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A good person is a profession.

Scene from James Fowley's Glengarry Glen Ross (1992)
Hero Alec Baldwin makes his famous speech that no one needs good guys


The artist and writer ALEKSANDR SHUYSKY examines the article by David Wong of America that has made a lot of noise. "The world only cares what it can get from you"? “A good person is not a profession”? As if not so.

This article was probably read by many, if not all. Six cruel truths that will make you better. She knocks the ground out from under her feet, she causes outrage, she gives a kick.
That's right.
But at the very beginning there is one interesting thing. That's what it says: if you are on the rise, if you are successful, if you are just happy - this article is not for you. If you can't say that, then tell me five impressive facts about yourself.
"If you have any difficulties, the article is for you, and it will fuck you, damn it."
(And yes, she pissed me off. Because, you see, I am a happy person. And I can name these five facts, they impress me as much, and this is more than enough.
But this article is a manipulation one.It distorts reality. It distorts the world that just led me to happiness. Happy from her will not be happier, but the unfortunate may, after a brief rise, plunge into the hardest depression, and yes, I think that this is unfair.)
Translated into the human language, the preface (about happiness and five facts) means this: if you consider yourself unhappy, you are mine. Now I will seize your attention, pick up all your holes, make you feel even more miserable and lost, because it is, damn it, for your good.
I have a question. These are the happy people who are being asked to step back from the blue screens at the very beginning of the article - have they become happy because every day they were knocked out the ground from under their feet? Did they get out every day? Show me a happy man who became such as a result of daily pressure and only pressure. I would have looked, as the Finnish customs officer said, when he was asked whether to show him the documents.
That is, the first thought that I want to write down in connection with this article: nitroglycerin is not transported like that! People are not stimulated. People so besyat.Absolutely well-known fact: praise and positive stimulation act on orders of magnitude stronger than swearing and beatings. Never any creative abilities will not show up under abuse, under humiliation. (In any case, I imagine it badly, and I’m not talking about my parents now.) Under abuse and humiliation, a person will do just enough to stop abuse and humiliation. It will not work over. He will not take the initiative. It will not be all.
The world does not care that you are a good person, the world only cares about what it can get from you. It is not true.
Take House. This is quite a spherical horse in a vacuum - a logically derived character, in full accordance with the article. The brilliant professional, demanded to hell, above nowhere. So what? And nothing. This is not enough. He dies, both as a person and as a professional, because, relatively speaking, he has no communication skills.
Being born into the world, any person first learns (if possible) to be a good person, and then he increases his professional skills.
So an amendment: in a crisis situation appropriate to your profession, your professional skills may turn out to be more important than human skills, this is true.But it will not last long, you should not expect that your whole life will be only one crisis. If you count on it, you count incorrectly. Sooner or later, no connection can make the leg - small, and the soul is big, as one king said.
And by the way about mastering the profession. A good person, communicative, can listen. The one who knows how to listen learns many times faster than the one who does not know how to listen.
People have needs, they value other people according to what they can get from them.
It is in the same piggy bank. No need to think that we are so far gone from animals - flocks are based on communication within the flock. First of all, any person from another wants to get a good attitude. I repeat, yes, there are crises. But if you expect to appear on the scene only in crisis situations - get ready for the fact that after the crisis you will want to get rid of as soon as possible. In the literal sense of the word.
If you are a good professional, but a bad person - get ready for the fact that as a person you will not need anyone to hell. Moreover, undesirable. Turn into a robot, grow the “off” button, or one personality crisis after another awaits you.
You're smart? Funny? Interesting? Talented? Ambitious? Creative? Ok, what are you doing to demonstrate these qualities to the world? Do not say that you are a good guy - this is not enough.
Very often this is enough. A really funny, really intelligent, really talented person still manifests himself - simply because he constantly comes in contact with other people.
Here you need to insert the word "say" before each manifestation. And this, I must say, is manipulation. Smart, funny, creative does not need this kick. The one who says that he is smart, funny and creative, but it doesn’t manifest itself outwardly, needs, damn them all, not a kick, but a good man who knows how to listen and who sat quietly with him in a corner and helped to figure out what is in the asset in fact and what can be done to get into the asset these desirable minds, creativity and further on the list.
If you kick a person who is lying to himself to conform to his own words, if you really set yourself a goal to finish him up to “prove”, in all cases where it is not true, collapse and tears await the kick. And a big pit.In the same cases, when this is true, and the person is really smart and creative and reacts poorly to "choke up" - you should leave him alone. He may have a lot of reasons not to show up. But, most likely, he simply does not react to the "weak." This kick will help only in one case: if the kicker gets up side by side and supports, picks up and helps all the way, and then, after completing the task, he will say “well, what good are you”.
And if you just kicked and left, like this article - it will be ... well, at best, a kicked person.
What stops you from sticking a coward and a raincoat, jumping out onto the stage and swinging a dildo in public? This guy knows the secret of victory in human life: do something ... better than not doing it.
Personally, everything stops me. In general, everything from taste to other ideas about victory in human life.
And because of such and such statements - it is better to do something than not to do anything - there are more than enough people in the world who are waving a penis in people in a raincoat and shorts - in every sense of the word. Winners, yes. It would be better if they were lying on the couch, you know.
Not to mention the fact that in the most amusing way this contradicts the very first message of the article.Well, either the author really thinks that the world wants to get the extra video described above. The world, of course, wants to get it. People generally like to look at the senseless grimaces of their neighbor and to think "I am definitely better." This raises self-esteem. If all your ambition and creativity strives to ensure that others raise their self-esteem at your expense - run, do at least something. Forward.
But honestly, better be just a good person.
What is inside of you is important only if it forces you to do something.
It is very difficult to disagree with this.
But the truth is that if there is something, it will manifest. If a person knows about himself that he is compassionate, intelligent, creative, brilliant - this is manifested outside.
If he only speaks about it - I repeat, no kicks will force him to give out compassion or ingenious works. This is not kicking done. This is never done by kicking.
Not to mention the fact that kicked out compassion penny broken is not worth it. People really appreciate sincerity, you should not assume that they do not know how to distinguish false.
One last thing: Everything inside you will struggle with development.
"Intentional understanding of any criticism as an insult
"Who is he to call me lazy and useless!" A good man would not talk to me like that! He wrote it all just to feel superior to me, so I felt like shit! And I will not leave it like this, I will equalize the score! ”
Sadly, this is true. He wrote it to express his indignation, to knock a spark in you, to anger and excite you.
This article is not an impetus for development, it is an impetus for emotions.
The truth is that a splash of emotions can move a lot, on a splash of emotions a person can go further than without him, but.
Only if he is already coming.
If a person jumps up from the couch under a splash of emotions and starts to do something frantically, then he will stop this activity as soon as the emotions have passed - the stimulation has ended, there is no motivation. In order to have the motivation to do something seriously and systematically, you need something more than a one-time kick from the gall of the author. And this is something that should be administered in doses, maintaining motivation and pushing further forward.
And after a hectic, unplanned, one-time activity will only get worse.Not to mention the fact that attacks of “yes, who he is, are not helpful to anyone, I will even the score.” And multiplying them is not good.
I must say in parentheses that writing this all made me talk. If I had just dismissed the article - after reading the cap, I was completely free from further reading on the author’s assurances - I would not discuss it with my neighbors. If I didn’t discuss it with my neighbors, I wouldn’t begin to expand my objections, limiting myself to “a manipulative text, I don’t like manipulations.”
That is, I acted just for the article. Something hurt - do not be lazy, do something about it.
And this is the greatest bitterness of such “kicks” - they never lie one hundred percent. Only a part. Half-truth.
But I want you to feel better, not worse.
In general, I want people to feel better in my reality. This article violates my reality - and I write a counterweight.
And there is a chance that you will read it and go in a rush of inspiration to do something really good.

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