Aluminum rack ceilings: installation technology

Positive features of mounted aluminum systems

aluminum rack ceilings

If you have not yet decided whether to use aluminum systems as a ceiling, you should consider their distinctive features. Among the main can distinguish excellent resistance to high humidity. That is why such ceilings are most often installed in rooms whose conditions are characterized by an increased level of humidity, this applies, for example, to bathrooms and kitchens. Among other things, aluminum ceilings are not subject to corrosion, and also not moldy. This is also a rather attractive feature for a modern consumer. The material in the basis of such a finish has a small weight, which allows for installation independently, without resorting to outside professional help. Low weight does not exert additional load on the structural elements of the premises. The individual components of the ceiling is quite easyadjustable in width and length, this makes the ceiling lacquered aluminum structures, which are quite simple to install. Such systems have high decorative qualities, they are perfectly combined with chrome surfaces of accessories and faucets, which are installed in the rooms of bathrooms and kitchens. You can choose when purchasing a structure of a closed or open type, it allows you to give vent to imagination, as well as install a ventilation system.

Panel selection

lath ceiling PriceIf you decide to install aluminum slatted ceilings in your home, you will first need to select panels. If you have to work in a typical bathroom, the panel can be installed without increasing the length. On sale the most common rails, the length of which - from 3 to 4 meters. The panels that make up the slatted ceiling may have not only different dimensions, but also colors. It is important to choose the thickness of the rails, which is determined on the basis of the required strength. As the most suitable is considered the size from 0.4 to 0.5 millimeter. Thinner panels will manifest themselves negatively during operation, as they may sag at the time of harvesting.Thicker panels will be more expensive, and such costs are impractical when you install aluminum rack ceilings. It is important to choose the type of installation. For this, as a rule, stringers and suspensions are used. Such an attachment is considered mandatory if it is intended to install in-wall spotlights in the room. The presence of a suspension for such a system makes it easy to adjust the level of the ceiling. If you plan to use pendant or overhead lamps, and the floor surface does not have significant level differences, it is permissible to install stringers on the floor slab itself, excluding the use of suspensions. This approach will minimize the loss of ceiling height, which is very important for modern apartments.

Preparatory work

slatted suspended ceilingRack ceiling must be installed on finished walls. It is not necessary to level the slab, but its surface must be cleaned in order to free it from the old coating. It is important to remove chips and cracks using puttying. The surface, among other things, must be reinforced with a deep penetration primer. It is advisable to choose the one that has antiseptic properties.

Layout for installing stringers

mounting rack ceilingRack hanging ceiling should be composed of stringers, in the next step you should make a markup for their installation. Initially, you need to determine the direction of installation of the panels. If you work in a square room or in a rectangular shape, the installation must be done from the door. For an elongated rectangle, the installation of the panel should be conducted along a long wall. You may prefer a more complex installation method, which assumes a diagonal arrangement of panels. The installation of a rack ceiling implies the location of the stringers perpendicular to the direction of the panels. This is due to the fact that these elements act as bearing components of the batten. Choosing a step from the extreme stringers to the wall, you must choose a step that does not exceed 400 meters. The rest should be set in such a way that the gap between neighboring elements is approximately 1200 millimeters. Based on these values, on the overlap, it is necessary to carry out markings on the location of the stringers.Along these lines at a distance of 1200 millimeters from each other, it is necessary to make holes for installing suspensions.

Ceiling level marking

installation of rack ceilingInstallation of a slatted ceiling involves the need for marking its level. Depending on the lighting equipment used, the smallest value should be determined by which the system can be lowered. Initially, the master must determine the lowest point of overlap in relation to the floor surface. This is only true if the latter has been set to level. It is necessary to retreat from it the value that is needed for the installation of lighting fixtures. From this particular control point around the perimeter of the room on the walls, you should beat off the level along which the corner profiles will be installed later.

Features of the ceiling installation

batten ceiling in the room

If you decide to install a slatted ceiling in the room, then in the next step you can proceed to the installation of support profiles on which the rails will be supported with their ends. Next, the suspensions are installed. The next step, finally, will be the manipulations in which the panels will be involved.The first of them must be cut in such a way as to provide a small temperature gap. If you are sure that the walls are strictly parallel to each other, and the corners have ideal parameters, you can order the company trim panels from the seller. If the walls were not pre-aligned, the panels can be fitted individually during the installation process. Installing a slatted ceiling involves inserting the first element into the support profile. Focusing on the rail, you must install the stringers on suspensions. Now, by the level, you can analyze how correctly the panel is installed, if necessary, its position can be adjusted in height with the help of suspensions. The same technology should be used to install the rest of the ceiling. Fixtures for rack ceilings are installed at the last stage. The last rail, which is adjacent to the opposite wall, must be adjusted in width. The trimmed part will be decorated with a finishing profile.

Installation of lighting equipment

fixtures for slatted ceilings

Installation of the ceiling of the ceiling certainly involves the installation of lamps.In the panels in which you intend to install the equipment, you must first prepare the holes.


Rack ceiling, the price of which suits more consumers, does not imply the need to use special equipment. In the process of work there will be no need for puttying and decorating the finish. Ceiling elements do not need to be treated with antiseptics and varnish. Installation of such a system can be done independently. Rack ceiling, whose price is equal to 350 rubles per 1 square meter, will cost you less if you install yourself on your own. This type of finish has many advantages.

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