Blue Korean for the winter

At the end of the summer, when the abundance of vegetables is even a little tiring, the housewives invent and search for a variety of recipes to “tweak” the jaded family. Regular stews or fried / baked vegetables already attract no one. But so sorry to miss the time of the same eggplant! In a month or two everyone will sadly recall the departed luxury and regret that they did not succumb to persuasion. So that no one gets regret, it's time to remember the blue ones in Korean. Spicy and spicy salads somehow imperceptibly "fly away", and relatives do not even notice that they are eating those very vegetables, from which they had recently turned up their nose. And you can also use the blue Korean recipe for the winter - and in the cold, thanks to the family will know no Korean

Spicy Salad

One of the monumental shortcomings of Korean cuisine is that all its recipes are lengthy. Always have to wait! And if there is no time or no desire? Then blue-ready instant Korean come to the rescue.With three medium-sized eggplants, “butts” are cut, they themselves are washed and cut with long narrow strips. The ribbons are laid out on a baking sheet, slightly salted and sprayed with oil. They will bake for 10 minutes. Just enough time to cut a carrot into thin strips, into strips — two colored peppers, and half rings — a large white onion. In a separate bowl mix finely chopped bunch of parsley and three crushed garlic - they should be slightly salted. For the sauce, vegetable oil, soy sauce and vinegar (two full spoons), honey (one tablespoon), a spoon of coriander and half of red and black peppers are whipped. All the ingredients are combined in a bowl, after which the blue Korean salad is sprinkled with sesame and hiding for a couple of hours in the fridge. Generally, the longer it is infused, the tastes it Korean recipe

Korean Meat Salad

Of course, it has nothing to do with our usual meat salad, that is, Olivier. This is a very spicy and tasty blue Korean. For them, a pair of eggplant is cut with short bars and salted left to drain bitterness.A piece of beef is cut into thin straws and fried almost to full readiness. The fire is screwed, and the eggplants dried after washing are poured into the pan. Together, the ingredients are cooked until golden on vegetables. Carrot crumbles or rubs Korean grater, the pepper is cut into narrow strips. Both that, and another is poured to meat with eggplants and maintained for three to four minutes with stirring. Almost ready blue in Korean are laid out in a bowl. After cooling, the dish is dressed with "Chimchim" for eggplants and mixed. Salad of blue in Korean time insists and eats with pleasure.

Stuffed Eggplant

Many people stuff these vegetables with something. And we offer a recipe for blue Korean-style stuffed carrots. A couple of kilograms of vegetable is punctured, incised along (not to the end) and cooked in salted water for five minutes. Do not need any longer - they will become too soft. In the process, the blue ones need to be turned over so that the second flank also boils. After the vegetables are laid sideways under the load for a couple of hours, which will be spent on the filling. For her, a pound of carrot rubs on a Korean grater and is seasoned with spices typical of this country.Half a cup of sunflower oil is heated to the bubbles, poured on the grated root and mixed. Chopped greens (celery, parsley, cilantro) and about five chopped cloves of garlic are poured here. The filling is laid out on eggplant “books”, they fit tightly into a container and are filled with prepared cold marinade: two spoons of salt and strong vinegar (9%) per liter of water. On top of the blue in Korean again put the oppression. They are left for a day in the room, and then for two more - in the refrigerator. You can try and enjoy!blue korean fast food

Tomato Eggplant Korean

Another blue korean instant. For a dish, the main ingredient in the amount of two pieces is peeled from the skin, cut along fairly wide strips, salted and set aside for half an hour to make the glass bitter. Strips are squeezed and browned until browned. Two tomatoes and Bulgarian, better multi-colored, pepper, along with the onion, thinly sliced ​​and mixed with eggplant. For refueling, a spoonful of sugar, a spoonful of vinegar, three - vegetable oil, six crushed garlic cloves, ground pepper and chopped cilantro are Korean recipe for winter

Haji namul

Most people know about Korean cuisine mainly snacks and salads. Meanwhile, there is a recipe for blue Korean, which is an excellent side dish for any meat or fish. It is carried out so. A pair of eggplant is cut (unpeeled from the skin) into bars about five centimeters long and one centimeter wide. It is salted for a quarter of an hour, washed and dried. In the Korean tradition, each bar collapses in the starch, and then roasted. A simplified version - redden without starch. The main thing is being prepared: they unite in a large cup the most finely chopped onion-feather, two crushed garlic cloves, a spoon of roasted sesame seeds and a spoon of red pepper flakes. After mixing, pour two spoons of soy sauce, one - rice vinegar and a small - sesame oil. Filling should be infused, so it is better to prepare it before frying the eggplant. Ready blue in Korean form a neat slide and pour infused Korean salad

Favorite stocking

Now we turn our favorable attention to the twists, designed to brighten up the cold months.One of the most successful, we found the following recipe for Korean blue for the winter. Two kilos of eggplant are cut as for stuffing and similarly boiled, then crumble into medium cubes. A third kilogram of carrot is rubbed on a Korean fixture. The same amount of onion is cut with thin semi-goats, and half a kilo of sweet pepper is cut into narrow strips. One hundred grams of parsley is finely chopped. Garlic head - chokes or crumbles smaller with a knife. It all adds up to a large saucepan and fills up with a fill. For her, first mix a spoonful of warm water, a third cup of 9% vinegar, four spoons of sugar and a spoonful of salt. When the latter is dissolved, a glass of vegetable oil and seasonings are added - ground pepper (black), coriander or Korean carrot seasoning (take them in a small spoon). The container is tightened with film, and people forget about it for 3 days. After the salad is laid out on clean half-liter cans, they are sterilized for half an hour and rolled Korean for the winter

Korean eggplant with cabbage

Such blue in Korean for the winter are preparing much faster. Two and a half pounds of eggplant are cut into large cubes and quickly boiled in highly salted water.A pound of cabbage (take winter varieties, they are more suitable for seaming) shred thinner. A third kilogram of carrots is again processed by Korean grater. Bitter pepper, freed from the seeds and partitions, is cut with thin cords. A pair of garlic heads either rubs or crushes. Everything is mixed, sprinkled with three tablespoons of sugar and filled with a glass of vinegar. After three hours, the blue ones in Korean are packed in small cans for the winter, sterilized for a quarter of an hour and put to cool in an inverted form.

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