Biography of Vitaly Bezrukov

This material will be considered the biography of Vitaly Bezrukov. This surname is well known in theatrical environment. At the same time, pronouncing it, they recollect at the same time two representatives: Sergey and his father Vitaly. Today we will talk about the senior.

early years

Vitaly BezrukovaVitaly Bezrukov’s life began in the difficult 1942, January 1. The coincidence of the birth of the first day of the new year was often the reason for jokes on the part of the actor himself. The homeland of our hero is the Gorky (today Nizhny Novgorod) region, the village of Belavino. Vitaly Bezrukov’s childhood took place in the post-war period. However, our hero is well studied. After graduation, he entered the drama school in Sverdlovsk. The scene has always attracted a young man. He was keenly interested in art, cinema, music and literature, he loved theater. Since childhood, he saw himself in various roles, but most often his characters were positive. It so happened that our hero graduated from the Moscow Art Theater - another theater studio. He did it with distinction. This happened in 1966.

First steps on stage

biography of bezrukova vitaliThe talent of Vitaly Bezrukov was first presented on the stage of the Moscow Art Theater, even when our hero was a student. In the Mayakovsky Theater he got the main role in the production of “Oedipus”. After graduation in the studio, Vitaly Bezrukov was invited to the Moscow Drama Theater. He was actively working. During this period, our hero created wonderful images in the performances “Days of Our Life” and “Robbers”. The audience loved him. In 1971, the actor appeared on the stage of the Gogol Theater. During this period, he played Sergei Yesenin staged by Anna Snegina. Later in the fate of the actor a lot will change exactly this image. Our hero chose the creation of a book dedicated to the life and work of the Russian poet by his life’s work.

Satire Theater

bezrukov vitali actorBezrukov Vitaly is an actor in whose life a new era began in 1980. V.Pluchek - the head of the Theater of Satire - called our hero to his troupe. It was a great success. In the period described, the theater of satire enjoyed unprecedented popularity and ranked with Taganka. On this stage, our hero performed for many years. Here he embodied memorable roles in the performances of “We, the undersigned”, “Mad Money”, “Grouse's Nest”.However, the actor's relations with the leadership were conflicting, so he was for a long time deprived of the main roles. The artist experienced painful state of creative lack of demand and forced idleness. In 2002, he left the theater.


Bezrukov Vitaly photoOur hero began to act in 1968. In the Soviet years, the actor played in nine films. Among them it should be noted separately tapes "Walking on torments" and "The investigation is conducted by experts."

A new life in the cinema of our hero began in the two thousand years. He starred in the tapes "Yesenin", "In June of the 41st", "Brigade". According to his own admission, our hero was able to wait for the star role. She began work on the painting "Luke" by A. Parkhomenko. The tape is dedicated to the fate of the Russian saint, medical scientist Luke. The image of this man and embodied on the screen, our hero. For this role, the actor was awarded a special award at the Pokrov festival.

Much has changed the work of our hero with his son Sergei. My father admitted that he tried to invest in it the best that he could. He named his son Sergei in honor of his father, as well as Yesenin. Sergey decided to become an actor. After that, our hero went to teach at the Moscow Art Theater. It was there that his son studied.He became interested in teaching. He managed to bring up a lot of good actors. Their art delights audiences in theaters and cinema halls. Sergey Bezrukov, by the way, graduated from the Tabakov course and became the favorite student of his father.

Vitaly Sergeevich was actively working on the picture “Yesenin”. He is the author of the script, which formed the basis of this film. In addition, he appeared on the screen in the image of the father of the protagonist. Bezrukov Sr. became the author of a book about Yesenin. This work was published in 2005. In the same period, the show of the same name appeared on the screens. The main role was played by Bezrukov Jr. The book and film were greeted in the art world. Opinions of critics are divided. Some praised our hero for the ability to see the very essence of Yesenin’s character and embody it with artistic means. Others pointed to the factual errors that, in their opinion, the author made in the book and screenplays. Now you know who Bezrukov Vitali is. Photos of the actor can be seen in this article.

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