Compatibility of female Capricorn and male Aquarius. Characteristic marks

A serious, purposeful woman-Capricorn and an eccentric man-Aquarius - a couple of rather strange. It is difficult for them, but at the same time it is extremely interesting together. How can such a couple build a long and harmonious relationship and become a happy family?

Character woman zodiac sign Capricorn

Women born from December 22 to January 20 are the most ambitious and purposeful representatives not only of the elements Earth, but of the whole Zodiac. Capricorn girl knows what she wants to achieve in life and clearly goes to the goal. She has good organizational skills in her character, she is able and loves to work, strives for wealth, and by a certain age she succeeds.

Capricorn girlAlready in childhood, the Capricorn girl is serious and sensible beyond his years. She is a diligent student at school, listening to parents and teachers.With age, these character traits appear stronger and stronger, and from a high school pup she turns into an avid careerist. But what is most striking, the Capricorn woman finds time not only for work. She is also a good housewife, attentive wife and mother.

Externally, the Capricorn woman looks strict, with a sense of self-esteem. She is distinguished by good manners, graceful, able to present herself in society.

What is a Capricorn girl in love?

The representative of the weaker sex of the zodiac constellation Capricorn will never connect her fate with a man who cannot provide her with a decent material and social position. Very rarely, for a very big love, marriage can happen to a person who is lower in status. But, as a rule, such a union does not imply a happy relationship.

A Capricorn woman will not flirt, flirt, her fleeting romance is alien to her. She will never agree to a civil marriage. This girl is looking for a companion for life, serious and strong, like herself. Because of this, representatives of the constellation Capricorn are often alone for long periods. Marry late or never.

Capricorn fits AquariusCapricorn is an emotionally cold sign. The girl who was born under these constellations, keeps the feelings in herself. She herself is not inclined to show tenderness and compassion, although she expects this from her partner.

Aquarius Man: Characteristic of the Sign

A man born from January 21 to February 19 is distinguished from other zodiac signs by excessive curiosity. That is why among the Aquarius are so many brilliant people. He is a dreamer, in his thoughts all the time solves some kind of mystery. He is comfortable alone, so Aquarius has so few friends.

The representative of this constellation is an intellectual. He has his own point of view on all events, but Aquarius will not give advice or impose his opinion. He respects people and believes that everyone should act as he pleases.

Capricorn relationship AquariusAquarius is an interesting conversationalist, he is well-read, it is interesting to have social conversations or intellectual conversations about high matters with him. This is the most decent sign of the Zodiac, it is not hypocritical and does not accept such an attitude to itself.

Love horoscope for the Aquarian man

Windy, frivolous and freedom-loving Aquarius - nature fond. He is romantic, calm and sometimes melancholic.He will not be able to conquer a passionate woman. Despite the fact that there are usually many partners in the life of Aquarius, he always remembers his first love and compares each subsequent girl with her.

Marriage enters late, often after long years of friendship. For Aquarius, it is important that his companion shares his interests with him, to be a good conversationalist. A woman who associates her life with such a man will never regret it. Living with such a person will be comfortable for her, feelings such as selfishness and jealousy are alien to him. The only drawback is the excessive love of Aquarius. But the girl who can interest him will win the heart of the representative of this sign once and for all.

union women capricornus and men aquariusAquarius needs care and tenderness. Only such a woman, he will open fully and give many years of happy marriage.

How do the love relationship between Aquarius and Capricorn

At the beginning of the relationship Capricorn and Aquarius are attracted to each other qualities that are opposite to their nature. They are attracted to the new and the unknown, what was previously alien to them. The compatibility of Capricorn women and Aquarius men is based on curiosity.In Capricorn, Aquarius attracts dedication and organization. These are precisely those traits of character that he lacks. The woman is subjugated by the inner independence and love of freedom of Aquarius.

Until it came to sharing life and solving common problems, everything will be fine for this pair. Capricorn suits Aquarius with its education. They are both well-read, versed in many issues, they have something to talk about. But a Capricorn woman is a leader by nature and she will insist on her own, but Aquarius does not like disputes, and this can provoke him to part.

compatibility women ibex and men aquariusAquarius can teach a Capricorn girl tenderness, which she lacks so much. She, in turn, will add to his windy life a little composure and organization.

Compatibility of the female Capricorn and male Aquarius in marriage

Marriage representatives of the couple Capricorn-Aquarius can enter into only as a result of friendly relations. They will definitely check their relationship over time. Contrary to this, the union of the Capricorn woman and the Aquarian man is rarely long and happy. They forget that married life does not consist only of intellectual conversations, and those traits of character that they previously considered to be virtues of each other turn into serious shortcomings.

The compatibility of Capricorn women and Aquarius men in marriage is almost zero. They do not possess those qualities that could bring them together in everyday life. Immediately after the wedding, Capricorn's wife takes on the re-education of her husband, Aquarius. But she should memorize one truth. Aquarius is the only sign of the zodiac that cannot be changed under any circumstances. She strives for wealth, he is not accustomed to a lot and work hard. Capricorn woman is thrifty in relation to money, and Aquarius easily and quickly part with them. In life, she goes to her intended goal, her actions are clear and deliberate, but he is not used to planning and acts in accordance with her feelings and emotions.

Sex Compatibility

Despite her seriousness and coldness, the Capricorn woman is waiting to be sought. However, to conquer it is not so easy. An amorous Aquarius man should be patient before such a woman confides in him. Platonic "Capricorn-Aquarius" can be delayed indefinitely.

male aquarius female ibex in loveThe sexual compatibility of Capricorn women and Aquarius men will be good in the case when the partner is younger than her.She is so passionate that a romantic same-age Aquarius can be scared away.

Females of the Zodiac sign Capricorn - true lady. They are very attractive, feminine and sexy. There are a lot of admirers around them, but few of them reach the position of the Capricorn woman.

Capricorn woman and Aquarius man: how to maintain a relationship?

The difficult union between these signs can be saved only by strong mutual love and common children. If Capricorn calms down his tediousness, leaves the freedom-loving Aquarius alone and will not find fault with trifles, then such relationships promise to be interesting and long.

Male Aquarius, Capricorn Woman in love can find points of contact. Over time, they will learn to trust each other. The Aquarius man will give a cool Capricorn woman tenderness and romance. She will become a faithful and reliable companion, will always come to the rescue in a difficult moment, will bring wealth and stability to the family.

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