Compote of pears and cherry plums for the winter

Pears were well known to our ancestors, theirused to eat in ancient Russia. Then there was no today's variety of varieties, and the fruits themselves were harvested in the forest, and not grown specially. But already our ancestors noticed the excellent taste and healing properties of the pear. It made a variety of alcoholic tinctures and such popular in those days kvass. And because of the ability to be stored until the worst frosts, these fruits were always present in peasant stocks for the winter. So our ancestors escaped from avitaminosis, although they did not even know the meaning of the word.

Useful properties of pears

Many people love pears for their juicy taste andwonderful aroma. The tender flesh of this fruit contains several times less sugar than the most acidic apples, although it is much sweeter to taste. But on the other parameters, the pear is much superior to other popular fruits. Their fruits contain a large amount of organic acids, including lemon, apple and folic.

Also, the pear is rich in fiber, very usefulfor our body. As you know, it is poorly digested: this is the reason why you can recommend this product to people who are trying to lose weight. In addition to the above, the sweet fruit is rich in tannins, pectin, various enzymes and a whole bunch of vitamins: A, B1, B2, B9, C, E, and P. The essential oils contained in the flesh can save a person from depression.

The degree of utility of a pear is besttell her not her appearance, but the smell. Scientists have confirmed that only fragrant representatives of this family have strong healing properties. First of all, these are ripened fruits, especially if they are grown in their garden.

Compote of pears

In Russia, this fruit is rarely consumed inraw form. Most often it is included in various compotes, jams. But this does not diminish the useful properties of the pear, as all the existing methods of cooking preserve most of the vitamins. To prepare a compote of pears, you can use both peeled and peeled fruits. When heat treated, the flesh of the pears does not disperse by the fibers, it conveys the pleasant taste and aroma of the original product to the dishes.

In compote of pears choose small fruits with morethin skin. But it is important that they are mature. Fruits should be rinsed thoroughly with cold water, cut along and cleaned from the core. Then they are put in a prepared pan and poured with water.

Instead of water, you can use a solution with a wineacid (you need about 5 grams per liter of water). How much to cook compote of pears? It depends on the degree of readiness of the fruits themselves: once they become soft enough, you can turn off the fire. The cooled down drink is poured over cans, poured from above with sugar syrup and sterilized.

Useful properties of plumbers

Alycha is useful both in raw form, and in variousdishes. It is not for nothing that compotes and tinctures from it are used to treat many diseases. This fruit contains a huge amount of vitamins. Among them: A, B1, B2, PP, E and C. In addition, cherry plum is a real storehouse of minerals such as phosphorus, iron, sodium, potassium and magnesium. The substances contained in it contribute to growth, and therefore plum can be recommended to children and pregnant women. This fruit is useful in old age, especially in chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Also, the fruits of cherry plum are used in the treatment of diseasesliver, gallbladder, for the prevention of various avitaminosis, scurvy and night blindness. Her juice, mixed with camphor oil, accelerates the healing of wounds. And if you take it inside, it helps with coughing with a cold and acts as a sweatshop. The pitch of the tree is used to create infusions that relieve nausea. But the oil from the bones is similar in properties to almond oil, it is often added to cosmetics, perfumes and medical soaps.

Compote from cherry plum

This fruit has won a lot of love thanks toits sour, pleasant taste. Doubt is not exposed to the useful properties of plum. It is also known that eating it improves the absorption of meat and fatty foods.

For the preparation of compote take only ripefruits with intact skin. It is necessary to remove the stems, then clean them and rinse thoroughly in running cold water. Further it is required to prepare three-liter cans, in which our compote will be stored. You need to wash them with soda and fill with selected plum. Separately boil in a saucepan of water, which pours the fruit. In this form, you need to leave the cans for half an hour, closing the lids.

When this time expires, we pour water backin the pan. We need to make sugar syrup from it, adding sugar from the calculation: a glass for one jar. This solution is again brought to a boil, after which we pour it again over the jars. It remains to roll them up and turn them upside down. So compote store until cooling.

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Compote of pears and cherry plums for the winter Compote of pears and cherry plums for the winter Compote of pears and cherry plums for the winter Compote of pears and cherry plums for the winter Compote of pears and cherry plums for the winter Compote of pears and cherry plums for the winter Compote of pears and cherry plums for the winter Compote of pears and cherry plums for the winter