Cooking soup with meatballs and pasta

Aromatic soup with meatballs and pasta isan excellent choice for a delicious and hearty dinner, while preparing it is not so difficult, and the ingredients are the simplest. Low-fat broth is suitable for a children's table, and for those who avoid "heavy" for digestion dishes. There are many options for its preparation, so one more important advantage is the freedom of creativity. Using each time new vegetable ingredients, pasta of various kinds or a variety of meat, will help to get a new dish, different in taste from the previous one, and, accordingly, to diversify the menu.

How to cook soup with meatballs and noodles? The following recipe is considered traditional. About 3 liters of water is put on the fire and brought to a boil. A few medium-sized potatoes are cut with thin blocks, rushed into the water, cooked for several minutes. Of 300 grams of minced meat, which is added grated onions, seasonings, salt, small balls, meatballs are formed. In the frying pan, chopped onions are fried and the carrots are rubbed on an average grater, a spoon of tomato paste is added to them. Roasting is poured into a pot of potatoes, and meatballs are added here. After the last float, they should boil for 2-3 minutes, pour 100 grams of vermicelli and cook soup until ready for about 15 minutes. Before the end of cooking in a saucepan chopped greens, the dish is salted, added to the taste of spices.

The following recipe, by which you can cook soup withmeatballs and vermicelli, will differ, for the most part, the way of making meat balls. For them, the stuffing is taken, and once again scrolls through the meat grinder, but at the same time connecting with the bread and the onion soaked in milk. Formed meat balls are pre-fried in a pan. Minced meat can be taken from almost any meat, but preferably chicken or a mixture of beef and pork, especially if the dish is prepared for children. Finished meatballs are put in boiling water, potatoes and onions with carrots and bell peppers are added here. After the meat emerges and boil for about 5 minutes, you can throw vermicelli. Do not take too much of it, because the result may be too thick soup, more like a second course. To make the soup piquant, it can put a couple of spoons of tomato paste or peeled and cut into small cubes of fresh tomatoes.

A fragrant and rich broth is obtained withmeatballs, for which these products are laid out in boiling water and cooked about half an hour with an entire bulb. After that, the broth is filtered. Now it is ready for use. If desired, you can add boiled vegetables, cereals or pasta. Such a soup is perfect for a diet table, as it contains a minimum of fat, while being quite saturated to taste.

The original taste has soup with meatballs andmushrooms. For its preparation in a boiling broth rumble with carrots the crushed onion and the potato cut with cubes rush. Separate boiled mushrooms, for a while left in a colander, to make the glass superfluous water. Prepared meatballs from minced meat are thrown into the broth shortly before the preparedness of the vegetables. After their ascent, chopped mushrooms are also placed here. The soup is salted, peppered, and a laurel leaf is added. If you want to make the dish more nutritious, you can add vermicelli or other pasta, but you can do without it.

It should be noted that soup with meatballs andvermicelli is very popular with both children and adults. Instead of vermicelli, you can use various curly pasta that will make the appearance of the dish more interesting.

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