Aryan race. History and Facts

There is a generally accepted division of the "reasonable man" into the Australian-Negroid, Mongoloid, and Caucasoid races. According to the latest genetic research, the ramification occurred relatively recently, ten thousand years ago, and this process, contrary to the general opinion, is accelerating.

Aryan race

The emergence of the term "Aryan race"

The appearance of races is associated with differences in living conditions and the choice of development paths. From the middle of the nineteenth century, Joseph Gobino (1855) introduced the definition of "Aryan race". In his book, The Experience of the Inequality of Human Races, he first tries to systematize and substantiate the biological differences between people, transfers the laws of nature to human society. This controversial work gave impetus to a complex discussion in society about racial and social inequality. The term "Aryan race" was used to construct racial theories, the quintessence of which in the twentieth century was the emergence of the National Socialist movement in Germany.It was in this state that the theory of the existence of the Aryan race became the embodiment of state policy. A huge state machine worked on the rationale for the theory of racial inequality. The existing anthropomorphic features of the Aryan race were used to create a nation of superhumans called to world domination.

The main features of the representative of supernation

The collective image was based on the opposition of the "right" external signs and character traits to others, the "wrong" and barbaric ones. The first were the following: the presence of blue eyes and blond hair, regular facial features, white skin, tall and well-proportioned physique, a noble manner of communication, the presence of complex religious forms in beliefs, a tendency to science and creativity. As we see, the Aryan race is represented in the form of a positive image, unlike the other races and nations of the "semi-humans."

signs of the Aryan race

Historical inconsistencies

In the very existence of the term "Aryan race" laid the wrong identification of races and language families. Aryans - the historical peoples of ancient India and Iran, belonging to the Indo-European language family.And the ancestral home of the Aryan race is considered to be Northern Europe. Thus, the existence of a connection between the ancient Aryans and the inhabitants of modern Germany can be attributed to the field of myths. For that time, the Slavic-Aryan race was a myth, the historical confirmation of which was sought by the nationalists, who presented the natural historical interaction of the languages ​​and cultures of Slavs and Indo-Iranian peoples as genetic continuity. Researchers identify several eras of such contacts:

  • the Aryan proper, during which the cultures of the ancestors of the Slavs and Indo-Iranians were mutually enriched;
  • the period of direct interaction and communication of the Slavic tribes with the Sarmatians, Alans and Scythians.

Slavic-Aryan raceEach epoch left its mark in the language similarity, material and everyday culture, religion, mythology and folklore. To prove this, let us quote the doctor of Sanskritology D. P. Shastri: "If I were asked which two languages ​​of the world are most similar to each other, I would answer without any hesitation: Russian and Sanskrit."

The failure of the myth

At the time of Hitler, it was impossible to accurately answer the questions about who the Aryans are, what modern people inherit them, relying only on archeology and anthropology.At the end of the 20th century, studies in genetic geology showed that modern residents of Ukraine and southern Russia have much more rights to be called Aryans than Germans, who (for the most part) cannot even be attributed to the German ethnic group.

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