Currency of Montenegro, what money to bring?

Montenegro is a small and friendly republic that attracts connoisseurs of budget holidays. Prices in this country are quite affordable, and eco-friendly rest alone with nature has a beneficial effect on the body. Going on a regular trip or a business trip abroad to this southeastern European country, a tourist will surely ask himself what currency in Montenegro, what monetary units are best to take with him to stay in this country was not financially problematic. In the case of this country, everything is quite simple. The official currency of Montenegro is the euro. Therefore, with the prior purchase of banknotes in any country there are no problems. Currency can be bought in advance, and can be changed already in place in Montenegro.

The value of national money

First of all, it is worth noting that the currency of Montenegro implies variable face values. One euro equates to 100 eurocents.In circulation there are coins from one to one hundred, that is, eurocents. In the back of the country there are various banknotes, from five euros to fifty.

A bit of history

On the territory of the state in question, modern national money appeared quite recently, before that the Austro-Hungarian krone, the French franc, and the Turkish lira were in circulation.

Before the introduction of the euro, the official currency of Montenegro was its own - the Yugoslav dinar.

Montenegro currency

And in January 2002, the euro took this position. Due to the fact that Montenegro is not part of the European Union, the authorities of the country do not have the opportunity to independently print banknotes. It is for this reason that the inhabitants of the country are treated with banknotes coming into the country from other states that have the right to issue this currency. It is worth noting: the currency of Montenegro (most of it) comes into the country thanks to visiting tourists.

Montenegro: currency, exchange rate, points

In the country for carrying out exchange operations there are financial departments of various banks, as well as licensed special exchange points. Also arriving tourists can exchange money in hotels, airports or large shopping centers.But it should be borne in mind that the euro in Montenegro in such places is not too profitable for the client. For example, today 1 euro costs 75 rubles, and taking into account the commission, its value may increase by more than 10%.

what currency in montenegro

In the major tourist centers of Montenegro, special devices are installed that have the function of currency exchange.

As in every country, Montenegro has its own black exchange market. But all operations that are carried out with currency outside the authorized and licensed institutions are perceived as a violation of the law and are punished by administrative procedure. In addition, you can always be a victim of fraudsters and get fake instead of real euro.

Bank branches in most cases work from 8.00 to 19.00, from Monday to Thursday, and on Friday the working day is slightly less - from 8.00 to 13.00. Weekends for such institutions - Saturday and Sunday. In Montenegro, such issues are also decided by the People’s Bank, but it’s better to go there on weekdays until 13.00. Due to the climate of this area in many organizations and firms of Montenegro, the dinner lasts a long time - from 13.00 to 16.00. It is worth remembering about such a feature, as well as carefully reading a guide for tourists, which indicates such a lunch break.

The most profitable option is to go to the country with the currency you purchased at home. When shopping in the markets and small shops, the tourist must have a changeable currency, otherwise there may be no change.

The price level is much lower than in the neighboring countries of Western Europe. Of course, not throughout. For example, in coastal areas, rest is much more expensive.

Montenegro currency rate

Plastic cards

It is possible to use plastic cards for payment on the territory of the country. True, not all types. For the most part, banks and ATMs of Montenegro work with MasterCard, Maestro, Diners Club, Visa cards. It should be noted that the cards should not be particularly count in the provinces of the country. In large supermarkets, shopping centers, hotels, you can pay with a card, you only have to first clarify in the branch of your bank whether a fee will be charged for such foreign operations. In any case, it is better to always have a small amount of cash with you.

Euro in Montenegro

When is the declaration required?

The tourism industry has become the most profitable for Montenegro. The country's economy lives at the expense of funds imported by visitors, so the country does not have a restriction on the importation of euro into its territory.Tourists know what currency in Montenegro, and no matter how much money is imported into the country - no declaration is required. But to take out of the state is allowed no more than 500 euros. Therefore, if at the entrance with a sufficient amount, it is better to fill in a declaration on it so that when you return home there are no questions.

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