Chicken breast chops are not at all boring!

I wonder if there are any countries in the world where chops are not cooked? So far, we haven't found any. In Japan - tonkatsu, in Germany - schnitzel, in France - escalope, everywhere - lobsteak. And in fact all this is a natural chop cutlet. Chicken breast chops have a particularly delicate taste and benefit to the body. In addition, there are no fewer ways to cook them than pork chops. Some we will consider.
chicken breast chops

Chicken Breast Chops

We will need one cutlet: two hundred grams of chicken fillet, fifty grams of chicken liver, two eggs, a spoon of milk, parsley, half a glass of melted butter, a tablespoon of flour, red and black pepper, wheat breadcrumbs, hard white bread. Separate large and small fillets, remove films and tendons, discard, wrapped in polyethylene, salt and sprinkle with black pepper. Prepare the filling: Fry the chicken liver in butter for three to five minutes, cook a hard-boiled egg, mix it all together with parsley greens with red pepper and salt.Place the stuffing on a large fillet, cover with a small one, and cover a small one with the edges of a large fillet.chicken chops recipesFrom the second egg to prepare lizon: beat it with milk. Breaded cutlet in flour, dip it in ice cream, roll in white breadcrumbs, dip in icecream again, and finally roll in bread, chopped in boiled sugar. Squeeze the cutlet with your palms, fixing the breading, and fry in boiling oil on all sides until a pretty blush. Next, bring to full readiness in a hot oven, which takes about five to seven minutes. You can wrap a glass or ceramic baking tray with chops in polyethylene, pierce with a fork several times to let off steam and turn on the microwave for two or three minutes. Chicken breast chops made in this way will not take much time, but they are quite suitable for the festive table.pork chops recipe in the ovenYou can serve them with fresh vegetables, herbs, baked potatoes or mashed potatoes. Perfect rice and cauliflower.

Chicken breast chops with cheese

It will take: chicken breast, hard cheese, dried dill, salt, breadcrumbs, sugar, egg, flour, black pepper and red ground, vegetable oil for deep fat.Both parts of the breast beat off in a film or in a plastic bag, sprinkled with salt and dill. Wrap each in a bar of cheese. Prepare the batter: egg, pepper, flour mix well until smooth. Mix three to four tablespoons of crackers with a spoonful of sugar. Dip the chop into batter, then roll in the rusk mixture. Fry in large quantities of highly heated oil from all sides. Bring to readiness in the microwave or oven. You can steam under the lid, but the quality of the fried batter will suffer, these are the recipes. Chicken chops are especially good if you give them tomato sauce, made by yourself, and a side dish of crumbly rice. However, the garnish can be cooked any. These can be fresh vegetables or sour cabbage.

Pork chops

pork chops recipe in the oven

Recipe: in the oven, after frying, bring to readiness necessarily, beat the meat thoroughly with a wooden hammer, sprinkling with a mixture of salt, pepper and dried herbs, it is also recommended to add seasonings in the breading. It will take: a glass of chopped salted crackers, a teaspoon of a mixture of French herbs, a quarter of a teaspoon of pepper, a little salt, mustard, a quarter of a glass of vegetable oil for roasting, four pork chops (a neck for example). In a bowl, mix the cracker crumbs, all seasonings, and pepper.

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