Chicken stomach in Korean. Recipe

Among other offal, chicken stomachsoccupy a worthy place for nutrition and calorie. However, the matter is complicated by the fact that not everyone likes this demand, and some people do not tolerate it. You can try, for example, to make chicken stomachs in Korean. The recipe for cooking this national dish is not complicated at all. And the stomachs themselves are sold in any supermarket or in the market.Chicken Gizzards by Korean Recipe

What is the use?

This byproduct contains folic acid.There is a lot of protein (up to 30%), vitamins, minerals, enzymes, necessary for humans. Therefore, probably, in the tradition of oriental cuisines there are recommendations for their constant use. By the way, that film, which we usually take off the product, was previously used (and still used) in folk oriental medicine. It is removed, thoroughly washed and dried. Then tinder into powder. They say that it helps with many diseases of the digestive tract.

Well, and freed themselves from the films, the stomachs of chickens are good for increasing appetite, promote the growth of hair and nails, are useful for the skin. Improves the state of the human immune system.chicken stomachs in Korean recipes

Chicken stomach in Korean. Recipe

The dish has an amazing sour taste and unrepeatabletaste. To cook chicken stomachs in Korean (a recipe for oriental cuisine), it will not take any grandiose effort and money. Everything is very simple. We need to take a kilogram of peeled offal, soy sauce, onions, garlic, coriander, lean oil.


First, we cook the main ingredient.Usually the procedure takes quite a while, as the stomachs are cooked for a long time. On readiness they begin to try only after an hour and a half. When they become completely soft, we throw them back to the colander - let excess liquid drain off. In addition, the product must completely cool down. Then cut it into long thin strips and put it in a wide bowl. Onion cut into half rings and disassemble to make long thin semicircular strips. In a bowl, pour the onion with a solution (5%) of acetic acid. We marin for about an hour, so that the onion gives its bitterness and becomes softer. By the way, it is possible to pass it with boiling water for the same purposes. Then strain and put onions in bowls on top of prepared stomachs. We pour everything from above with soy sauce (just a couple of spoons). Preliminarily in sauce, we cultivate a spoonful of sugar and pepper black ground. In a frying pan, thoroughly calcine lean oil and pour it on top of the salad. Stir thoroughly. To the mass obtained, add chopped cilantro and crushed garlic. Mix again. All chicken stomachs in Korean (recipe oriental) are ready for use. Yes, and most importantly: let the salad be infused for at least two or three hours. After that, you can eat with pleasure chicken stomachs in Korean.chicken stomachs on a Korean recipe with a photo

Recipes for this salad canvary. Some prefer to add carrots and oriental spices for it. Then we cut the vegetable with straws and season with condiments, we put it into the salad at the final stage.

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