Actor Billy Crudup: biography, career, personal life

One of the successful actors is Billy Crudup. The films in which he played became classics, there was not a single failure. Due to his manner of dressing, he became a frequent subject for photographers of glossy magazines, and the refined game and well-defined recognizable speech were loved by moviegoers. The actor did not become one of the arrogant heroes, he remained a simple guy. He created a foundation that aims to help people who have lost their jobs.

Childhood billy

William Geyter (Billy) Crudup was born in the state of New York, the city of Manhasset, in 1968, on July 8. The family moved frequently, he spent his childhood in Florida and Texas. In addition to Billy, there are two more sons in the family, and they also chose professions in show business.

Billy Crudup, like most actors, stood out from his early years with charisma. He was fond of playing in the school theater, constantly participated in the performances. In addition, the guy arranged the holidays at home, creating real family concerts.In high school, Billy Crudup traveled to New York to take acting classes.

Billy Caps

First steps to success

After high school, Billy Crudup went to study at the University of North Carolina. After graduating from this institution, the guy went to comprehend the secrets of acting at New York University of the Arts.

The actor made his first professional steps on the theater stage, where, after university, he was accepted into a professional troupe. He has a role in the Broadway production of The Three Sisters. From the first role, Billy has established himself as a talented actor who masterfully plays the game. He was loved not only by the audience, but also by critics, with a worthy appreciation of his professionalism.

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Film success

Excellent theater school was the impetus for the film career. In roles in theaters, Billy was spotted by world-famous filmmakers. The actor made his debut in 1994, when starred in the "Wheel of Fate." Independent film viewers were able to evaluate only three years after his shooting. Here, Billy Crudup played the role of a race car driver who served a prison sentence for driving while drunk.

The next big role the actor played two years later.On the set of "Sleeping" his partners were established stars, such as Robert De Niro, Brad Pitt, Dustin Hoffman.

Later he was invited to take part in the filming of "The Country of the Hills and Valleys", which she received at the Berlin Silver Film Festival in the nomination "For the Best Direction".

Soon, the films “Beauty in English”, “Big Fish”, “Almost Famous” were published, and everywhere they successfully reincarnated into various heroes of Billy Crudup. Films with his participation were rated, received many awards. The actor himself considers himself a professional and tries not to dwell on one role, to play in new ways every time, to do the impossible.

Billy Crop Filmography

Billy Crudup: Filmography

To date, the actor's filmography consists of about thirty films, and each of them has become successful. Billy is working on new projects, a year being shot in several films, and he practically has no time to rest. We will not register all the works, we will compile a list of the most successful ones and indicate the latest films:

  • "Princess Mononoke";
  • "Awakening the Dead";
  • "Without a limit";
  • "Son of Jesus";
  • "Wanderer";
  • "Charlotte Gray";
  • "Everyone says I love you";
  • "Abbot Family";
  • "Trust a man";
  • "Mission Impossible-3";
  • "False temptation";
  • "Bird";
  • "Johnny D.";
  • "Bloodlines";
  • "Dedication";
  • "Eat Pray Love";
  • "Ungovernable";
  • "In the spotlight";
  • "Alien. Testament" (2017);
  • "Gypsy" (2017).

Each role played by Crudup is unique, it is new every time. Billy does not repeat himself, tries to make his characters recognizable, original, so that viewers do not confuse films. That is why the directors like to work with him, and he has practically no gaps in the filmography.

billy cloud personal life

Billy Crudup: personal life

Billy lived from 1996 to 2003 with actress Mary-Louise Parker. Their relationship ended when the woman was pregnant and the term was already seven months. They decided to separate each other, Billy assists in raising his son, William Atticus, who was born in 2004, January 7th.

Now the actor prefers a bachelor life, is not going to marry in the coming years. He says that he has already been married, he knows how unbearable the burden for many actors is the family. For him, now in the first place is the career and the growing up son, whom he infinitely loves. Billy does not think about his future fate yet.

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