Coffee "Jockey": product reviews

For the first time, Russians saw Jockey coffee on store shelves in 1999. To date, this brand knows and approves a fairly large number of residents of the CIS countries. After all, its quality is excellent, especially if we compare it with the price, which does not bite at all. And nowadays it is so difficult for an ordinary person to find a product of decent quality at a reasonable price. "Jockey" is exactly that coffee that pleases both the price, the quality, and the taste.
coffee jockey

High quality is a success factor

St. Petersburg company Orimi Trade began production of this coffee brand in 1994. Extraction of first-class Arabica coffee beans is no easy task. The company buys a quality product right in the fifteen corners of the world. Brazil, India, Bolivia are the main suppliers of good coffee beans. At the moment, the Jockey brand occupies thirty percent of the Russian consumer market. This, of course, speaks of the fairly decent quality of this drink.

This coffee gained its popularity not only due to first-grade grain.Modern technologies, which include processing, roasting, grinding and packing of coffee beans, also played a big role in the development of a good reputation of this brand.
ground coffee jockey

"Jockey" medium strength

Today the range of this product pleasantly pleases its fans. Coffee "Jockey" ground can be prepared in any convenient way - brew in the Turk, cook in a coffee maker or just pour a spoonful of powder with boiling water. In any case, the aroma and taste of the coffee drink will remain in full.

"Jockey Classic" is created from several types of arabica, has a light chocolate note, characteristic sourness, rich aroma and soft taste. This type is preferred by people who are not lovers of too strong coffee. Careful roasting gives the drink a gentle and noble character. "Traditional" is characterized by a more expressive aroma. Saturation and fullness of taste attract lovers of stronger coffee. The density of the drink, its gentle bitterness and light sweet shade - an excellent basis for the preparation of a variety of coffee cocktails.

For fans of strong ground coffee

"Jockey Caffe Italiano" is a dark roast ground coffee. Its expressive and sensual aroma is revealed thanks to the technology of "Italian" roasting. This coffee is often to the taste of lovers of strong espresso.

coffee jockey oriental

Coffee "Jockey Oriental" - is a unique composition of first-class Arabica varieties.
All the expressiveness of taste is felt thanks to a specially developed grinding. The richness and richness of the flavor are revealed with any method of brewing. The exotic spice of the best Arabica from Ethiopia is loved by lovers of the unusual. This type is suitable for fans of exquisite taste and strong coffee.

Grain "Jockey"

Coffee "Jockey" beans presented in the same range as the ground. For its preparation will need a coffee grinder. High-quality coffee beans come from countries such as Brazil, India, Mexico, Uganda and Ethiopia. A special valve on the package allows you to completely avoid contact of coffee with oxygen. Freshly roasted grains fully preserve all the richness of taste and nobility of aroma.
ground coffee jockey

"Jockey" with different flavors

Coffee brand "Jockey" offers a variety of flavored versions of its product.This coffee may appeal to those who are already tired of the usual classic drink, or people who just want to try something new.

For lovers of the unusual chocolate flavor "Orimi Trade" has released a separate type of coffee "Jockey". This is "Bavarian Chocolate." Brazilian first-class arabica gives the drink a velvety taste, and the aroma of bitter chocolate makes it plunge into sweet memories.

For lovers of exotic, but delicate taste, the line "Jockey" offers the aroma "Red Orange". The extraordinary piquancy of this drink is its highlight. So unusual combination, like coffee and orange, perfectly harmonizes. Gourmets often prefer this type of "Jockey".
coffee jockey triumph

Fans of soft and sweet aroma will like Hazelnut. Here you can find selected varieties of Brazilian Arabica, which are complemented by a subtle and slightly sweet hazelnut flavor. Ground coffee "Jockey Irish cream" has a creamy taste of Irish liqueur. And the composition of the best varieties of Arabica is complemented by a light vanilla aroma.

Soluble "Jockey"

Organization "Orimi Trade" produces not only natural,but also an instant jockey. It differs in that its preparation takes very little time, and can be stored for a long time. But there is one drawback - the aroma of instant coffee compared to natural is not as rich. In the production of "Jockey Imperial" technology is used freeze-drive, which helps to preserve the true aroma of coffee. This type has a rather rich taste with a hint of dark chocolate.
coffee jockeyCoffee "Jockey Triumph" prefer real connoisseurs of instant drinks. The best coffee beans from exotic countries of the world give a taste of tenderness, and aroma - nobility. "Champion" and "Favorite" are types of powdered, but strong coffee. They have a pronounced taste and rich aroma. There is also a "Jockey 3 in 1", which combines the taste of coffee, cream and sugar. Lovers of weak coffee appreciate its light aroma and delicate taste.

Customer Product Reviews

The line of coffee "Jockey" is presented in a fairly wide range, which allows almost every buyer to choose the right kind of "Jockey". Prices for this coffee are always pleasantly pleased consumers.The packaging of the ground product is in the value segment from 80 to 90 rubles, which makes it affordable for a wide range of consumers.

Manufacturers took care of various types and sizes of packages. People who have tried this coffee brand, do not change their choice over the years. But do not forget that coffee should not be abused. Enough to drink a couple of cups a day.

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