Caloric content of a bun. Benefit and harm

Bun is considered the most common anda popular bakery product. The product is prepared from a yeast dough. In modern cooking there are many different recipes, for which such products are prepared both at home and in production. The caloric content of a bun, of course, depends on what it is made from. Baking can be sweet, with salt or additives, powders.

Butter buns

Such bakery products are considered the mostpopular treats. They are prepared with poppy seeds, raisins, other fillings and powders. There are some vitamins and minerals in the products. The caloric content of a bun with a poppy is 335 kcal per 100 g of product. Such baked goods contain proteins (7.7 g), fats (10.9 g) and carbohydrates (51.7 g). The caloric content of a bun with a poppy is quite high, but this snack is hearty and tasty.

calorie buns

Muffins have been cooked in Russia since ancient times. Vanilla, cinnamon, almond essences were added to this pastry. The dough is prepared by adding milk, eggs and butter to the flour. It must necessarily rise more than 2 times, so that the rolls were lush. The calorie content of a bun is about 339 kcal, although here, again, everything depends on the amount of these or other ingredients.

That such dainties are not reflected in the figure, inthe day can be consumed not more than 100-200 grams of the product. It is important to reduce the number of other bakery products, such as bread, pasta. During weight loss from such food and it is better to give up altogether, because it is unlikely to get rid of excess weight. This is due to the high content of carbohydrates, which increases the amount of subcutaneous fat deposits.

Types of rolls

Caloric content of the product can be reduced, if notuse yeast. For example, you can make pastry from puff pastry. Buns from a batterless test have a caloric value of about 172 kcal, although this figure depends on the ingredients that will be added to the baked goods.

calorie buns with poppy seeds

Products can be bran. In them, in addition to wheat flour, sugar, salt, drinking water, add bran. Such products are even beneficial to the body. Especially since the calorie content of a bun with bran is less - it is equal to 220 kcal. Such products are great for people who have problems with digestion. They can be used instead of bread, and also used as a basis for sandwiches, sandwiches.

Standard buns for hot dogs havecalorific value of 339 kcal. Such baking has a long form, inside it is snow-white and lush. The bakery product is cut along, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard (or other sauces) is applied and put inside the sausage. This is how the hot dog prepares. The dough contains flour, milk, eggs, vegetable oil.

Caloric content of bun with sesame is 320kcal. Products are baked from dough on the basis of wheat flour, water, yeast, oil, salt, sugar. These products (100 g) contain proteins - 9.6 g, fats - 4.2 grams, carbohydrates - 59.5 g. The bun is suitable for creating hamburgers. It is enough to divide it in half and fill with your favorite fillings.

Fillings and forms

Buns are made using different fillings. Often used jam, cottage cheese, cheese, potatoes, cabbage. The caloric content of the product depends on the filler. Rolls can have different shapes:

  • round;
  • square;
  • oblong;
  • in the form of braids;
  • in the form of bagels;

buns for hot dogs

For the preparation of rolls a different dough is used. One of them is flaky, which is quite difficult to prepare. Popular is the yeast dough, which serves to obtain confectionery. Baking turns out lush and tasty.

Yeast dough can be spiced and unpaired. After mixing, chemical processes pass through the mixture, due to which the dough grows, and the loaves become lush. In such a mixture is usually not add a lot of butter or vegetable oil, because of which the consistency is heavier and the splendor is eliminated.

Beneficial features

It is believed that bakery products are harmful tohealth. This is not entirely true, because in the baking are vitamins and valuable substances. Of course, the vitamin-mineral composition may be different, because everything depends on the ingredients used during cooking.

buns from a batterless dough

In buns based on rye flour are presentvitamins of group B and E, and also other useful substances and minerals, including magnesium, phosphorus, iron, manganese, zinc, potassium and copper. Caloric content of such a product is also low - a colony of 149 kcal. Benefits from this product will be more than from the rolls of wheat flour.


Most people in our country like rolls fromwhite wheat flour. But such products are contraindicated to people with obesity. Baking negatively affects digestion and shape. Excessive consumption of bakery products causes weight gain, which creates an additional burden on the musculoskeletal system and the cardiovascular system.

Yet buns are a great snack, especially if you need to quickly cope with hunger.

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Caloric content of a bun. Benefit and harm Caloric content of a bun. Benefit and harm Caloric content of a bun. Benefit and harm Caloric content of a bun. Benefit and harm Caloric content of a bun. Benefit and harm Caloric content of a bun. Benefit and harm Caloric content of a bun. Benefit and harm Caloric content of a bun. Benefit and harm Caloric content of a bun. Benefit and harm Caloric content of a bun. Benefit and harm