Academy of Biathlon (Krasnoyarsk). What is it like?

There are in Russia, in the city of Krasnoyarsk,a remarkable Biathlon Academy, located in one of the picturesque districts of the city - on the Nikolayevskaya hill. A complex of forest material, surrounded by a magnificent forest, is located at the very foot of the hill. In this regard, it seems that this place is located far from the metropolis. Although the road to the city center takes only 15 minutes.

Academy of Biathlon (Krasnoyarsk): photo, description

This famous enterprise is located on a street called Biathlon. The activity of the organization is connected with the sports category of "Section".

Academy of Biathlon (Krasnoyarsk)

This complex includes the main building withlocated in it sports halls: tennis, volleyball, fitness, fitness halls and choreographic. On the territory there are 2 cafes, a hotel, an economic building, a car park (parking with 90 parking spaces), ski-roller tracks and an outdoor sports ground. Also there is a system of ramps.

Academy of Biathlon (Krasnoyarsk) is unique in its availabilitya shooting gallery, which is a multipurpose multipurpose indoor facility and a small sports facility that is safe for the public. In it, you can engage in firing two types of weapons: pneumatic, small-caliber.

Designed this shooting gallery for trainingsportsmen and amateurs, and consists of three lines of fire (10 m, 25 m and 50 m) and four kinds of targets. This level of equipment (German) was first brought to Krasnoyarsk.

Academy of Biathlon (Krasnoyarsk): photo

The history of the best biathlon center in the country

Regional (Krasnoyarsk) state autonomous sports institution is the Biathlon Academy.

Krasnoyarsk has a rich history in terms of development of biathlon in this region.

In September 2006, it was decidedcreating a biathlon base. In 2007, the project began to be created, and in 2011, in December, the Academy was opened, which eventually became the best complex in Russia.

In general, biathlon in the province began its development in 1957At that time a young officer of the Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation, BM Ivanov, began to master the technique and tactics of the race with shooting from a combat rifle at a 20-kilometer distance.

In 1959, when he was transferred to a convoy regiment,he created a sports team with the name "Dynamo". And support for these athletes was then provided by their commander, Colonel Mashkin, in the shooting training - IG Zazulin, and in the ski - VF Pereverzin.

Himself BM Ivanov is the first master of sports in biathlon in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, in 1965 he was awarded the title of "Honorary Master of Sports", and in 1959-1970 he was one of the strongest athletes-biathletes of the country.

1964 was marked by the holding in Krasnoyarsk of the championship of the RSFSR for skiing and biathlon, and literally a year later the first biathlon relay was held.

A few years before the emergence of thisan excellent training and training center, like the Academy of Biathlon (Krasnoyarsk), the first steps were taken. This happened in 2006, after the athletes of the Krasnoyarsk Territory returned with good results from the Olympics in Turin, which was the third in a row for Russian athletes.

Work on the preparation of athletes

In total, the team of the Academy's coaching staff includes 15 mentors, among whom there are well-deserved coaches of the Russian Federation: VA Medvedtsev, AA Gerbulov.

There is a constant work on the preparation ofyoung coaching staff. Many eminent athletes who have finished their careers in sports come to work as trainers. For example, the former sportsmen are working at the academy: P. Lubnin, K. Shcherbakov and V. Bugorkov.

The peculiarity and uniqueness of the Academy is also in the fact that there is an office for athletes with disabilities in it.

Annually on this base the competitions of the Championship of Russia and other various All-Russian competitions are held.

The Academy of Biathlon (Krasnoyarsk) provides training for 59 members of the Krasnoyarsk Territory team, 11 of whom are members of the Russian Biathlon team.

The winners of the Olympiad in Vancouver - Krasnoyarsk Yevgeny Ustyugov and Olga Medvedtseva - perfectly supported the high status of the Russian biathlon center.

Academy of Biathlon (Krasnoyarsk): reviews

For the entire period of existence of this base, one Honored Master of Sports, three masters of sports of Russia and about 23 masters of sports have been trained within the walls of the Academy.


Thus, your professional approach toThe Biathlon Academy (Krasnoyarsk) confirms the main goal. Reviews of all who have ever visited or studied in this training complex are excellent both in terms of training conditions and occupations, and in terms of services provided to visitors and students in it.

Many athletes, trained at the Biathlon Academy, received worldwide recognition. They are Olympic champions, winners and prize-winners of World Cup, world and European championships.

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