Amplifier Kicx Kap 29: description, specifications and reviews

The emergence of amplifiers for a car in the late 70s of the last century can be explained by the proliferation of multiband acoustics systems (speakers) with heads in a closed type housing. Compared with broadband, they have a lower sensitivity. Radio receivers and car receivers at that time had a power of 5 W, and the potential of modern speakers was not fully utilized.

Classification amplifiers

Amplifiers for cars are divided into classes. For people who do not understand all the subtleties of electrical engineering, it is quite easy to explain:

  • Class A amplifiers have high sound quality and low power. They are used in expensive systems.
  • Class AB is the most common and popular. The sound has average quality. They have optimal power. This equipment has an acceptable cost.
  • Class D includes amplifiers whose signal is processed at the digital level.They have high power, but sound quality is low.

The first amplifiers for cars

The first models were called boosters. They represented the bridge version of the UMZCH ordinary.

With a 12-volt supply voltage indicator, the maximum power with a 4-ohm load was 15–20 W per channel. Some designs assumed the presence of volume controls, timbre, equalizers, as well as inputs of a linear type.

The first models of amplifiers

At the initial stages of production, the amplifiers were assembled on the basis of discrete elements, later on microchips were used.

Requirements for the sound quality of the car was growing. This forced developers to increase the input power level of the built-in models. Further improvement in the technical data for car amplifiers has increased the supply voltage. Thus, new devices appeared with the presence of a power converter. Competition in the production of tape recorders with a high voltage level continues in the present. In 2000, a model with an output power of 30 watts per channel was invented.

Features of car amplifiers

In terms of their structure, car amplifiers are no different from models designed for the home.However, the scope of application gives them their specific features, which made it possible to isolate products into a separate class of technical devices.

  • First, they have a pulse voltage converter. It should be bipolar to eliminate the separation capacitor at the output and have a figure in the range of 50 V. In the highest category amplifiers, each channel is equipped with a separate power supply, which reduces the level of interference.
  • Secondly, car amplifiers have a wide regulatory system. The vast majority of models have filters. They are not in simple devices and models intended for professional use (electronic crossovers). The filter function is the separation of the frequency range in multiband systems. In simple models, filters are not subject to adjustment, in complex devices it is possible to change the frequency and nature of the filter. If you do not need filters, you can disable them.
  • Thirdly, in many devices besides the linear outputs there are also high-level entrances (High Input). They are intended for use with amplifiers with a head unit that is not equipped with a linear output.High-level inputs in some models perform the control function. In addition, it assumes the presence of differential inputs, which are characterized by low sensitivity to interference.

The structure of car amplifiers

Structural features of all models are very diverse. There are models with one, two, four, five and six channels. Devices with a large number of channels, as a rule, are used in systems with multi-band gain.

Car audio manufacturer Kicx

The joint company Kicx appeared with the assistance of Korea and the United States in 1996. It was discovered by South Korean enthusiasts and manufacturer STOPOL LLC, USA. Initially, the company developed innovative technologies and components for other manufacturers in the field of car audio products.

kicx kap 29 froze

The company's main office, plant and laboratory for conducting scientific tests are located in Seoul. Many subsidiaries of the corporation exist in almost all corners of the world: in the USA, South Korea, in the PRC and other countries. This allows you to combine the efforts of workers in the development and production of new products,promotes the search for new approaches in the field of design and promotion of new product lines.

Company debut

Brilliant Corporation DebutKicx in the car audio products market took place in 1998. The company presented the latest acoustics systems of the DC, AL, GF series.

Products of the company did not leave indifferent admirers of audio systems for cars. The success ensured excellent sounding of the amplifiers, a striking design and the ability to function under heavy loads. The high quality of the company's products is evidenced by the fact that it is in great demand until today. The AL and GF line is constantly being upgraded, as buyers have it.

In subsequent years, the company established itself as a leader in the production of car audio systems. In 2000, she released the latest models of the PD and DS series. In the same year, the first HP amps and DC and AL subwoofers appeared.

The fact that the company has achieved significant success is indicated by the fact that in a relatively short period of time, the latest acoustic models PRO, ALN, GFQ, ALQ, QS, STQ, ICQ, STC and FORMULA and QS amplifiers were invented.

PRO systems appeared in 2004. They have repeatedly deserved the high appreciation of experts in the field of car audio and journalists from various publications. The quality of their sound is not inferior to the models of the best home audio systems.PRO products have become a discovery in the field of car amplifiers.

Kicx today

To date, Kicx retains a leading position in the production of audio systems for cars, cables, accessories for installation, materials for insulation from noise and components for a complete set. Every year there are more and more new models and products. Demo-cars, assembled on spare parts from the manufacturer Kicx, more than once received the most prestigious awards in various competitions held in Russia and European countries. Products reached the final of IASCA and EMMA.

In which countries are the company's products sold?

Today, Kicx products can be seen in Asian countries (Thailand, Korea, Indonesia, Pakistan), as well as in Europe (Finland, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Greece, Portugal, Slovakia, Hungary) and in the post-Soviet space (Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus , Azerbaijan and Ukraine). Every year, more and more stores of this company open around the world.

Characteristic Kicx KAP 29

Kicx Kap 29, photos of which are presented in this article, has a very ordinary look. But the frame of figured form gives the two-line model unusual.The frame is not unique, as it is used by other manufacturers. But only Kicx company covers it with black chrome.

Kicx Kap 29 photos

Amplifier "Kiks" is equipped with power clamps designed for the cable, the diameter of which is not higher than 8 mm. It is designed for output models with a rating of up to 6 mm. This is a considerable size, if we take into account the fact that the power of the KAP 29 is quite high.

Model Kicx Kap 29, whose characteristics are presented on many websites selling audio systems for cars, has good technical parameters.

Kicx Kap 29 Specifications

The entire line of amplifiers from this company is fully suitable for installations of any type. All of them have high signal inputs. They are implemented using standard RCA. Inputs are connected directly to the terminals of acoustics systems in the event that the main device does not have line-type outputs to RCA connectors (for example, the main device of a car without RCA inputs). Thanks to the invention of the new connection scheme, the problem of interference with the structure of the car disappears.

The high-quality acoustics systems Kicx Absolute Sound and Technology lines correspond to the use of a single amplifier.In the case of use in the audio system of a number of amplifiers, you resort to the most optimal solution when creating a system with a high SPL. Their work is distinguished by stability at a load of 2 Ohms. They do not have a patented function of switching on and off in a smooth mode.

The Kicx Kap 29 amplifier features:

  • high power level;
  • the constancy of the work at a load of 2 ohms
  • functioning even in bridge connection;
  • availability of a patented function of switching on and off in a smooth mode;
  • LED indicators for power and protection circuit performance;
  • prevention of voltage drops and overloads;
  • low distortion;
  • adjustable bass;
  • coating of terminals with gold leaf;
  • the presence of built-in filters of high and low frequencies.

Amplifier Kicx Kap 29

The security of progressive PCB double-sided through installation is provided by means of epoxy varnish. This avoids the problem of short circuit. As a rule, it occurs when a vehicle has a high vibration while driving.

Pros and cons of the product

Amplifier "Kiks" has positive characteristics.

It is distinguished by the presence of:

  • wide range of sensitivity;
  • tonal filtering;
  • high power level.

Amplifier KicksNegative sides are:

  • low level of transient attenuation;
  • poor implementation of filters.


Model Kicx Kap 29, reviews of which indicate that it is of high quality and high degree of functionality, is characterized by an acceptable cost.

Kicx Kap 29 reviews

For optimal recharge, you need a cable whose cross-section is 25 square meters. m, and the presence of the generator. The model of a two-channel amplifier Kicx KAP 29 has a modern design and excellent functional performance.

General tips when choosing a car amplifier

Choosing the right speaker system for your car is quite a serious matter. Listening to several sound options of different models, as a rule, is an impossible task. Therefore, the acquisition should be based on the company and the level of its experience. You also need to listen to the advice of sellers or installation technicians, to take advantage of other people's feedback.

The most important indicator on which to rely is the power of the model.The basis of the power level of the model Kicx KAP-29 is taken as a nominal figure.

Kicx Kap 29

Also pay attention to the rating of the amplifier fuses, sound quality. The optimal power in the system should have a subwoofer. It is also important that an indicator of high quality products is the presence of a certificate with the series number and manual measurement of the power of the device. Kicx Kap 29, the measurement of which is 470 max. and 560 peak, characterized by stability and reliability.

Built-in crossover amplifier Kicx KAP-29 makes it possible to remove from the channel the minimum frequency, as well as the average bass. In addition, there is a bass enhancement at a given frequency.

Usually one amplifier setup is not enough. You need to be able to properly adjust it. The more controllers a system has, the better it is.

The economical use of wires leads to the fact that the amplifier does not reproduce sound at the proper level. Installing and configuring the amplifier Kicx Kap 29 amplifier with your own hands without the participation of a qualified master leads to undesirable results.

Kicx Kap 29 amplifier setup

For example, in the system claps can be heard when connected, it can produce very poor quality sound.

To obtain the desired power in this model is possible only if it is properly installed when using wires with the desired cross section.

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