Biography of Alexander Seryogin

Seregin Alexander (Alexandro Seregin) - Russian public figure, politician, historian, probable extramarital son of Fidel Castro.
Alexander Seregin confirmed that he is the illegitimate son of Fidel CastroAlexander Seregin confirmed that he is the illegitimate son of Fidel Castro

Childhood and family

Alexander was born on January 14, 1964 in the village of Klimovo (Novozybkovsky district of the Bryansk region). He is only half Russian. As the family legend says, his parents met in 1963 in the Tver region. Alexandra's mom served as an assistant chef at the Zavidovo special object. It was there during his official visit to the USSR that Fidel Castro, his alleged father, stayed.
Immediately after the death of the Cuban leader, the Russian media revealed Alexander’s family secret. The TV channel Russia devoted an hour-long talk show to this version, on the air of which Alexander Seregin on the TV channel checked a lie detector and confirmed that he is telling the truth.
The bastard son Comandante Castro lives in Moscow
The hero of this program and this biography was named in honor of the leader of the Cuban revolution - Alejandro Castro Ruz.In the same 1963, Alexander's mother, Valentina Udolskaya, married Vladimir Matveyevich Seregin.
In 1971, the whole family moved to the Algerian People’s Democratic Republic - they needed geologists, who was Alexander's stepfather. In Algeria, the boy graduated from the 4th grade of elementary school, and his younger brother Matvey was born there in 1975.
In 1977, Seryogin returned to the USSR, and the next business trip to the family went to Cuba. Alexander graduated from high school at the Embassy of the USSR on Liberty Island. Classmates Alexander remembered as a great lover of scuba hunting and a good friend.
At age 18, Alexander Seregin returned to the USSR and entered the history department of the Bryansk Pedagogical Institute. Study was interrupted for 1983-1985 - at this time Seregin gave a debt to the Motherland. Having demobilized, the young man again began to study.

The further life of the illegitimate son of Fidel Castro

In 1992, Alexander Seregin moved to Moscow. He settled in the village of Barvikha, well-known to every Russian today, where he lives today. During the dashing 90's engaged in the craft business and trade.At the same time, he became a member of the Moscow Chamber of Crafts.
Similarity is evidentSimilarity is evident
In 1996, Seryogin was detained by law enforcement agencies of Bryansk on the day of presidential elections. On the so-called “Day of Silence,” he traveled around in an open car with flags of Russia and the USSR and a portrait of Alexander Lebed on the windshield. As punishment, Seryogin was waited for the arrest and the fine.
In 1998, Alexander founded the “Museum of the Forgotten Things” on Mozhaisk Highway. Inside was collected the broadest exposition on the history of pre-revolutionary Russia, the Soviet Union and the 90s.
Museum of forgotten things (2011)Museum of forgotten things (2011)
For many years the museum was a place of pilgrimage for lovers of antiquity and lovers of history and finally ceased to exist only in 2014, giving up its hectare of valuable Moscow land to large retailers.
In 2005, Alexander Seregin became a deputy of the rural settlement Sosenki. During the term of a deputy, he showed himself to be a fighter for justice, having saved the Sosenki from destruction - it was planned to pave the Old-Kaluga extended road through the village. Also with his assistance, an Orthodox church was restored in the Pines.
Since 2005 and until now, Alexander Seryogin has been participating in the work on the sensational anonymous series of books "Project Russia", published by the publishing house "Eksmo" in aggregate millions of copies.
Alexander Seregin about the "Project Russia"
In 2010, Alexander Seregin tightly took up one of his hobbies - treasure hunting. He organized the Napoleon Clade Search Center (CPPC), which for several years was engaged in research and practical work to find the values ​​exported by Napoleon’s army from Moscow.
Alexander Seregin is looking for Napoleon's treasureAlexander Seregin is looking for Napoleon's treasure
According to various sources, “Napoleon’s treasure” is a hundred and fifty wards with artifacts and jewels looted by the French army from the Palace of Facets, the Kremlin’s cathedrals and the entire city, as well as from the richest houses in Moscow. Somewhere in the Smolensk area, Josephine’s brother, the emperor’s wife, was forced to hide the treasure. Since then, they have not heard anything about the spirit - the treasure has not yet been found.
Napoleon's Hoard Search Center founded by Alexander SeryoginNapoleon's Hoard Search Center founded by Alexander Seryogin
At a certain point, Seryogin was so often written and told in the Russian media and on TV that bloggers compared him with characters from Victor Pelevin’s novels.

Alexander Seregin now

Alexander Seregin is married, has four children. The family lives in Barvikha.
Alexander Seregin with a signal copy of the fifth volume of the "Project" Russia ""Alexander Seregin with a signal copy of the fifth volume of the "Project" Russia ""
Currently, he calls himself the coordinator of the “Project Russia” and is preparing to publish the fifth volume of the series, promising that the recipe for saving Russia and the whole world will appear on its pages.

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