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Adverse environmental conditions are detrimental to human health. And it adversely affects the skin, which is an external indicator of malfunction of the body. In order to somehow hide all the flaws, and even better to eliminate them, women, and men too, are testing on themselves various versions of cosmetics from various manufacturers, selecting for themselves the most suitable. All cosmetic companies rush "loud words", claiming that it is their products that are flawless in the fight against skin problems. However, this is often just an advertising move. This article will discuss the Russian manufacturer Arkady, cosmetics, reviews, and whether these products deserve attention.

About company

Since 2000, the St. Petersburg company Arcadia, which produces the same name products, has been successfully competing in the market for face and body skin care products. In the research and production laboratory of "Arcadia" cosmetics is carefully monitored for the content of useful and hypoallergenic components.One of the features of the brand is that it produces funds for professional and for independent use. 78 items are used by cosmetologists in salons and clinics, and 62 types of cosmetics are intended for home care.

The manufacturer claims that its cosmetics is unique in several ways:

  • in agents with a cream base, membrane lipids are used as an emulsifier;
  • the products contain a considerable amount of active substances, which makes the cosmetics involved in several categories: peptide, eco-and nanocosmetics;
  • components are preserved in their natural, unmodified state, and even well-known foreign companies cannot boast of this.

cosmetics arcadia reviews

The staff working in "Arcadia", has a high professionalism. Some of the representatives have been trained in the United States. In 2014, the company's activity at a decent level was assessed by London College of Fashion - the leader with global authority on research and training in the field of beauty and cosmetology.

“Arcadia” repeatedly became the prize-winner of various nominations and has the following in its collection of awards:

  1. "The best series of the year" for "Lady N" in 2000.
  2. "Best packaging design" in 2000.
  3. The winner in the "100 best Russian goods" in 2002.
  4. Winner of "Made in St. Petersburg" in 2003.
  5. "Environmentally friendly and safe products" - a gold medal in 2003.
  6. The winner in the nomination "Alliance of Beauty and Science" competition "My cosmetics" in 2013.

Offers for every taste

The company "Arcadia" is profiled not only on home care products, but also on professional cosmetics. Specialists in the field of cosmetology are offered tools for the following procedures:

1. Peelings:

2. Non-invasive procedure for muscle relaxation.


  • with rosacea;
  • for oily and combination skin;
  • for skin with hyperpigmentation.

Arcadia cream

Arcadia offers a huge range of products in the form of creams, masks, triple collagen and other types for specialists. In addition, for beginners in the use of products from this manufacturer, it is recommended to purchase test kits designed for 2-3 applications.

Cosmetics for home use is also presented in a wide range. You can purchase the following:

  • limited release of Veil fluid, which provides skin comfort, hydration and pH control;
  • cleansing PRIME;
  • serum;
  • means for eyelids;
  • masks;
  • BB cream;
  • travel set;
  • accessories;
  • body cosmetics.

Presented a lot of care series:

  • "Courage";
  • "Lady N";
  • "Prestige";
  • PLAcet;
  • Oily Home;
  • "Aze line";
  • peptide series;
  • lifting series;
  • for the correction of wrinkles;
  • Yore Grace;
  • fruit;
  • sunscreen;
  • for men;
  • hand care;
  • for hair.

The choice, as you can see, is diverse, so it is worthwhile to review at least some of the most popular means.

"Aze Line"

A new series of care includes two products "Arcadia":

  • correcting cream "Aze line";
  • tonic with azelaic acid.

The cream is available in 50 ml jars. The cost is 1670 rubles. The product aims to rid the skin of acne. This is possible thanks to the azelaic acid contained in the composition (20%). It has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, prevents the appearance of traces of acne. The soft consistency of the product allows it to lie flat on the skin, instantly absorbed without any traces. The effect of the tool is obvious: the lack of gloss and giving the surface haze. About this cosmetics "Arcadia" reviews are good. They confirm that the cream copes with the task.

face tonic

Tonic with azelaic acid on sale is presented in an elongated vial of 200 ml. The price tag indicates the cost of 1560 rubles. This is one of those remedies that need fat derma, prone to the appearance of acne. Tonic for the face strengthens skin immunity, preventing the appearance of a rash, normalizes pH, tightens the contour, gives haze and freshness. Opinions of women regarding tonic agree that it perfectly refreshes the face, matilates it and eliminates small pimples. The Azeline series is a novelty, but in a short time it has attracted attention and gained fans.

Scrub for all skin types

Scrub Cream "Arcadia" from the line "Cleansing Prime" has become a favorite means for facial peeling. A jar in 50 ml costs 830 rubles. This cream "Arcadia" contains in its soft texture spherical particles that gently cleanse and exfoliate the skin without damaging it. The composition contains an extract of aloe, which contributes to the prevention of inflammation, moisturizes, regenerates and tightens the epidermis. Reviews of cosmetics "Arcadia" is not satisfactory. The cream really suits all skin types and effectively copes with its functions.

Gel-foam from the Oily Home series

Gel-foam for washing "Arcadia" is another favorite in the family of the St. Petersburg cosmetic company. A bottle of 200 ml costs 930 rubles. How does foam work? When applied to the face, the components actively interact with the cellular structure of the skin, narrowing the pores, removing impurities, oily shine, and also preventing the appearance of blackheads.

In the fight against ultraviolet

The company has developed a series of products "Plein", skin care in the period of active sun. The lineup includes the following sunscreens:

  • SPF 16;
  • SPF 30;
  • SPF 10;
  • SPF30 mini;
  • after tanning

arcadia cream after tan

Cream after tan "Arcadia" - a bottle of 200 ml worth 1600 rubles. The tool is economical and lasts a long time. The product can be used without fear on a daily basis, especially in the summer. The tool relieves discomfort and redness from sunburn, pleasantly cools the skin, removes inflammation and replenishes lost moisture. In this case, the cream fixes and aligns the resulting tan.

Creams "Arcadia": day and night

Day and night creams from the company are in good demand. And if you read reviews about them, it becomes clear that such a demand for cosmetics. All that is stated on the packaging of products, begins to act when in contact with the skin.Day and night care creams are in several series of "Arcadia".

  • "Courage" - is to take care of oily skin. Using products regularly, you can ensure that the pores are narrowed, the production of sebum decreases, the tone evens out, shine disappears. Day cream costs 1520 rubles for 50 ml, night cream - 1580 for the same volume. Day refreshes the face, gives it a dullness and sates with moisture. Night will reduce the allocation of greasiness.
  • "Lady N" - a product that became the 2000 series. Day care cream costs 1660 rubles, for night - 1760. The first serves as an obstacle to mimic wrinkles, gives a smooth surface to the face and moisturizes. It can be used as a base for makeup, as it has a mattifying effect. By applying the appropriate remedy for the night, it is possible to achieve the regeneration of the weakened skin cells, to give the face a firm fit and elasticity.
  • Prestige is an expensive series of 2 products. The price of the product for day care is 2020 rubles, for the night - 2050. The first version of the cream is aimed at combating the emerging wrinkles of different depths. In the second embodiment, a high content of essential oils: shea, wheat germ, egg, olive.


The series "Cleansing Prime" contains 3 types of tonics:

  • for oily and combination skin;
  • for normal and sensitive;
  • for mature.

Tonic for the combined and fatty type is sold in a package of 200 ml at a price of 1,560 rubles. This is a good tool, as customers say, for daily application. In its composition, tonic combined vitamin B5, zinc salt, chamomile extract. Working in a complex, these substances adjust the production of sebum. At the same time the complexion is leveled, haze is created

arcadia cream scrub

Tonic for normal and sensitive skin is sold in the same volume and at the same price as the look described above. The manufacturers, creating this tool, took into account all the features of sensitive skin and added the necessary components: calendula, allantoin and β-1,3-glucan, D-panthenol.

Tonic for mature skin replenishes collagen and elastin lost with age. The skin from its use becomes taut and fresh. By the way, it can be used as the final stage of evening makeup removal.


The rejuvenating mask "Arcadia" from the PLAcet collection is an expensive pleasure for those who want to achieve the desired result in getting rid of the signs of old age. For 50 ml will have to pay 2690 rubles.The mask is designed on the basis of the placenta, which greatly increases its effectiveness. It is applied to the entire face, excluding the area around the eyes. The product dries out gradually, which is good, since the active components responsible for the rejuvenation completely penetrate the layers of the dermis and perform their function.At the same time, lifting and moistening occur, which are already visible after 3-4 applications.

Another worthy mask, judging by consumer reviews, is an anti-stress mask for the price of 2100 per 50 ml. One of its components is kaolin, which acts as a soothing and refreshing substance. It is better to put a mask in the evening, after working for or just before bedtime. In the morning, the face will look rested, with no obvious signs of fatigue: bruises and bags under the eyes, unhealthy color and dryness.

Male line

The manufacturer has also taken care of the skin of men’s faces, so he created an after shave balm in his laboratory. Compared with similar means from other well-known manufacturers, the cost of balm "Arcadia" is significantly different and is fixed at around 930 rubles for 50 ml. According to the manufacturer, a bottle of balsam will replace several products from the "men's cosmetic bag": a moisturizing and soothing cream, anti-aging cosmetics.This balm has no restrictions for skin types, even for sensitive skin it is perfect. Among other things, its application will relieve from small cuts received as a result of shaving.

Hair care

"Arcadia" took care of the hair of their customers. All funds are endowed with gentle cleansing ingredients that are commonly used in children's shampoos or products for sensitive dermis of the head. Shampoos are effective as a remedy for dandruff. They are safe for everyday use.

mask rejuvenating arcadia

The line for hair care has the following:

  • for dry hair;
  • for fatty;
  • shampoo-volume;
  • shampoo balance;
  • universal air conditioning;
  • intense balsam;
  • nourishing hair mask.

With complex use, and not just shampoo, you can achieve obedient, smooth and healthy hair without dandruff.

Hand care

The line of hand care is 2 creams.

  • For sensitive skin - protect hands from the harmful effects of excessive moisture, wind, dryness. The product will eliminate small cracks within a few hours, filling the skin with nourishing elements, moisture. 150 ml of cream will cost customers 920 rubles.
  • Express care is the same as the previous version. But the difference is that it is instantly absorbed, giving the hands a soft and well-groomed. It can be used multiple times per day.

BB Cream

This cosmetic product differs from Arcadia from most other similar means of other firms in that it is universal in terms of skin color type. It perfectly adapts to any tone. Cream perfectly play the role of a base for day makeup. At the same time, it smoothes the relief and evens out the color. Lightweight, almost weightless texture is well applied to the face and instantly absorbed. It is worth 1670 rubles for 50 ml.

What do customers say?

Reviews about cosmetics "Arcadia" do not contain a consensus about the products, as, indeed, about the products of other firms. The skin of each woman is unique and responds differently to the existing composition of creams, lotions, tonics, etc. Those customers who liked the cosmetics, noted that after repeated use the skin becomes soft, smooth and more even. The contour is tightened and leveled. Wrinkles are smoothed, but not very deep. With more serious no funds from the line "Arcadia" on rejuvenation can not cope.

tonic for mature skin

The female audience identified several Arcadia cosmetics, which are considered the most popular:

  • face scrubs;
  • face creams;
  • tonics;
  • gel foam

Harsh criticism of the means of the customer does not express. They did not reveal any adverse reactions from the products, but they did not receive any benefits either. According to the women, the purchased cosmetics simply did not cope with the declared function.


Cosmetics "Arcadia" is no different cheap, but, as the reviews, is quite effective. But if you do not want to pay dearly for an unknown product, you can turn to the opinion of customers.

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