Ben Sherman watch - a stylish accessory for real men

For each man the watch is a reflection of his image. This is a necessary accessory, which confirms the owner's status and directly indicates its financial position. A confident man who wants to stand out among other members of the stronger sex chooses quality Sher Sherman delirious watches, stylish and modern. All brand accessories are presented in several collections, each of which is interesting and unique in its own way.

Ben Sherman (watch): the history of the brand

Ben Sherman brandwas founded by the British Arthur BenjaminSugarmenom, who was born in 1925 in Brighton, in the family of the owner of a gift shop. In 1946, he moved with his young wife to the United States. His wife's father owned his own clothing store, so soon Arthur was involved in the family business. In 1961, the family returns to Brighton, where Sugarmen, after changing his name to Ben Shearman, acquires a clothing factory and creates the first men's shirt.

ben sherman watchIn 1963 the first collection was releasedMen's shirts, which had a stunning success among the British of the stronger sex. It was 1963 and is considered the year of the brand's foundation. In 1965, the family moved to London, where they continue to develop their business. Many world stars of show business wore Ben Sherman clothing, which by that time had become a symbol of youth and style.In 1973, Sheman sold his business and went to live in Australia.

However, the business of the founder of the brand continuesToday. Now in its assortment not only men's clothing, but also collections for women and children and accessories. Relatively recently, the Ben Sherman watches were released. This is a stylish and practical accessory that completely repeats the low-key concept of the brand.

Features of Ben Sherman brand watches

The watches from the Ben Sherman brand have their own distinctive features:

wristwatch ben sherman

  • quartz movement - accurate and reliable - is not afraid of blows. A clock with such a mechanism does not need to start and worry about stopping;
  • waterproof from 30WR to 50WR - wristwatch Ben Sherman can not be removed while washing hands or taking a shower, in bad weather;
  • mineral glass, resistant to scratches and irregularities;
  • The case of the watch is made of steel with a pink IP-coating - this is ionic spraying of heavy-duty metal;
  • seconds hands in the number of three pieces more accurately show the time;
  • a genuine leather strap or a steel bracelet fit perfectly on the arm;
  • high quality of assembly - all products are manufactured exclusively in the UK.

The features of the watch are simultaneously their advantages, which favorably distinguish them among the wrist accessories of other brands.

Collections of the designer

The wristwatches of the famous British brand Ben Sherman are produced in the following collections:

mens watches ben sherman

  1. Big Carnaby - strict lines and laconic designThese hours will add confidence in everyday life. Here are practical models on a leather strap or steel bracelet. In this collection, original gift sets are produced, each of which includes the Ben Sherman watch itself and a stylish wallet.
  2. Big Portobello - restrained elegant watch withclassical forms. They are distinguished by a strict design and a sturdy steel case, covered with ionic sputtering. On the dial there is a calendar that counts the year, month and day of the week.
  3. Clerkenwell Professional - a classic watch with a dial of a rectangular shape on a leather strap or metal bracelet.
  4. Covent - elegant and unusual watches (men's). Ben Sherman in this collection complemented the dial with a chronometer and a compass. This is a stylish and reliable accessory on the leather strap for real men.
  5. Portobello - reliable quartz watch with steel case and mineral glass. Accessories from this collection are chosen by stylish, active and confident young people.
  6. Social - a solid watch for a serious man. They are distinguished by their laconic design and affordable price.
  7. Spitalfields is a watch with an interesting design, in which a second hand is placed on a separate dial. In some models, these two dials contrast in color.

The entire model range of watches from the famous English brand is designed in a strict classical style and perfectly suited for everyday life.

What are the customers talking about? Reviews

It is difficult to meet negative feedback aboutAccessory, which is called the world-famous brand. Ben Sherman watches are made in the UK, they are of high build quality, they look stylish, modern and are inexpensive. They really do not have flaws. At least in this price category.

ben sherman watch priceDifferent watches from each collection will suit as a gift to any man, young or respectable.

Ben Sherman (watches): price

The cost of products differs depending oncollection of the brand. For example, Ben Sherman watches, presented in the Social category, are among the most affordable among the entire range. The average price for the model from this collection is 4,500 rubles.

ben sherman watch historyThe most expensive in the entire model range are watches from the Portobello collection. The price for this stylish accessory is set at 15 thousand rubles.

Where can I buy

Large selection of watches from the brand BenSherman is represented in the salons "Empire of hours". This is a whole network of stores that successfully work in such cities of the Russian Federation as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Kazan, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod. The same accessories can be ordered on the official website of the store. Any model available on the site is delivered at the request of the customer to the interior for fitting, but this does not oblige him to purchase such an accessory.

Watch the famous English brandare not only an accessory fortime measurement, but also the best decoration. They are able to tell about who possesses them, much more than a person will tell about himself in words. Ben Sherman - is an affordable and quality hours of successful men in all respects.

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