Actress Yekaterina Volkova

Ekaterina Yurievna Volkova - talentedTheatrical actress, also known for his important roles in the cinema. Since childhood, fond of music, is the author of many songs. Was married to an odious writer and politician Eduard Limonov.

Ekaterina Yurievna Volkova


Ekaterina Yuryevna Volkova was born on 16.04.1974 in Tomsk, but was forced to move with her parents in Togliatti, where her childhood passed. From a conscious age, the girl dreamed of a public profession, wishing to repeat the success of Alla Pugacheva. At the same time, Katya never wanted to be an actress. She graduated from music school in piano and choral conducting, believing that she will be able to do this all her life.

Musical achievements did not prevent Volkovato study at the theater studio "Wheel" in his hometown. But the girl left the studio after intense attention from the direction of the director, who was not very tactful. Further, she was at the theater institute in Yaroslavl, where she mastered the basics of acting.

In 1997, Ekaterina Yurievna went to thethe capital, to enter the RATI on the Mark Zakharov course. If the entrant herself doubted the success of her idea, then the master took it immediately to the third year. Later, the future actress graduated from GITIS and began to actively participate in the antrepristic performances of the best theaters in the country.

Ekaterina V. Volkova biography


Receiving true pleasure from serviceMelpomene, Katya never aspired to work in the cinema. But the interference of fate decided everything for her. A chance meeting with Alexander Abdulov in the walls of LENKOM became not only a pledge of a strong friendship, but also the beginning of a new path for Ekaterina Yurievna Volkova.

As a result, the actress starred in the series Next, then infilmography appeared film history "About Love", and later - the movie "KGB in a tuxedo." Realizing that work on the set is not only a pleasure from the profession, but also an opportunity for high earnings, a sensible woman increasingly began to appear on the screens. However, Ekaterina did not interrupt her novel with the theater, looking for an outlet in the most difficult life periods.

First marriage

In parallel with career growth, sexuala woman has time to build and personal life. Although Katya never considered herself a beauty and complexed about appearance, she did not have a lack of admirers. Her first husband was an ordinary man named Alexei from his native Togliatti.

The actress was really in love with the chosen one,the couple had a daughter Valeria. Even when Alexei became a figurant of a loud criminal case, Volkova was close. However, over time, relations deteriorated. His spouse was categorically against the public profession of Catherine Yuryevna, whose photo flashed more and more often in secular chronicles. To accept his rules of life, freedom-loving and ambitious beauty could not. She left her husband, interrupting communication with him forever.

Ekaterina Yurievna photo

Second marriage

The next elect of the actress was the director andproducer Eduard Boyakov. But since he had a strong family that an influential person did not plan to destroy, the gap was inevitable. Although Volkova Catherine Yurievna repeatedly called him the most important man in her life, she could not claim anything more serious. Soon Katyu and producer Sergei Chliyanets, who became her second husband, brought Katyu's ways and roads. But even this romantic story did not last long due to "differences in life values."

Ekaterina Yurievna Volkova, wife of Limonov

Ekaterina Yurievna Volkova - wife of Limonov

The loudest and most controversial was the actress's novelwith writer and politician Eduard Limonov. Despite the difference in age over 30 years and different life rhythms, extraordinary personalities decided to tie themselves up by marriage. Crazy passion and public confessions of love quickly faded, faced with domestic problems.

After the birth of Bogdan's son in 2006in the family began to deteriorate. The final reason for breaking off the odious couple was the birth of a second joint child. Alexandra's girl was born in 2008. Her parents were already divorced at the time of her birth. Since then, Catherine began to rely only on herself, believing that the upbringing of children lies only on her. The only assistant of the woman was her wise and beloved mother. It was she who was with her grandchildren, while Volkova rushed around the country in search of work.

Ekaterina Yurevna

Head to work

After the divorce from Limonov Ekaterina Yurievna withhead plunged into shooting movies. Every year on the screens there are several stories with her participation. But such employment does not prevent talented ladies from manifesting themselves in other qualities. In 2015, she launched her own clothing and accessories line Wolka. Earned money Katya spends not only for her own needs, but also for charitable purposes. For several years she has been a participant in the project "The Class of Peace". The purpose of this activity is to help orphanages, in which the children of irresponsible parents are kept. The actress believes that even parents of drug addicts or alcoholics can have full-fledged children, they need only help them overcome the possible craving for negative.

The time when Volkova complexed abouthis appearance, remains in the past. Today she boldly experiments with the style. The ability to present oneself allows not only to establish relationships, but also to receive roles. The directors readily invite plastic and flexible Catherine to new projects, which will be able to draw out any image not only with skill and charisma, but also with external reincarnations. Among the latest works:

  • "Fartsa".
  • "Spider".
  • "The Penalty."
  • "The heart of stone."
  • "Night guards."
  • "Motherland".

Meanwhile, a three-year romance with Vasily Dyuzhev, according to the emerging tradition, ended in a break in relations. But Catherine is not discouraged and ready for new romantic and professional adventures.

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