Crafts from thread. How to make bracelets, balls, dolls from threads do it yourself

Interior decoration with various handicrafts and souvenirs purchased in stores is, of course, quite fascinating. But often it turns out to be somewhat expensive. After all, everything that has been done efficiently and conscientiously is not worth enough. Each master puts in his work soul, time and inspiration.

crafts made of thread

Have you ever thought that you can create many decorative objects with your own hands? Even if you are not an expert in needlework, do not despair - any master began with simple things, gradually complicating his work and improving the technique. Why don't you try it? Begin the experiment with the most simple lessons - try to create crafts from threads.

Necessary materials

To create a souvenir or jewelry from the threads you need very few materials. This is usually just thread, glue, scissors and paper.Depending on what you want to reproduce, additional details are selected.

Threads for crafts can be completely different: floss, wool, wool blend, iris, cotton, synthetics. The brighter their color, the more interesting the result will be.

knitting yarns

It is advisable to take the glue transparent, but the most common PVA will do. In some cases, when the product is more complex or it is necessary to glue beads and other parts, it is worth using a glue gun or superglue.

For the manufacture of various figures also require paper. Usually it is thick colored paper or durable cardboard - the thickness of the sheet depends on what kind of pieces of thread are created.

Crafts made from thread and glue

The most simple crafts using threads are balls. It is quite simple to make them, even a child can cope with this task. In order to create a ball, you need: threads (cotton for openwork shapes, wool for thicker balls), glue, balloons, scissors.

First of all, you need to inflate balloons. Well, if they are round, as the final result in the end looks neater.The field of this ball should be greased with a thick cream or petroleum jelly so that the threads do not stick to the base. If there is no cream on hand, you can use regular sunflower oil. It needs to be applied very little so that the threads in the first row do not slide off the air blank.

After that, the inflated ball must start wrapping the selected threads. Before this, they should be moistened with glue. Depending on what density the threads will be wound, this will be the openwork of the product. At the end of the work the resulting coiled ball must be put to dry. After about a day, the ball can be gently pierced with a needle and taken out of the workpiece. As a result of these simple actions, charming handicrafts from balls are obtained. Merry balls are made from threads of different colors, which can themselves serve as a nice decoration, and can be the basis for more serious souvenirs.

So, for example, you can make a charming snowman from three white colored balls connected to each other. If the balls are small, they will serve as a good Christmas tree toy. It is enough to decorate them with all sorts of beads, sequins and sparkles.After that, attach a rope to them, and that's it - the toy is ready.

crafts from yarn and glue

Together with the kids you can make various birds and animals, as well as fairy tale characters. To create a bird, it is necessary to cut wings, legs and beak out of cardboard, to glue eyes - and the craft comes to life. The simplest figurine for playing with children - Kolobok - is also very simple. Eyes, nose and mouth are stuck on the ball, and telling a fairy tale is much more interesting.

From the same balls you can create a flower. It is enough to cut one side of the ball and bend the edges like petals. If white threads are the basis, they can be dyed. As you can see, the mass of options, it is necessary to connect the imagination.

Easter decorations

Preparation for the Easter holiday can begin in advance, especially when there are children in the house. After all, together with them it is much more interesting and more fun to create crafts from threads for the holiday. The egg from threads will look beautiful in the interior. It can be created by analogy with the balls. To do this, just need to inflate the oval balloons. Picking up colorful and colorful threads for this craft will give you excellent Easter eggs.

In addition, you can wind the blanks of eggs with threads of different colors.Such souvenirs can be used not only to decorate the interior, but also as a charming gift for relatives. If you own the art of crocheting, then blanks of eggs can be tied with a fancy pattern, which is why they will play completely differently.

egg of thread

For experienced craftsmen, an openwork egg can be an excellent option for Easter decoration or a present for relatives. It is performed in the technique of "izonit" and consists of two parts. After drying, the pieces are glued together, and small yellow chickens from threads sit inside. Such a gift will be an excellent interior decoration and will certainly lift the mood of others.

The world of childhood

For classes with kids, decorating a children's room or a small present you can create crafts from threads for children. Fabulous or animated characters, different birds or animals, complemented by small details of colored paper, will raise your spirits, create a script for a fun game and entertain children. They are created in the same way as the previous ones, sticking to the balloon.

If you think that only Kolobok can be made from these balls, then you are essentially mistaken.From the threads of different colors, which are supplemented with small details from colored paper, the heroes of the favorite children of the animated series "Smeshariki" are excellent. Of the two openwork hanks and cardboard parts will come Forty - the favorite of children's cine pads. You can make a goldfish, a performer of three cherished desires, chickens and bunnies, who will certainly delight children.

The next kind of toys are handicrafts made of woolen threads, which are wound on cardboard rings, cut and tied. The resulting pompons form the basis of toys. They are additionally glued blanks of colored cardboard, as well as beads and ribbon. Birds, caterpillars, turtles and other fluffy toys are excellent from such pompons.

crafts from children

They are perfect for registration of children's parties, role-playing games with children. And for the development of children's motor skills and imagination, the creation of such handicrafts together with children is simply an ideal occupation.

Dolls of thread

Charming out crafts from knitting. From them you can create small amulets - pupae. It is enough to make a tassel (for legs or a skirt) and a head from one part of the threads, and to make hands together from the other part, and the doll is almost ready.Such dolls can be decorated with anything - paper stickers, clothes, made of cloth, caps, crowns. Such pupae are perfect for educational games with children, for amulets of loved ones.

crafts made of wool

Designer Fantasy

Crafts made of thread and glue may be useful in the household. From small pieces, you can quickly and easily create candy. To do this, you need to turn over any deep dish, lightly lubricate the outer part with oil or cream and in random order apply threads of different size and color on the smeared areas. The material must first be dipped in glue. After this procedure, the product is left to dry for a day, after which it can be used for its intended purpose. The main thing is to remember that the resulting product is rather fragile and is afraid of water. In such homemade vases, besides sweets and sweets, you can keep all sorts of trinkets and decorations.

Also from the openwork ball, you can create a beautiful stand under the flower pot. It is enough to make cuts on the ball and bend them. Inside place a pot with a flower. The main thing is to remember that the product is sensitive to water, and follow this.

One of the fashion trends in interior design was the use of openwork balls of thread as lampshades. These lamps look quite unusual, interesting and harmoniously fit into various rooms. It should only be remembered that handicrafts made from wool threads will look coarse, so use a thinner material.

crafts from balls of thread

Thread applications

Not bad pictures of threads fit into the design of the room. Also, such products are very good to create with children, showing their imagination, developing fine motor skills and ingenuity. To do this, on paper you need to draw or print a blank (an animal or a picture), and then glue the threads of different colors to certain areas.

For souvenirs, you can make crafts from the threads of the technique "izonit". To do this, you just need to come up with a composition, insert needles or pins along the perimeter and figure out the threads. Of course, without a certain training at first it will be difficult, but the creation of such crafts is very exciting.

crafts made of thread

Bracelets from thread

The most common sewing thread will be useful for making jewelry.For a themed party, for a small child who loves mom's decorations, they will be simply irreplaceable. Weaving such bracelets is a fascinating occupation, especially since you can invent different weaving techniques yourself.

The most simple weaving - the braid known to all - can start playing in a new way, if you combine strings of different colors. Further result is a matter of your imagination and craftsmanship, which will certainly give you excellent bracelets of threads.

bracelets made of thread

Instead of an epilogue

As you can see, the scope for creativity of the most ordinary thread is wide and diverse. Showing your imagination, you will not only have a wonderful time, but also be able to create a wonderful gift for loved ones. Also from this, often unnecessary material, you can create such crafts from threads, such as toys or real paintings. Be creative, fantasize and develop!

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