Decoration of royal times - Richelieu embroidery

Embroidery is one of the most ancient waysdecoration of clothing and household items. Starting with the simplest seams, it gradually began to improve and become more complicated. Some types of embroidery are very complex in execution and are available to professional masters after a long training. But most can be mastered by virtually every needlewoman.

Richelieu embroidery

The choice of cardinal

One such available technique is embroideryRichelieu. She received her sonorous name from the famous historical figure of Louis XIII, Cardinal Richelieu, who preferred lace, made in this technique. Their cutting openwork airiness conquered the hearts of the aristocracy since the XIV century, having received the maximum distribution in the XVI-XVII centuries.

Openwork patterns

This is one of the varieties of the surface, supplementedsuch elements as cutting out the base part and filling the gaps with bridges. Embroidery Richelieu, as a rule, uses plant motifs in their compositions. A large space in the slotted space makes it the most delicate among other finishes.

Despite its decorative complexity, thisa very simple technique. Stitches that use Richelieu embroidery are available at any level of craftsmanship. To perform the work from the tools, needles and scissors are sufficient. The material for making lace can serve as linen and cotton fabrics, according to their density, the pattern is selected. The thinner the fabric, the finer the finished product will be. Initially, the Richelieu embroidery was done with white threads on a white base. But today this has ceased to be the rule.Embroidery Richelieu Patterns

Simple seams of uneasy things

The main characteristic feature of this lace -the presence of bridges, brid, connecting the individual parts of the picture. Embroidery Richelieu, whose patterns are composed in such a way that their details are superimposed on one another or in contact with each other, and the gaps between them are cut out, is called the openwork smoothness. All work is carried out by two kinds of a seam - simple direct "forward needle" and loop.

The first is laid on the contours of the pattern,fixing the edge and giving embroidery texture. Simultaneously, the brides are performed, which connect the parts of the pattern and are made over the fabric. Having laid the jumper, it should be braided with a stitching seam, returning to the place where the bride starts and continuing the processing of the edge of the pattern.embroidery richelieu

After all the outlines of the drawing are traversed by twoseams, those areas which will not be cut out are filled. Before you start removing excess fabric, it is recommended to wash the cloth on which the work is done. Gently wring out the material, it must be dried with ironing, and do it should be done from the wrong side so that the texture of the finished product does not suffer.

Scissors will give an airiness

After the washed fabric is dried,thin scissors need to cut all the places on the embroidery. At the same time, very carefully controlling, so as not to cut the threads that form the edges of the work and form the bridae.

Made in the technique of Richelieu, embroidery will be an excellent decoration for your clothes or interior.

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