Boy or girl: how to find out?

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Boy or girl: how to find out?

From the very first day of pregnancy, any woman almost constantly reflects on the field of the unborn child. And even if she is equally pleased with both the girl and the boy, curiosity still prevails, and the woman begins to think about the choice of the method for determining the sex of the baby. As for future fathers, they are often even more impatient and curious. Boy or girl: how to find out? More on this later.

Invasive methods

Naturally, parents want to know the gender of the future child as soon as possible and with an accuracy of 100%. However, such information can only be obtained using invasive methods for determining the sex of the fetus, which are based on an analysis of the karyotype. Among them are the following three methods:

These methods give one hundred percent result on certain periods of pregnancy. So, chorionic villus biopsy can be done already on the eighth and twelfth week. The procedure of abdominal biopsy is performed using puncture through the abdominal wall, and vaginal biopsy using a special thin tube passed through the vagina and cervix.This method is recommended for pregnant women with a small amount of amniotic fluid. The test is taken cells of the fetal membrane, the analysis of which allows to determine the sex of the child.

Amniocentesis is performed with a long needle, puncture is also carried out through the abdominal wall. The procedure can be carried out at the sixteenth or eighteenth week of pregnancy. Amniotic fluid passes chromosomal analysis, which allows you to determine the sex of the unborn child with one hundred percent certainty. This method is contraindicated in chronic or acute inflammatory processes, as well as the threat of abortion. In addition, there is a risk that such a method may cause bleeding in the fetus or in a pregnant woman, damage to the fetus or miscarriage.

Cordocentesis is performed on the 21-24 week of pregnancy in the same way. Cord blood of the fetus is taken as a sample. This method is contraindicated in patients with skin infections, fever and exacerbations of chronic diseases of various etiologies. This method also carries with it the threat of miscarriage and other irreversible effects.

As can be seen, invasive methods, although they are the most reliable, do contain a huge risk for both the pregnant woman and the fetus. Therefore, they are most often used to identify possible pathologies and genetic diseases that are inherited only by boys or only by girls and which must be eliminated, rather than to determine the sex of the future baby. In this regard, no self-respecting doctor should appoint the above procedures only to satisfy the curiosity of the parents.

The most impatient parents recommend our article How to find out the gender of the child at an early date.

DNA diagnostics

Recently, the determination of the sex of a future baby using a mother’s blood test has become widespread. Experts say that this method makes it possible already at the tenth week of pregnancy to find out who to expect: a boy or a girl. The reliability of this method, according to numerous reviews, is 99%. In addition, he won such popularity due to complete safety for the fetus and the expectant mother.

It is important to clarify that a period of ten weeks implies ten weeks from the first day of the last menstruation. If we consider the period from the moment of conception, it is only eight weeks.

To analyze the future mother, you just need to donate blood. The analysis involves the identification of the so-called SRY gene, which is characteristic of a male child. If such a gene is found during testing, this is a sure sign that a boy should be expected.

Ultrasound diagnostics

The method of ultrasound today is considered the most common and safe to determine the sex of the unborn child. At the same time, the probability of error is quite large. For example, in the early stages of credibility is only 65%. In late periods it reaches 95%. It is usually recommended to undergo an ultrasound diagnosis not earlier than the fifteenth week of pregnancy, when sex differences are already noticeable.

But even in this case, the doctor must wait until the fetus will take a comfortable posture that allows you to most clearly see such differences. And this is not always the case, because very often the baby turns away or simply covers exactly the place to be seen.

In addition, since the procedure of ultrasound examination in the life of a pregnant woman is carried out more than once, information about the sex of the child may vary at different stages of pregnancy.To this should be prepared in advance and not wait for one hundred percent results from this method.

Folk methods

At a time when women couldn’t even imagine that a child’s gender could be determined by a doctor using the methods described above, they had to believe various folk signs that, admittedly, exist to this day. Naturally, one should not firmly believe in them, but for curiosity one can still inquire.

Our grandmothers said that if a pregnant woman got better, then you need to wait for the girl. And, on the contrary, if the outlines of the waist are visible from behind - this is towards the boy. In addition, a strong toxicosis, stretch marks, spots on the body and face, in their opinion, also indicated the birth of a girl. It was believed that in this way the female child takes away the beauty from the mother for herself. An active sex life, as our ancestors believed, should also lead to the birth of a girl. This is also evidenced by the darkening of the areola of the nipples.

Motility and active tremors in the stomach suggested that the woman wears a boy. This could also indicate the swelling of the legs and their abundant hairiness.By the way, the well-known craving for salty is also a sign of pregnancy by a boy.

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