Apartment repair

My parents asked me to help them with the repair of their apartment, and of course I agreed. Repairs need a major, since the last time parents did repairs in his apartment before I was born. Someone will give the contacts of an inexpensive company in Moscow that will repair the apartment?
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Answered on March 18 19:22
I am also going to do repairs, though not in the apartment, but in a country house. I reviewed several companies and for now I think that I’m most likely to contact Remstroy. Prices seem average, but the only confusing is that the company has just opened.
George Petrov
George Petrov
Good day to all! If you are interested in masters who professionally do electrical work, I advise you to contact specialists of RemMaster who do their work at a high level. During the construction of our house, we turned to them and were pleased with the work done by them.

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