding rings, doves and flowers.

Then it is necessary to cut out manicure scissors orthe selected pattern. If the picture is cut out of the napkin, then it is mandatory to remove its white layers (each napkin consists of several layers, white are inside).

Next, degrease the surface of the bottle. To do this, you can wipe it with a liquid with a high alcohol content or acetone.

On the bottle should be applied glue. This can be either a special adhesive for decoupage or an ordinary PVA. Glue PVA must be diluted to the consistency of liquid sour cream with water.

You can use two types of drawing a picture for one product. We will consider how to immediately make a direct and reverse decoupage of the bottle.

To perform reverse decoupage picturesare applied to the bottle with the front side. So the picture will shine through the bottle. To do this, a flat brush should be applied with a drop of glue in the middle of the pattern and spread the glue evenly over the entire surface with light strokes. In no case do you need to make sharp movements in order not to damage the application. You can apply glue to the surface of the bottle. Now the drawing is applied to the selected area of ​​the bottle by the picture itself inside and smoothed. Appear on the edges of "frills" should also be smoothed with a finger or a brush. Surplus glue can be removed with a cotton swab.

For brightness, over a dried picture, you canapply a layer of acrylic paint. The surface is filled with paint. To do this, use a sponge or a thick brush. Dyeing or dusting the paint is applied to the area of ​​the bottle. Acrylic paints are good because they do not have a pungent smell and quickly dry.

On the opposite side, we need to outline the contours"Window", through which will be visible the pattern obtained by reverse decoupage. Also, you should circle the contours of the figure, which will, as it were, look into this window.

The next figure will be performed by the techniquedirect decoupage. In this case, you can paste the picture with the picture up. All work is repeated the same way as when the reverse decoupage of the bottle was made. For brightness, cover the area of ​​the bottle, acrylic paint of the chosen shade. The paint should dry.

After drying of the obtained layer, it is possible to coata bottle with a sponge with a solid layer of blue, violet and silver shades. So the surface will look volume. Then it must be allowed to dry again. Now you can decorate everything with a silver or gold universal contour.

To dry each of the layers of glue and paint, you neednot less than five hours. When the drawings are fixed and the colors dry, we proceed to the painting. It will take a stencil, which can be made from a film for packaging flowers. Using a cotton swab through the created stencil on the bottle, images are applied. You can use liquid white, blue, silver paint for snowflakes - stars, or the same colors for flowers. Do not forget that the window should remain transparent.

For decor of fabric, ribbons and ropes is betterall use glue moment. In the quality of jewelry, you need to choose light beads, rhinestones. To attach such elements, it is best to use a varnish. You can apply varnish to the bottle area, and then apply one to the dried bead varnish one by one. It's easier to do this with tweezers. When the layer of varnish dries, the top is once again applied with a varnish for fastening. Decoupage bottles are ready.

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