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In the Federal legislation of Russia already from 2007the year indicated that the preparation of documents required for the registration of any real estate on the state record can only be handled by a cadastral engineer who works only on the basis of his own qualified certificate. It is issued only if the following requirements are met:

  • citizenship of the Russian Federation;
  • secondary education in one of the specialties approved by the state body, or higher education, received only in an accredited institution;
  • the absence of a criminal record related to an intentional violation.

All this is indicated in the application for the passagetests, to which all necessary documents are necessarily attached. The certificate is issued only after passing a special examination. This document does not have a term and territory of action. The executive authority within one day sends a copy of the issued document to the accounting authority, and the cadastral engineer begins to fulfill his duties after the appearance of information about him in the state register.

Information from the list

issues of cadastral engineer

The register of cadastral engineers includes:

  • Full Name;
  • Date and place of birth;
  • phone number, postal and email address;
  • personal passport data;
  • the date of issue of the qualification certificate and its number;
  • date and reason for the cancellation of the document.

This information is publicly available andis placed on the official site of cadastral registration on the Internet. It can be received by everyone who has previously filled out a special application form. The answer to the request will be ready within 5 days from the moment of its registration. Automatically, information about a specialist can be excluded only in case of death, which will be confirmed by a certificate.

Forms of activity

The law establishes that a cadastre engineer can work:

  • as a private entrepreneur;
  • as a company employee on the basis of an employment contract.

Non-profit associations for cadastral engineers exist for:

  • ensuring the conditions of their professional activities;
  • establishing binding rules for the implementation of their work and ethics;
  • control over compliance with these laws;
  • organization of refresher courses.

cadastral engineer's opinion

Such organizations can:

  1. Represent the interests of its members in relations with the authorities when they draw up a refusal in cadastral registration.
  2. Create internal rules for all members.
  3. To control the work of its employees in terms of compliance with the rules.
  4. Receive information from the accounting body on the results of work.
  5. To consider complaints about the work of its members.
  6. Apply the specified liability measures.

Issues of cadastral engineer

Attestation of future specialists occurs athelp special software that provides a qualified examination in the workplace in real time. Since 2010, the official website of the Russian Registry contains questions and answers for the future examination and a complete list of regulatory documents that will be needed for future work.

Application for a certificate can be submittedin any commission, regardless of the residence permit. The request is considered within 5 days, the re-examination takes place only after two months from the time of the previous attempt. To pass the tests, all applicants are divided into groups, the number of people in them depends on the material and technical capabilities of the commission. If the candidate for the position could not come for good reasons, he is allowed to pass the exam with another group, but in other cases, it will be necessary to re-write the application.

Testing procedure

cadastre engineers registerThe first thing that a candidate must do beforeexam, is to confirm your identity and submit documents about the education you have received. Next, he enters his personal data into the computer and starts testing. The test includes the questions of the cadastral engineer in the amount of 80 pieces, each has only one correct answer. The time allotted for the exam is 120 minutes. The test is considered passed if the applicant answered correctly not less than 64 questions. The results are known on the same day. An extract from the minutes of the commission meeting can be obtained upon written request.

In case of disagreement with the test resultsthe applicant can always file an appeal. The examination is carried out within a month, in case of satisfaction, the opportunity to re-take the exam will be given.

Reasons for cancellation of the certificate

The document can be abolished in the following cases:

  • if the fact of forged documents is established for obtaining accreditation;
  • if there is a decision or sentence of the court, which provides for depriving the cadastral engineer of the right to operate for a certain period;
  • filing a personal application for cancellation of the document;
  • Receiving more than 10 times the refusal to carry out site registration after the engineer's work or processing the relevant documents.

The decision on the cancellation of the certificate by the qualification commission can be appealed in court.

What is the conclusion of a cadastral engineer?

for cadastral engineers

When land surveying and accounting takes place, a hugeit is important to compile an important document that is part of the textual plan. The conclusion of the cadastre accountant should be included in the main document in the following cases:

  1. If in the process of verification, inaccuracies ininformation on the boundaries of the site, which were established earlier. This concerns the land of various municipalities. It is necessary if there are obstacles to registration of a site or making changes.
  2. If the result of the work had to clarify the location of the boundaries.
  3. At the discretion of the specialist who performs the work to justify the previously obtained results, for example, if it is necessary to confirm the size of the allocated sites.

In conclusion, there are always proposals where the cadastre engineer gives information on the elimination of problems identified during the inspection.

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