Means "Bobotik" for newborns: reviews and effectiveness

bobotic for newborns reviewsHow often do babies with newly born babies hurt their tummies! Young inexperienced mothers are overcome by panic and despair: many of them do not know how to help their child. But the pharmaceutical market offers a variety of drugs against colic ("Plantex", "Espumizan", "Bebinos", "Baby-Calm", etc.). And again the novelty - means “Bobotik” for newborns. Reviews praise this drug. Why is it so unique and really effective?

Drops "Bobotik" and their pharmacological action

The drug belongs to carminatives. The active ingredient is simethicone, capable of dissolving gas bubbles in the intestine. It contributes to the removal of gases outside, not allowing them to form large conglomerates that cause discomfort and cause a clinic of flatulence. Advantages of means "Bobotik":

- does not affect digestion;

- does not violate the intestinal microflora.

Indications for use

  1. Against colic.Some mothers prefer Bobotic for newborns. Feedback is nonetheless contradictory. Many people do not like the presence of flavoring in the composition.
  2. Rehmelda syndrome (feeling of fullness in the stomach).
  3. Flatulence.
  4. Aerophagia.
  5. Preparation for instrumental methods of research (x-rays of the abdominal cavity, FGDS, etc.).


Allergic reactions to the components of the drug, intestinal obstruction, neonatal period; gastrointestinal diseases, manifested by narrowing of the lumen of the digestive tract.

Side effects

You may experience an allergy to the drug.

How to take "Bobotik"

The drug is shaken and given to babies after meals or during meals. It can be added to a drink or any dish. Dosed drops.

With colic and functional disorders of the gastrointestinal tract:how to take bobotik

- children from 1 month. up to 2 years is prescribed 8 drops 4 times a day;

- from 2 to 6 years old, apply 14 drops 4 times a day;

- adults and children over 6 years old are prescribed 16 drops 4 times a day.

To prepare for examinations the day before the manipulation, the drug "Bobotik" is used in the morning and evening in the amount of:

- children from 1 month.up to 2 years take 10 drops;

- from 2 to 6 years - 16 drops each;

- Children over 6 years old and adults take 20 drops.

Features of application

Treatment with the drug "Bobotik" during pregnancy and lactation is not recommended because the necessary studies were not conducted. There is no sugar in the composition of the medicinal product, therefore the “Bobotik” product can be safely used by diabetics.

The effectiveness of the drug against colic

Means "Bobotik" for newborns, reviews of which can be found if desired, best of all helps against colic in combination with dill water (or the drug "Plantex") and an anti-colic bottle. In the fight against colic in children, do not forget about the "grandmother's" methods. Among them:

- A warm diaper on the tummy;

- support of the child "column", until the air comes out of the stomach;

- stroking the abdomen;

- turning on the belly.bobot drops

It is best to combine all these methods with the drug "Bobotik" for newborns. Reviews show that this is the most effective application. And also do not neglect the correct attachment of the baby to the breast.The best, proven method is to press the baby to the belly-to-belly mother. In this case, the baby feels motherly warmth and care, anxiety and fear disappear, the baby calms down. If the baby cries for more than 3 hours in a row - call the doctor, perhaps the child suffers not from colic, but from a completely different problem.

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