Accumulators "Warta": reviews of motorists

Which is better - "Warta" or "Bosch" (battery)? Reviews about these manufacturers are very different. Today we will talk about the first. The Czech company "Warta" specializes in the production of batteries for cars and motorcycles. Modern models are distinguished by high capacity. They use high-quality protection systems. Most batteries can work long. Fuses are used with valves. The voltage is an average of 8 V. Separators are used in different types. Also, the batteries "Warta" receive positive reviews for reasonable prices.

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Models for cars

Car batteries "Warta" reviewsget flattering for a long life. Most models are equipped with high-quality wire separators, which rarely break. At the same time the electrolyte is reliably protected. Devices are capable of operating at high temperature. They have a considerable supply of food, and they are not afraid of pollution. If you believe the buyers, then the models are very quickly charged. Plates in devices are protected by fuses. Also it should be noted that the models are very easy to install.

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Reviews about batteries for motorcycles

For motorcycles batteries "Warta" reviews inFirst of all, they get positive for compact sizes. Separators in devices are used on two outputs. Some modifications are able to work in an uninterrupted mode. Also worth noting that there are models with bars. Buyers of the device are praised for strong cases. Most batteries are cleaned without problems.

If we talk about the shortcomings, the reviews say,that they sometimes leak. The conclusions of the models are protected normally. Fuses are standard with valves. The operating voltage of the batteries is 8 V. The self-discharge level is rather low. It is also worth noting that the models are made with sulfur electrolyte, which has a high density. However, it is important to consider that the batteries wear out with frequent recharging.

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Low-capacity devices

Low-capacious car batteries "Warta"reviews are good for compact sizes. Most models are produced for motorcycles. If you believe the customers, then the devices operate at a voltage of 5 V. Most batteries can boast of good fuses. The valves on the models work remarkably. If we talk about the downsides, the owners note a low self-discharge parameter. Some batteries do not have a grille. The upper parts of the housing can be deformed.

It is also worth noting that the positive platesshould be thoroughly wiped. The average capacity of the models is 30 Ah. In transportation they are very simple. Separators for models are of the wired type. Most devices are manufactured with protective jumpers. If necessary, the batteries are used for lighting adjustment. Plates, as a rule, are mounted on a namaz type. The energy density of the models is not the highest. At prices, the batteries are quite different. In this case, much depends on the conductivity of the goods.

High capacity models

Good resistance to high-capacityaccumulators "Warta". Owners praise the quality terminals. In addition, it is important to mention the good conductivity of devices with small thermal losses. If we talk about the minuses, the owners note the rapid oxidation of the separators. Contact periodically must be cleaned. Battery tightness is low. Also it should be noted that a high-quality protection system is used.

They are not afraid of dust and work at hightemperature. Most batteries are equipped with grilles. The models are fitted with quality valves. Charging devices is allowed at a voltage of 3 V. The minimum operating temperature for Czech batteries is -20 degrees. Plates are often made of lead. Also it should be noted that the devices are sold with AM electrolyte, so the models do not suffer from rapid oxidation.

Devices at 40 Ah

Batteries for 40 Ah are produced only withmetal plates. The devices have a high resistance parameter. Customer reviews indicate excellent conductivity. The case for models is capable of withstanding heavy loads. If necessary, the device can be installed independently. Periodically, the terminals have to be cleaned. Also it should be noted that charging devices is carried out at a voltage of 3 V. Self-discharge coefficient fluctuates around 55%.

Most devices are made with grids, andthe plates are in an upright position. Electrolyte models have different classes. Plates in devices are not afraid of dust or dirt. Also it should be noted that the batteries can be stored at high temperature.

Models of 45 Ah

For cars of different brands is goodfit these "Warta" batteries. Owners say the opportunity to work at high temperatures. Their service life is quite high. Most batteries have grids. Oxidation is very rare. Positive plates are often installed with grids. Also it should be noted that the batteries are praised for the high conductivity parameter. The voltage on the average is 4 V. The minimum operating temperature of these Czech batteries is -30 degrees. Electrolytes are used in different series. Most devices have a recombination system. Devices are not afraid of dust and can be used in high humidity. Shells are usually protected. Separators are often installed wired. Lower plates are often used from lead. Covers are usually made of plastic. Models can work freely in automatic mode.

If we talk about shortcomings, it should be noted,that the terminals need maintenance. The conclusions of the batteries periodically close. In devices, a fairly high self-discharge parameter. Most models break down due to fuses. If we consider modifications of a two-wire type, then they have a fairly high cost. Owners praise good resistance to high temperatures. The energy density in this case is a maximum of 55%. Devices are allowed to be used as an uninterruptible power supply.

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Batteries for 50 Ah

At 50 Ah, quality batteries are produced"Warta". Owners praise them for their excellent wire separators. Fuses are used with positive leads. The energy density of the batteries is a maximum of 60%. The experts' comments point to the high strength of the case. Most batteries are installed with protected terminals. They have wired valves that operate at increased pressure. Lattices in most cases are made from lead. If we consider models with double plates, they have two fuses. In this case, the internal racks are of the namaz type. The jumpers are installed behind the separator. The user is able to charge the device at a voltage of 4 V. The leak-tightness of the units depends on many factors.

Reviews of the model Varta Blue Dynamic 40

Considering this model from the firm "Warta"(battery), reviews, the price of which plays an important role for potential buyers, it must be noted that it is very popular because of the quality block. The separator in the device is of the wired type. The model has an excellent valve. The device is mounted on a rigid plate, which is rarely deformed. The energy density of the modification is quite high.

If we talk about shortcomings, we must point toabsence of recombination system. The model has high-quality terminals. Conclusions in the device must be periodically cleaned. Also, the battery "Wart Blue Dynamics" reviews are praised for a strong jumper. Thus, the plates are well protected. The service life of these Czech batteries is quite high. Hermetics pleases many buyers. Among the disadvantages, one can mention the low conductivity. The device can not operate in cyclic mode. Thus, the model is not suitable for backup power. This Czech battery costs 3200 rubles.

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Reviews about Varta Dynamic 45 batteries

For cars thisbattery "Warta Silver". Customer feedback indicates a good reducibility of the device. Also, the model boasts a good separator. The valve in this case is protected from dust and dirt. The model has a protection system.

Positive plates are periodically necessaryclear. The model has several contactors, which are in an upright position. If we talk about the shortcomings, then experts point to a poor tightness of the shell. The device must not be tilted and stored at minus temperature. Optimum voltage for recharging is 3 V. In transportation, the battery is quite simple. The model has a high capacity, so it can work a long time. The terminals in this case are of a two-wire type.

Reviews of the model Varta Blue Dynamic 44

Applied to the car battery "Warta" reviewsreceives a positive character for the high density of the electrolyte. In addition, it is important to note that the manufacturer provides a backup separator. If you consider the shortcomings, then in the eye rush large dimensions of the battery. The device must not be recharged at high voltage. A qualitative protection system is used. Conclusions on the lid should be periodically cleaned. It is also worth noting that the terminals of the model are of a two-wire type. The bottom plate of the battery is made entirely of lead.

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Battery reviews Varta Blue Dynamic 60

Among motorcyclists is in high demandbattery "Warta 60". The reviews mark the high voltage of the model. It also boasts an excellent separator that is protected from leaks. In this case, the electrolyte is used in the KE class. If necessary, the model is allowed to be connected to the lighting system. It does not have a recombination system.

Also the battery "Warta 60" reviews getspraise for compact size. In addition, it is important to consider the high density of electrolyte. Charge the device at a temperature of at least 10 degrees. The bottom plate of the model is made of lead.

Reviews of the model Varta Dynamic 52

For foreign cars this battery is suitable"Warta Silver Dynamics". Customer reviews indicate a strong case. The separator is installed in a wired type. In total, he has two valves. Experts say that the device works remarkably at high temperatures. Electrolyte rarely flows. Plates of the model are used with overlays. The bottom cover itself is entirely made of lead. Charge the device at zero temperature. If we talk about the disadvantages, it is important to note the low conductivity.

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Battery Varta Dynamic 61 opinion

This battery is praised for a quality separator. The body is not afraid of dirt, and it can be transported without problems. The maximum permissible operating temperature for this Czech battery is 40 degrees. Rechargeable modifications are permitted at low voltages. The device has a rather high energy density. In this case, a backup protection system operates. Positive plates have good conductivity.

The grate in this case is made entirely oflead. If necessary, the jumper can be rearranged. Positive conclusions are very rarely charged. The electrolyte in the modification is applied to the PE series. The battery is allowed to use at a temperature not lower than -20 degrees. In the installation this model is very simple. The lower lid is distinguished by high strength and is rarely deformed. If you properly charge the device, then leaks are virtually eliminated.

Accumulators "Warta": reviews, ratings

Models of low-capacity reviews, as a rule,receive a positive character. Modifications of 40 Ah are particularly popular. If you take into account the parameters of the above devices, the battery rating is as follows:

1. Varta Blue Dynamic 40.

2. Varta Dynamic 52.

3. Varta Blue Dynamic 60.

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