Breeding dracaena at home

Dracaena has become one of the most beautiful indoor ornamental plants. This guest, originally from hot Africa and Southeast Asia, thanks to his unpretentiousness, is perfectly acclimatized in our apartments. In nature, these beauties grow to a height of up to 15–20 m, and at home they can reach up to 2–2.5 m. Reproduction of dragonflies does not require any special knowledge and strength to everyone. Therefore, it is not necessary to buy ready-made plants in stores if they can be grown on their own.

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Growing from seed

Many beginning amateur growers are wondering how to grow dracaena at home. The best option is seed reproduction, you can buy them in the store at a small price, and then watch how a tree grows from a small seed. Planting is best done in March, for this you need to prepare the turfy ground with sand in equal quantities, and the seeds themselves soak in zircon. Dracaena quickly germinates in good light and at a temperature of + 25 ° C, the best thing is to warm the sowing from below with something, and to build a small greenhouse on top. The flower germinates within a month.Small dracaena are transplanted into suitable size pots and kept at a temperature of + 21 ° C. When sprouting, it is important to remember to air the greenhouse and not to overwet the substrate strongly.

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Reproduction dracaena cuttings

If you already have an adult dracaena, but you want to multiply it, then the cutting method will do. The top of the flower is cut off with a sharp knife and rooted in water, wet sand or a mixture of peat and sand. An earthen ball should not dry out, but it should not be too wetly re-moistened, it is better not to put water into the water, as far as the stem can rot. Place cut adult draceni need to drip wax or sprinkle with coal. The cuttings take root faster if you build a mini-teplichku from a package or jar. New shoots will appear faster in good light, but without direct sunlight. Rubbing with a solution of succinic acid or aloe juice or zircon will help awaken dormant buds.

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Breeding dragony by layering

This method is also suitable if there is already an adult plant in the house. To do this, you need peat, nylon thread or wire and package. The incision is made on the stem under the knot, that is, in the place where the leaf grows or earlier grew.Dracaena is cut to the middle of the trunk. To prevent the incision from becoming overgrown, it is worth putting a match, plastic or any other hard object into it. Under the cut is attached bag with moistened peat, which then closes. It is necessary to constantly ensure that the peat remains moist, the bag cannot be opened, the substrate can be moistened with a conventional syringe. When a lot of roots are formed, you can cut off the air layers and replace them in a pot for dracaena. In order for a young flower to get acclimatized faster, for him it is worthwhile to build a small greenhouse from the package.

Inhabitants of Africa at your home

Dracea breeding does not cause difficulties even for inexperienced beginner gardeners. Having bought a bag of seeds once, you can grow a whole garden of these exotic flowers in an apartment.

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