Beautiful and simple hairstyles for medium hair

Parties, trips with friends are not always planned, and therefore preparation time may simply not be. How can you get out in such situations in order to come to an important event and look decent on it? If you can still choose clothes in a couple of minutes from the wardrobe, then you will have to tinker with your hair and make-up. Those who wish to find out which simple hairstyles for medium hair can be done quickly, both at work and on a holiday, it is worth exploring several popular options that are in great demand among women of all ages today. A large selection of fast styling will allow many to significantly save time when rushing to an event.

Simple hairstyles for medium hair: tails

When it comes to hair length, middle strands remain the most popular. They are comfortable because they are easy to care for, they are less capricious, and from them you can make a lot of different hairstyles, both simple and complex.The most popular and simple hairstyles for medium hair are made on the basis of a horse's tail.beautiful simple hairstyles for medium hairAs you know, for this you need to carefully comb your hair, collect them in one tail and attach to the head with an elastic band. Since this is too simple an option, it is worth considering a different, more interesting, but at the same time easy type of styling.

“Tail reverse” is made easy. Also, all hair is carefully combed, collected in one tail and secured with a rubber band. At the same time the barrette or rubber band should not fit snugly to the head. It is enough to leave 2 or 3 cm to the elastic and to divide all the hair “before the hairpin” into two parts (according to the parting). The last step - you need to take the end of the tail and squeeze through the resulting crack in the hair. It remains only to straighten the tail on the contrary and give the hair a beautiful shape. If desired, the hair can be decorated with some accessory.simple hairstyle for graduation on medium hair

Bundles on medium hair

Not less popular are simple hairstyles for medium hair from bunches. There is a huge variety of the latter that can be done in a couple of minutes.

So, the most popular option is a bundle-bundle. To make such a hairstyle, it is enough to carefully comb the hair, gather them in a ponytail and fix it with an elastic at the top or lower.The resulting tail is twisted tight in one direction until the spiral comes out. Gently need to twist the bundle of hair around the base of the gum to get a circle. Hair can be fixed with a special elastic band with a mesh for the beam, which will keep the shape and will not allow the strands to become disheveled, or you can pin hair with invisible hair. Such bundles are easily supplemented with a bow, which is tied under the bundle.

Bundle: two minutes - and the hair is ready

No less interesting is a bunch of braids. In this case, after the tail was made, it is braided into a three-strand braid. Slightly twisting pigtail, it is also, in a circle, laid to the base of the gum. This hairstyle is particularly stable and practical.

Disheveled bunches are now at their peak of popularity, but they are made quite differently. Combed hair is also collected in the tail, but when tying a rubber at the last turn, the hair is not straightened to the end, but left so as to make an eyelet. Then the hair is gently turned, and the end of the tail is left under the loop at the back. After 5 minutes of walking, the hairstyle will stretch a bit, you get a “disheveled effect”.It needs to be fixed invisible or other hair accessories.

Combination "bunch + spikelet"

Simple hairstyles for medium-length hair can be made in different ways, combining several techniques and styling options. For example, the popular combination of a beam and a spikelet is one of the romantic and simple styling options. How to make it?

  1. Comb your hair and tilt your head so that all your hair hangs down.
  2. Start weaving from the bottom of the head on the back of the head.
  3. Bring the weaving to the crown and secure the tail with a rubber band.
  4. All remaining hair to collect in a tail from "spikelet" and to fix.
  5. Twist the strands into a bundle and put in a bun.
  6. Secure the result with invisible hairpins, hairpins and add a bright accessory.

simple hairstyles for medium hair

Such styling is done easily, and it looks very unusual, especially if you look at the person from behind.

Spit - practical, convenient and fast

It must be said that braids are simple hairstyles for medium hair. Photos of a wide variety of braids make it possible to understand that such styling may look different and suitable for a festive outing or for a regular work day.simple hairstyle for medium hair with your own handsPigtails can take very different forms, starting with the “classic French” and ending with complex options of 5 or 6 strands.

If the usual braids have long attracted no attention from the side of fashionistas, then more often choose the combined hairstyles, where the braid is either an addition to the styling or the foundation. Combined hairstyles are a bit more complicated in execution, but they also look much more original and prettier. If you have a few more minutes of free time, then it is worth, for example, to supplement a bun with a beautiful pigtail or a regular tail - with a big fleece.

Spikelet - fast weaving, reliable hairstyle for the whole day

Weaving spikelet is a universal option for every girl. Choosing the outer type of weaving, the owner of gorgeous hair can get a volumetric styling. Its implementation is very simple.

  1. Comb carefully hair and take the topmost strand.
  2. Depending on the chosen direction (along the center parting, diagonally on the head, in a circle), a strand is taken at the temple, at the crown or near the ear.
  3. The selected strand is divided into three equal parts.
  4. It is necessary to make 2 or 3 coils according to the type of the classic braid to fix the position of the hair.
  5. Now for each weave you need to add strands of hair to the right and left.If the weaving of the spike is in a circle, then the hair is woven into a braid and taken only on one side.
  6. When the spike is ready, you need to fasten it with an elastic band or barrette.

simple hairstyles for medium hair photo

Those who have already tried this weaving should make a so-called cone shell. In this case, weaving is carried out in the same way, but at the end the resulting pigtail below the level of the head is tucked under the cone. It turns out a three-dimensional figure, which at the bottom can be decorated with some bright accessory.

Holiday options

If you want to make beautiful simple hairstyles for medium hair of some unusual shape, then styling with curls will be perfect. Particularly like these options to owners of curly hair already.

To make a beautiful styling of curls and curled curls, it is enough to use one bright accessory and hairpins. For example, divide the hair on the horizontal parting just above the crown. Then collect all the top strands in one tail (better if its position is either to the right of the center or to the left) and fasten it with a bright accessory. Apply mousse or gel to all straightened strands and give your hair a neat shape.Along the perimeter of the hair fasten hairpins or stealth with bright flowers. The resulting hairstyle is simple in execution, but it looks neat and feminine and is ideal for special occasions.

More colors - more beautiful hairstyle

An uncomplicated hairstyle for medium hair with your own hands can be of the most varied form, and to make even the simplest styling festive, you just need to add bright accessories in the hairstyle in the form of artificial colors. Today, flowers in her hair are the trend of the season, which is very popular. Large peonies, white roses, chamomiles and other types of flowers make any image delicate, feminine and romantic.simple evening hairstyles for medium hair

Especially beautiful are the small flowers woven into complex volumetric braids. Uncomplicated hairstyles for prom on medium hair with woven flowers can be done in a couple of minutes. What is needed for this?

  1. Give hair volume (curl, make a pile on the basis of the hair).
  2. Braid the outer spike without attachment. To do this, take one extreme strand and drag it to the parallel side, tightly securing it to the head with pins and stealth.Then take the second strand where the curl was previously fixed, and attach it to the parallel side, also fastening with pins. The larger the strands will be, the more beautiful a peculiar spikelet will turn out.
  3. Thus, shifting the strands crosswise, they get a very large braid.
  4. Between the strands can be placed flowers of any shape and size.
  5. The resulting result should be fixed with hairspray to hairstyle lasted longer.

Beautiful and fast hairstyles

If you need to quickly dress a child for some kind of event, then simple hairstyles for medium hair for girls are the most practical option.

Children are big fidgets, they are not ready to sit for hours with the stylist and wait for the moment when everything will be ready. It is not worth wasting your strength, because it is enough just to make bunches, spikelets, various weaving to turn a little girl into a beautiful princess and send her to a ball or other celebration.simple hairstyles for medium hair for girls

Simple evening hairstyles for medium hair are easy to pick up, because if a bundle of twisted tail did not fit, then you can quickly convert it into something else.

You can look beautiful even in the most unexpected situations, if you have a couple of express ideas with an example.All the above options for creating bunches, tails or curls are easy to modify, add your own note to them and make them original.

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