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Our heroine is an actress with Norwegian roots Liv Ulman. She has dozens of feature films that have been watched by millions of people from different countries. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the personal and creative biography of the artist. Enjoy all the reading!Liv ulman


Liv Ullman (pictured above) was born in 1938 (December 16). The capital of Japan, Tokyo, is indicated as the place of her birth. However, our heroine has no Asian roots. Liv's father is a native of Norway. He was an aviation engineer, he often had to work abroad. On one of the long trips (in Tokyo), a man took a pregnant spouse with him.

At the age of 6, Liv lost her father. He died during surgery. Mother and daughter moved to Canada. There, a woman took on any job to ensure a decent life for her only child.


Liv Ullman, whose biography we are reviewing, settled in Norway with his mother in 1945. Our heroine attended school in Trondheim.But there she studied a little. A 17-year-old girl dropped out of school and immediately bought a ticket to London. In the British capital L. Ulman did not sit idle. For 8 months, the young Norwegian studied acting. Classes were held in a theater studio created by Webster Douglas. At the end of acting classes, the girl returned to Norway.

Liv Ullman: movies with her

The film debut of our heroine took place back in 1957. She appeared in several episodes of the comedy film "Madhouse in the Mountains", filmed by the Norwegian director E. Kalmar.

In the period from 1969 to 1962. Filmography of a young actress replenished with three paintings. Among them are the Swedish chamber drama "Persona". This is one of the best works of director Ingmar Bergman. Screen character L. Ulman - artist, whose name is Elizabeth Vogeler. According to the plot, she fell silent during the performance. No one could force her to speak again.

The picture "Person" helped Liv to reveal his creative potential and attract the attention of other directors. Cooperation proposals were received not only from Swedish and Norwegian, but also from American cinema.


A truly successful period for her was the end of the 1960s. I. Bergman offered the actress one of the key roles (Alma Borg) in his horror film The Hour of the Wolf (1968). She agreed.Shame with liv ulman

In the same year of 1968, the anti-war drama “Shame” with Liv Ulman appeared on the screens. And again, Ingmar Bergman spoke as a director. Now a few words about the plot. The main characters are spouses Rosenberg. Jan is a talented composer. He also leads a symphony orchestra. His wife, Eva, who was very likely played by L. Ulman, is a professional violinist. Jan has a serious heart condition. In order to improve his well-being, the doctors recommended that he live on an island in the Baltic Sea. The man listened to the doctors. Together with his beloved wife, he went to the island. And then the war begins.

The dramatic tape "Shame" was highly appreciated not only by the audience, but also by the members of the US film critics council. In 1969, Liv received the award for "Best Actress" (for the role of Eva Rosenberg).

This was followed by filming in the Swedish drama tape "Passion", where she played Anna Fromm. After that, the actress was assigned the role of a feminine heroine, passionate and inspired nature.The director saw in her the ideal of the intellectual elite of that time.

Ingmar Bergman shot the beautiful actress in five of his films. For example, in the drama "Face to Face" (1975), she successfully reincarnated as a psychiatrist. And in the film "Snake Egg" got used to the image of a 35-year-old cabaret actress.Liv ulman movies

Film career continuation

Liv remembered many European viewers by the role of the peasant Christina in two films by the Swedish director J. Truell - “The Settlers” and “The Emigrants”.

In the early 1970s, L. Ulman was known far beyond Scandinavia. The best directors from Italy, Mexico, USA and England wanted to collaborate with her. In 1973, her first Hollywood works (musical “Lost Horizon”, comedy “40 carats”) were presented to the audience. However, they did not impress the public or film critics.

In the 1980s, continued to appear on the screens. She began to offer age roles. In 1987, the premiere of the American-Mexican film "Gaby: A True Story", where the heroine of the actress Ulman fights against an incurable disease. It is impossible not to mention the psychological drama "Rose Garden". Liv approved on one of the main roles - a woman lawyer.

After 1989, the actress Ulman almost ceased to appear on the screens. This is due to the fact that she decided to try herself as a director. This area of ​​activity Liv will be discussed below. In the meantime, we list her latest acting films:

  • American drama "Dispute" (1991);
  • the Swedish-Danish documentary The Light Lives With Me (2000);
  • dramatic film “Sarabande” (2003) - Marianna (one of the key roles);
  • German-Norwegian thriller "Two Lives" (2012) - Osse Evensen.

Theatrical activities

Thanks to the cooperation with I. Bergman, our heroine gained worldwide fame. She was often invited abroad. Over the years, Liv Ulman performed on the theater stages of Paris, New York, London and so on. She from “A” to “Z” has learned the repertoire of Henrik Ibsen. And critics have called the Norwegian actress the best Nora from the production of “The Doll's House”. In 1995 she began to cooperate with the Swedish Drama Theater. Within the walls of this institution, she put the play "Frank confessions". The script was written by Ingmar Bergman.


Ulman's creative activity is not limited to acting.In 1982, Liv tried herself as a director. Under her strict guidance, the Canadian novel Love was removed.

In the 1990s, she continued to develop a directorial career. During this period, four pictures appeared on the screens: the family film “Sophie”, the documentary project “Lumiere and Company”, the medieval drama “Christine, daughter of Lavrans” and the mini-series “Private Confessions”.


In 1977 a book was published, the author of which was Liv Ulman. “Changes” is the name of a collection of her memoirs. In her book, the actress and director talks about her childhood, creative work, interesting and dear people. The publication was translated into Russian in 1987.Liv ulman changes

To date, L. Ulman is the author of two more books - "Blessed Child" and "When you are near." Her works are not only printed, but also in audio format.

Personal life

Behind Liv Ulman two marriages and two divorces. With her first husband, a Norwegian psychiatrist, she lived for almost 5 years. Then met with a businessman from Boston, Donald Saunders. This marriage lasted 10 years.Liv Ulman biography

With Ingmar Bergman, Liv developed not only working relationships, but also love relationships.However, in that period, charming Norwegian was married to businessman Saunders. In August 1966, she gave birth to a daughter from Bergman. The baby got a beautiful and short name - Lynn. The actress honestly told her husband about everything and asked for a divorce. Donald Saunders did not make a scandal, but simply let her go to the director. In 1967, Liv received a divorce certificate. That's just with Ingmar Bergman, they never married. Although together (the director, the actress and their daughter) lived 5 years.

Lynn became a journalist and writer. Last year, daughter L. Ulman celebrated her 50th birthday. She currently lives in Sweden with her husband, two relatives and two adopted children. Her relationship with the famous mother is very good.

Liv Ullman and Konchalovsky Andron

It all started with the fact that a famous Russian director dreamed of a Norwegian actress, who played in the films "Persona" and "Shame". A few days later he flew to Oslo, where her performance was taking place. At the end of the event, Andron Konchalovsky met with Liv, showered the actress with compliments. The Russian director said he came to Norway just to see her.Konchalovsky invited Liv to Moscow. And she came. Beautiful Norwegian lived in the country at the Mikhalkovs. Andrei Sergeevich drove her to Mosfilm, where he showed his film works.Liv Ulman and Konchalovsky

The next meeting of the Norwegian actress and Russian director was held in New York. Konchalovsky was engaged in the selection of material for his 4-part drama "Siberiada". Liv often went to his hotel room. And in 1979, they both served on the Cannes Film Festival jury.

Whether A. Konchalovsky and L. Ulman had a novel is not known for certain. The director and actress have repeatedly stated that they have a strong friendship.

Interesting Facts

Here are some interesting things about Liv Ullman:

  1. In honor of her, his daughter named Steven Tyler, the leader of the rock band Aerosmith. For many years, he has been a fan of L. Ulman. This name brought luck to his daughter. After all, Liv Tyler has become a world famous actress and model.
  2. Outside Scandinavia, our heroine is considered a Swede. But it is not. She is a purebred Norwegian.
  3. Translated from the Norwegian language, the name Liv means "life."
  4. The actress and her family in Norway have a spacious cottage. The building is located on a cliff overhanging the fjord.The windows offer a stunning view.
  5. Liv Ullman is fluent in English, Norwegian and Swedish. She also knows a few Russian phrases.
  6. L. Ulman participated in the dubbing of the short film “The Danish Poet”, which appeared on screens in 2006.Liv Ulman actress
  7. For almost 20 years, Liv has served as the Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF. Norwegian also served as chairman of the Rescue Committee.
  8. In June 2008, L. Ulman led the jury at the 30th International Film Festival, held in Moscow.
  9. She wrote scripts for two films - the Canadian science fiction film “Love” (1982) and the Swedish-German drama “Christine, daughter of Lavrans” (1995).


Wide outlook, a sense of beauty and irrepressible creative energy. All this boasts Liv Ulman. The actress masterfully reincarnates into any screen image, letting through all his thoughts, experiences, joyful and sad moments. She also established herself as a director and screenwriter.

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