Antibiotics for sore throat in children. Antibiotics new generation

Tonsillitis (sore throat) - a disease of the infectious type caused by various viruses, fungi and bacteria. Staphylococci, streptococci, adenoviruses, pneumococci and other microorganisms, as a result of favorable conditions, lead to the appearance of inflammation of the tonsils. The disease is very insidious and often overtakes children than adults. It can cause many complications that will have to fight for a long time.antibiotics for sore throat in children

What can cause a sore throat

Pathogenic viruses and bacteria can be in the body without harm to it, waiting for the right moment. They can be:

- weakening of immunity due to hypothermia, draft, chronic or other past illness;

- contact with a sick child or adult;

- caries of teeth and polyps in the nasal cavity;

- exacerbation of chronic inflammatory process.

Sore throat in children: types

Tonsillitis in a child may be acute or chronic. The acute form is characterized by development over four days. During this period, a rash of the pathological type appears on the inflamed tonsils. Their character indicates the occurrence of a disease.

The chronic form does not entail pronounced changes in the tonsils, so it is often taken for the manifestation of ARVI. The acute course of the disease can smoothly and even imperceptibly become chronic.antibiotics Price

The severity and nature of the lesion of the tonsils can distinguish several forms and types of angina:

- catarrhal;

- lacunar;

- follicular;

- necrotic;

- fibrinous;

- herpetic;

- fungal;

- viral;

- bacterial;

- mixed.

The main symptoms

Acute angina and exacerbation of chronic tonsillitis are often accompanied by:antibiotics in pills

- sore throat, worse when swallowing;

- perching;

- a violation of appetite and sleep;

- lethargy, fatigue;

- raising the temperature to 39 °;

- unpleasant smell from the mouth;

- cough with expectoration of purulent congestion.

How to treat angina: general principles

Tonsillitis is one of the most common diseases among children.but for some reason, many parents do not take him seriously and begin self-treatment without consulting a pediatrician. This is fundamentally the wrong approach. It is not always possible to treat a sore throat with rinsing and drinking heavily, and antibiotics bought “at random” will have no effect.

To confirm the diagnosis, a throat swab is taken, a laboratory study of which will determine the type of pathogen that provoked the disease. After that, the doctor prescribes the appropriate treatment. It is unacceptable to give antibiotics to children at a temperature without a confirmed diagnosis.

Parents before the arrival of the doctor can start rinsing, provide the child with abundant drinking regimen, give antipyretic. It is better to refuse compresses, inhalations and warming ointments in the neck area, until a diagnosis is made, since these procedures are strictly contraindicated, for example, for purulent form.

Antibiotics for sore throat: indications for use

Each tool has its own spectrum of action. Therefore, the best antibiotic for sore throat is the one that will affect a specific pathogen. Often, tonsillitis is provoked by streptococci and staphylococcus, which Augmentin, Sumamed, Amoxiclav, Ceftriaxone, Amoxicillin successfully cope with.These antibiotics, the price of which depends on the form of release, are available in all pharmacies. Refusal to take antibiotics for tonsillitis can lead to otitis or abscess of the tonsils.antibiotics of a new generation

Acceptance of antibiotics by children leads to an improvement in the condition on the third day. Assign these drugs should be if:

- The temperature at 38 ° is kept for several days and does not get off;

- there are plaque or purulent follicles on the tonsils;

- Enlarged submandibular and cervical lymph nodes.

What should be considered when choosing a drug

When choosing antibiotics for sore throat in children, you should take into account the age of the child, the results of urine, blood, pharyngeal smear. The use of bacterial inoculation will determine the infection and, therefore, select a number of drugs that most effectively fight a specific pathogen. Your doctor must be informed if any medication has already been taken.treatment of tonsillitis with antibiotics in children

Most often, angina is provoked by streptococci, which are very sensitive to antibiotics of the penicillin series. Such drugs have bactericidal properties, have low toxicity and a wide range of antimicrobial action.

Quite often, macrolides are prescribed for sore throat in children. These are the least toxic antibiotics of the new generation. Possess bacteriostatic action. Copes with atypical microbacteria and gram-positive coca.

Antibiotics of the cephalosporins group are highly effective in the fight against purulent angina. There are 4 generations of drugs in this group. They have structural similarities with penicillin.

Antibiotics for children: names

What drugs are most popular? The following antibiotics are often used for sore throat in children:

  • "Amoxicillin".The drug has a broad spectrum of action. Available in various forms: capsules, suspensions and tablets, which allows it to be prescribed to children of any age. It should be noted that antibiotics in pills increase the recovery time. The drug is also prescribed for bacterial infections of the respiratory tract and inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract. You can buy it on average for 200 rubles.
  • "Amoxiclav".Both this and the previous drug are antibiotics of the new generation. Price "Amoksiklava" - 450-500 rubles. It has high antimicrobial activity.The scope of its use is very wide. The effectiveness of the drug provides a combination of amoxicillin and clavulanic acid. Not assigned to babies under 3 months. Before use, you should conduct a test for individual tolerance, since the drug can cause an allergic reaction.
  • Zinnat.Antibiotic broad-spectrum, but acts selectively. It may simply prevent bacteria from reproducing or destroy them completely. Available in the form of tablets and granules. For children, the dosage is 125 mg twice a day. The best view for a child is a suspension. Dysbacteriosis does not cause.
  • "Zinatsef".Has a wide range of actions. Indications for appointment can be otitis, cystitis, tonsillitis, sinusitis.
  • Sumamed.A wide-spectrum antibiotic used worldwide. This drug has been included in the list of essential medicines by WHO. It is produced, like many other antibiotics, in tablets, capsules and in the form of powder for suspension. Injectable form can be used in a hospital. It is used only once a day, strictly for three days, as it tends to accumulate in the body, having a lasting effect. The cost of "Sumamed" starts from 230 rubles.
  • "Supraks".It acts by disrupting the formation of the bacterial cell wall. The drug is effective in bacterial inflammation of the pharynx, throat, tonsils, sinuses. Localization of inflammation, the severity of the disease, the age and weight of the patient determine the dosage of the antibiotic. It has an analogue - "Cefixime".
  • "Flemoxin Solutab".Well proven in the treatment of angina in children and adults. Often appointed in cases where waiting for seeding on individual sensitivity to antibiotics once. Well and quickly absorbed. For children, it has the form of a suspension. Price Flemoksina, depending on the dosage can vary from 500 to 1000 rubles.
  • Ceftriaxone.Children are assigned infrequently. Introduced intramuscularly. The injection is quite painful, so the injection is carried out with lidocaine. The injection may be accompanied by subsequent burning sensation and pain. The maximum dose - 4 g per day. Price - from 25 rubles.taking antibiotics by children

Injection treatment of angina with antibiotics in children is recommended to be used only in extreme cases, when there is a threat to life, or for atypical, strange symptoms. Antibiotics in the form of rectal suppositories do not produce. You can mix the drug with a small amount of food that the baby likes, such as jam or jam.When buying antibiotics, the price should not be the main reference. Watch first should be on the appointment of the attending physician.

How to use

Antibiotics for sore throat in children are taken based on the weight of the patient and the severity of the condition. The instructions, which should be carefully read, describes the rules for taking drugs. Some should be taken before meals, others after or regardless of food at a specific time.

Any antibiotics should be used in a course of five to ten days. If the child’s condition is not improved after 48 hours of use of the drug, then it can be replaced by another one.

It is impossible to stop reception after improvement of a condition. It is necessary to finish the course of treatment in order to completely destroy the causative agent of infection and in order to protect the child from relapses.

Babies: features of therapy

Local treatments in the case of babies do not apply, despite the fact that the healing process is greatly accelerated. The main focus is on general therapy. Antibiotics, if they are prescribed, are used parenterally, that is, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract.Kids take it hard enough. Children under two years in the treatment of angina should be kept in bed, provide a sparing diet, increase the drink of warm drinks with decoction of herbs.

Implications of

Properly prescribed antibiotic and compliance with the dosage will protect both the baby and the mother from unpleasant consequences. But still in the treatment of purulent tonsillitis, skin rashes may appear. Then you should start taking antihistamine drugs like Suprastin or Tavegila. "Linex" and "Biovestin" restore the intestinal microflora with dysbiosis.

Is it possible to protect against tonsillitis

Angina for a long time knocks out of the rut both adults and children, so it is better to prevent this disease. What do you need to do?antibiotics for children at a temperature

  1. Proper nutrition with a full set of vitamins and minerals is the main condition for the prevention of any disease. And after consulting with a therapist, you can choose a good vitamin course.
  2. Hardening.
  3. Active lifestyle.
  4. Hygiene. This is especially true of the oral cavity - there should be no teeth affected by caries.

Tonsillitis is a very insidious disease, it can quickly disappear, and then return and resume with a vengeance.Antibiotics for sore throat in children is a reliable and effective therapy that will help avoid the adverse effects of the disease.

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