Beautiful eyebrows: how to make?

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Beautiful eyebrows: how to make?

Eyebrows play the largest role in all makeup. Thanks to the correct form and the right color of eyebrows, you can make your eyes more open and expressive. Every girl wants her beautiful eyebrows. How to make them like you and everyone around you?

How to make a beautiful eyebrow shape

  • First of all, it is necessary to correlate with its type of face its natural shape of eyebrows. You should never modify the natural shape of the eyebrows. Of course, it can be corrected, but it is extremely undesirable to artificially change the outlines.
  • When adjusting the eyebrows, you need to check that they are the same and symmetrical. In this case, the tip of each eyebrow should be thinner than its inner part.
  • The hairs growing on the nose should always be removed, as they give the face a sullen expression. Adjust the width of the eyebrows should be, focusing on the natural curve of the superciliary arch. Eyebrow thickness should be reduced smoothly, towards the tip.

Determine the length of the eyebrows

To determine the length of the eyebrow, you need to take a thin pencil or brush, and connect the wing of the nose with the inner corner of the eye. This line must pass through the starting point of the eyebrow. Then you should outline a bend of the eyebrow, which is located 3-4 mm closer to the outer corner of the eye. The line that goes to the outer corner of the eye from the wing of the nose should run through the tip of the eyebrow.

We start correction

Now that the correct proportions of the eyebrows are defined, it is necessary to smooth them out and begin the correction. At the same time, you should closely monitor the transition to the bend of the eyebrow arc. At this point it is necessary to emphasize the beautiful fracture of the eyebrow, after which the tip will begin to go down. Extremely attentive to this point should be attributed to the owners of straight eyebrows, because here you can artificially slightly bend them. At the same time, the extra hairs should be pulled out both from above and below.

Professional help

It is worth noting that not every girl turns out to give the correct shape to his eyebrows. It is especially difficult to do this with a strong asymmetry of eyebrows. In this case, it is better not to try to fix them yourself.Because you can only hurt yourself. Then where to make beautiful eyebrows? It is best to seek help from a professional stylist. He can not only give the correct shape to your eyebrows, but also choose the most advantageous color for them. You can find a specialist in beauty salons, hairdressers or art studios.

How to paint eyebrows

  • Sometimes girls can be dissatisfied with their brow color. In this case, they tint them with a pencil, powder, ink. But the most successful is the coloring of eyebrows paint. In this case, they do not have to tint during the day and do not worry about their condition when visiting the pool. Let's learn how to make beautiful eyebrows by dyeing paint.
  • It should be noted that when coloring eyebrows at home, the color scheme will be small - gray, brown or black. As a rule, the selection of colors applies the golden rule of professionals: blondes paint their eyebrows three tones darker and dark-haired three tones lighter. So, black paint is suitable only for natural brunettes. And red-haired, blonde or brown-haired women need to choose brown tones.If the eyebrows are whitish, gray or colorless, then you should use the gray color of the paint. The desired shade is governed by the staining time.
  • Currently, there is a fashionable tendency to dye the eyebrows in the same shade as the hair.

Painting Instructions

In order to paint the eyebrows, you need to buy only a special brand hypoallergenic paint.

  • Eyebrow hair should be prepared before dyeing. To do this, completely remove makeup with degreasing agents. Eyebrows should be dry before the procedure.
  • The paint from the tube and the liquid attached to it must be thoroughly mixed in a cosmetic bath.
  • Then it is necessary to close the eye area with a cotton pad under the eyebrows, then apply the dye to the hairs with a stick. In this case, the paint should be applied very carefully and only in the direction of growth of the eyebrows.
  • The coloring composition must be kept as much time as indicated on the tube itself. As a rule, 10 minutes is enough.
  • Then you need to remove a cotton swab, wipe the skin around the eyes with a special tool, without affecting the hairs themselves. Eyebrow dye should be removed using a drycotton swab, and then rinse them with warm water.

Similar procedures should be carried out every 4-6 weeks.

How to paint eyebrows with a pencil

  • Most women use eyebrow pencils for makeup. They have a large selection of colors. Their shade should be chosen darker than natural hair and lighter than mascara. It should be noted that too dark shade visually ages the face.
  • Before applying a pencil on their eyebrows, they need to be brushed with a special brush. Then with small strokes it is necessary to draw hairline lines. At the base of the eyebrow should be made wider than in the end.
  • If you want your eyebrows to look more natural, do not apply a pencil with long straight lines. In order to lengthen the eyebrow line, you need to pick a pencil strictly according to the color of the eyebrows.

How to care for eyebrows

If you are thinking about how to make eyebrows beautiful, then know that in addition to staining and giving them the right shape, eyebrows also need regular care. To do this, you will help a special nutritional compress. It is necessary to heat the almond or olive oil to 40 degrees, soak cotton pads in it and apply them on the eyebrows for 10-15 minutes. The penetrating oils accelerate hair growth and nourish them.See the photo, how to make beautiful eyebrows, you can follow.

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